Monday, June 28, 2010

Penne in Gorgonzola - Tomato Sauce…!!




Hi Readers ..:waves: ..How's it going with you all..?Today am in mood of some heavy carbs..Nopes..I haven't been a good girl ,doing a diet or staying away from them for a while or something..Its just that I needed a break from the usual carbs to some heavy fatty carbs and here is the cheesy slurp-y’ road to salvation..Trust me people,you need to do this sin..the hell is worth it..!:D

Its not very often that I make something from my fellow foodies' spaces..Because I easily gets overwhelmed..My brain as well as my system folders are so skimpy that it cant seem to keep track of the gazillion numbers I bookmark every time I finish drooling seeing them.And when I set off to prepare, I will be in so much hurry that I smugly avert the idea of rummaging through all of them and carry on whipping up stuffs in my own non-sense way..yeah, just so meh and blame it all on my crazy work life..! But yes..I have tried many of them over course of time . I have got oodles of inspiration and tons of helpful tips from all of them and learned much ,so I really owe you all a lot..!

But there are those rare times when it happens this way..You are craving for something which you anyways crave for all the time..Then you see this recipe posted by someone and it triples up your cant get it out of your mind..You coaxes your tummy and waits painfully in your work space as time ticks and crawls away from mid afternoon to finally grab your stuff and drive as fast as possible to nearby grocery store and plop up the missing ingredients and drives back home and makes it for dinner...Get my drift??Well,that happened with me 2 weeks back..There is something so very exciting about the whole thing right?something that asserts for the n+1 th time that food is the utmost tantalizing pleasure ever and you Live to EAT..!



Muneeba is a a lovely woman who is a great cook ,an absolute foodie and also someone with a great sense of humor..I love reading her wacky foodie posts and now a days about her baby B and their night fights..;)..She is one blogger whose posts hit my right notes,in the sense..every time I see her food I just GOTTA make it.Though most of them end up in my bookmarks,this one dish just bowled me over and I rushed after office ..grabbed a tub of Gorgonzola and even fresh parmeggiano ,even though I had a small old wedge in refrigerator.Because I wanted this to be perfect..! Thank you Muneeba for this..I owe you girl..!

Right there when she mentioned about the cheesy tomato sauce that had a nostalgic link to one of her old NY Italian fav food place,I knew I wanted to try it.This has everything I love..well..mainly 5 things only..Pasta,tomato,cheese,butter and tomatoes and ofcourse some herbs..Simple ain't it..Well,with these you cant go wrong.Hope you all remember my pasta in cheesy sauce..a lot fat version with cream cheese and milk..But tomatoes really makes this one so enticing..!




I haven't ever worked much with Gorgonzola before,because I was not really crazy about sharp blue cheese.But for this recipe it worked so well with butter and tomatoes and in the pasta pot,it miraculously evolved as ooey-gooey fragrant rich sauce..!

Ingredients & Method

(As per Muneeba,who adapted it from Framed - My Life One Picture At A Time and slightly modified by me (in Italics))

3 tbsp olive oil

1 onion, chopped

4 garlic cloves, chopped

14.5 oz can San Marzano plum tomatoes, drained, chopped ( I used 4 medium sized fresh plum tomatoes)

1/2 cup chopped fresh basil (I used a tsp of dried basil and lil more at the end)

1/2 cup (1 stick) butter, room temp (I used only half a stick) (I used 1/2 stick too :D)

6 oz Gorgonzola cheese

1 lb penne pasta

1 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese


Heat oil in large skillet over medium heat. Add minced garlic, and sauté till fragrant.

Pop in the onions and sauté till its golden.

Stir in the chopped tomatoes and basil. Cook until the mixture thickens, stirring, for about 10 mins.

Mash the softened butter and Gorgonzola together with a fork, until blended.

Cook pasta per the package instructions. Drain and set aside.

Whisk Gorgonzola mixture into the tomato sauce, and stir till it all melts.

Add salt and lotsa pepper to taste. Then pour the pasta directly into the skillet and combine with the sauce. Sprinkle with Parmesan and more basil and serve hot..!




Verdict: Quick bowl of awesomeness..! I am in love with this dish..I know this one may kill me and bless me with abundant permanent jiggles on my midriff..:p but I don't give a damn..'cos am in love..:D ..My tips: you can spruce this up with some cooked/grilled chicken or shrimp or sorts..I like my penne in this one to be slightly more than al-dente,so that it just melts in mouth along with all that cheese.I don't want to gnaw on it for long,that kills the fun..

About the has a very tang kick to it with all that cheese and tomato, mellowed slightly by the buttery flavor and the basil gives a wonderful finishing note and heavenly fragrance , making it taste like some gourmet pasta dish that you get to try from that hi-fi Italian sense of comfort pasta has always been penne mixed with some roasted veggies and its juices and herbs..This is definitely another level..Pasta to indulge..with a bottle of Red to cut those fats..I am definitely making this again and again..! Will you try and lemme know?

Catch you soon..!


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