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Whole green gram lentil crepes(Pesarattu )with Tomato chutney…!


I am peeping in after a break again..Thanks for writing to me all you readers..I hope you all had a fab new year and are still on with the joy and fun...:)

I know recipe for Pesarattu is not anything big or rocket science..:D Its the most prominent recipe of Andhraites ,in southern part of India.But why I am posting this is because,most of the Malayali food fraternity is not yet exposed to this nutritious and scrumptious food item.When we were in our active work-out mode few months back ,we were on constant hunt for high protein food items which is important to add muscle weight and energy with minimum amount of bad fat.That's how I ended up with Pesarattu,recipe of which is everywhere there in internet.But when I told about this many of my friends,they were stumped at how this is made and the whole thing were new to them..That's when I thought of posting the recipe here.I passed on this to my mom and she likes it much.Being made with green gram or whole green moong dal ,which is an excellent source of vegetarian protein it just makes an excellent breakfast or dinner item.Pair it with some hot tomato chutney and coffee and there you go..!:) I have heard of this being served with upma spread inside, in some parts of AP ,which is called MLA pesarattu.I haven't tried that but..:)

The tomato chutney is my quick on-the-go recipe which pairs well with everything including dosa,idli and other breakfast items.

You can make this dosa with whole moong dal or sprouted moong dal for a double protein dose.I have tried and liked both..

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To make Pesarattu :

1 cup whole green gram(cherupayar) /sprouted moong dal – soaked in warm water for 3-4 hours.

Grind it with:

2-3 green chillies

1 small ginger piece

1 small stalk curry leaves and

enough water.

Add enough


and 1 tsp cumin seeds.

Mix well to make a batter of nice consistency and start making your dosa’s immediately.

Spread the batter,form circles and sprinkle sliced onions or green chillies on top if you prefer that.

Sprinkle ghee on sides and flip to cook till crisp.

Verdict:This doesn't require fermentation like usual dosa’s and can be prepared and cooked in a jiffy which is a big plus for working couples like us..:)..Personally for my mallu tongue, which is so used to our typical sour dosa's,this tasted lil bland in the beginning.That's why I paired it with a hot and tangy tomato chutney .I would never like it with a usual coconut chutney,but with this flavorful chutney – such a great combo!! You can also pair it with this Inji curry (Ginger curry/pickle) which is another match made in heaven..:)


For the tomato chutney:

Heat a tbsp of coconut oil and saute :

1 small garlic clove minced

1/2 inch ginger piece minced

1/2 a small onion minced

2 green chillies

When the onions are wilted add:

3 medium sized tomatoes chopped

1 tsp red chilli powder

and sauté well till the tomatoes are mushed well.Add tamarind paste if your tomatoes are not sour enough

Transfer to a mixer /blender and blend to smooth paste.

Mean while in the pan heat oil and splutter

1 tsp mustard seeds,1/4 tsp fenugreek seeds,2 dried red chillies and few curry leaves.

Add a pinch or two of asaofetida and pour this over the blended tomato gravy.Sprinkle a pinch of roasted fenugreek powder for that extra yum fragrance.Adjust salt and sprinkle chopped cilantro.

Mix well and serve warm with your breakfast.


Hope you all try and like these..:)


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