Friday, July 9, 2010

Powerhouse Blueberry Smoothie..!!


Dear friends and readers..You all know I never complained much about the rain and clouds in Seattle..I mean not really..Weren't I pretty happy with it?..So I can fully and wholesomely crib about how HOT it is here now..We touched 90’s this week and even though I dint get out to stroll much,the driving back n forth to work itself roasted me well.The sun was so glorious and though it was all emerald-y’ n pretty to see from the cool insides of my work-cube,I didn't find it quite enjoyable outside..Well,I was never a summer person.I cant stand heat..! Back in Kerala,I used to get head splits during summer,which is the obvious except on those Edavapathi’s and kalavarshams(heavy rainy season) when its best to snuggle on bed and watch rains through windows...Sigh..I wish it rains atleast kittens and puppies here..:(

So,just so that my blog don't transform into a blog totally dedicated to Wordless Wednesday's I just dragged by sore fingers to type up a post..and you know ,I have instead of just giving up the ingredients n suggesting you to blend it up mindlessly and then sip in the smoothie,here I am blabbering this and that..Boring..!

SO,these days as soon as I hit home after work,I rush to kitchen ,grab that cold milk , and fruits ,open the kitchen drawer and take out my ammunition and just blitz away ..mins later we slouch on couch with tall glasses of this or some smoothie/shake and cool our broiled brains and body.This is the perfect time to share with you this ,when else can you eye a cold smoothie with more love?



So CSNstores passed on to me these 2 awesome things..A T&G pre-seasoned wok and Cuisinart hand blender.I couldn't take the pic of the stir fry noodles I made in the wok,’cos it was the craziest Monday ..But trust me,the wok is super good.I mean if you really wanna get a good stir fry you should use a good wok.It heats up fast and evenly and gives good sear to the food.More tips and recipe about stir fry cooking ,you can find here,my Drunken noodles.


This Cuisinart Hand blender is my favorite kitchen tool now..basically ‘cos its light and easy to use.Even though I had a blender,I never made many smoothies before,’cos I was just lazy to take out the machine,then clean the nooks n crevices of the bowl and sorts..But this thing score s big brownie points there....Its light weight and all you need to do is just dump your stuff in the 2 cup bowl that comes along with it and plug-in the blender and press the button on side and blitz away..once you are done,you can detach the blender portion from rest of the white frame,using another small button on side and then clean it manually or in dishwasher..So EASY…LOVE it..

Tons of thanks CSNstores..!!


There is a recipe book along with it and I am trying some from them these days.You can even use this to make quick soups ,right in the soup pot(mind it,no non-stick) and mash potatoes,blend tomatoes/onions for the gravy,make mayonnaise and what not..I even blended hot boiled pineapples for my pulissery right in the need to wait for it to cool or switch on the blender with trembling fingers in fear of bursting the hot stuff inside..Fabulous...!

So here is a quick smoothie for you..Giving this out as a recipe is so absurd ,I know..But still..cant help it,food blogger rit…;)

..And also I’ll be proclaimed partial and heartless when I call this a Blueberry smoothie ‘cos there is everything in this along with Blueberry..But yes,am partial towards those lil dainty blue cutie round heads…I can snack and live on ‘em..!

For 2 tall glasses of Powerhouse Blueberry Smoothie blend away to glory

  • 1 C of milk
  • 1 C blueberries
  • 1 small banana
  • 1 small Avocado flesh scooped out
  • 1 Tbsp flax powder
  • 1 tsp Amaretto liqueur/1 tsp pure Vanilla extract/Almond extract
  • 1 Tbsp Agave/honey/sweetener of your choice(can skip too)

Pour in more milk if its too thick for you..Add crushed ice cubes and enjoy..!

Ofcourse you can play around with your choice of fruits and even herbs like mint n basil..!


Verdict: A combination of health and heaven..In home from a sweltering summer day and all you need is a glass of it to cool you down as well as to give you a day worth of nutrition..I know you all are gonna try..aint it..:)


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