Thursday, June 24, 2010

Review Review...!!

Hi readers..Howsit going for you all?Hope you all are enjoying the sun and getting some good tan..:)

It was an insane day yday an I compeletely forgot it was wednesday and I was supposed to post the Wordless Wednesday pic..Sigh..anyways will wait and do that after 6 days..:)

Meanwhile made this quick short post to let you guys know about another upcoming review..Again CSNstores..They are awesome and have selected me as their preferred blogger..:)..Have you checked their site..? Their lighting ,cookware,bathware and so many other sections are equally fabulous and you will easily get lost browisng them..Well,I do..Its a one-stop shop place.

Hope you all saw the George foreman grill and JA Henckel's knife set review that I put up before here..Well,CSNstores is spoiling me ,this time with some other wonderful stuffs..

This wok that I can do for some my Thai-chinese cooking and this Cuisniart smarstick blender..My old wok just rusted away and died on me and I dont want the heavy ones which needs seasoning..This one is preseasoned and I really hope it works for me.The blender will really come in use for quick ocassions ..for blending tomatoes or onions or so for gravies and also to make my quick on-the-road smoothies..:)

So,watchout for the review and one nice food post coming up..:)

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