Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday – 1..!!



Hi Readers..Yes yes back..not with a food for your tummy..but just some 'food for soul'..Oh just blabbering..Now what this whole thing is,if incase you are wondering..I am just kicking off my entry into Wordless Wednesday's( which is a super-active group of photography-loving peeps), from today onwards with this beautiful pic..Just something to keep me and my blog active even when I don't have recipes or food stuffs to a little diversion from food overflowing in this space...Also its lots of fun and I just love clicking away.. I'd love to venture into all those jargon's of photography ,but yes when I get some time and patience for that....! sigh..:)

So,this is a pic of the Golf course near my home..It was a bright sunny day and the place looked unbelievably gorgeous shining like emeralds strewn around and soft marshmallow-y’ clouds almost touching us down..I gasped and clicked this one..Wish I could the original size pic here..This mini size does not justify the beauty..

Shhh..This was supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday..did any one say?



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