Friday, May 14, 2010

Spicy Thai Noodles with Chicken & Veggies..!!

Before,even trying to pull out my usual excuses for forgetting my blog and torturing you all with my messy biriyani pot all these while on my home page,let me show you what I have brought for you today..:D


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Ok,so I haven't ever put up a Thai dish here and this is the first one,which I hope would be followed by more..'cos I have lately developed a penchant for their uber-spicy noodles and such stuffs,those kind where you empty a glass of cold water into your mouth after taking each forkful..Even though we used to have Thai food before,I guess we were having it all from the wrong places or wrong dishes as none of them pleased my taste buds..It was mainly too sweet for a spice lover like me..But then I was enlightened and from then on I became a fan..:)..I love their stir fries and spicy noodles which are quick and easy and yet so flavorful with multitudes of those sauces and gorgeous aromatic basil leaves.A good amount of vegetables can also be thrown in and without overcooking you get all its goodness and original essence ..How good is that..Only thing that may be a cause of worry for people having blood pressure problem is the sodium level with all those sauces..That's something to watch out for..


The essential nudge to make this at home came from the spiciest noodles that they serve in a small Thai place near our office.I have always ordered max spice level at all food places in US and have had it easily like a banana..:p,but this place made me start thinking twice before ordering spice levels again anywhere else.It was HOT..!..But I just LOVED that spiciness..Also,we have a great Thai place near home called Typhoon,with their signature spicy dish called Drunken noodles,indeed drunken with spicy sauces.So one friday evening,I went to the Asian store nearby and gathered all the ingredients needed and set out for this and I am glad I did..:)

Please try using a wok for Chinese/Thai preparation which involves stir-frying if you dont want to end up spending the rest of the night scrubbing your cooking range..This can be a quite messy business people..:)

So here we go…I have not followed any particular recipe..Just threw in all the veggies and chicken and a combo of sauces that I tasted and adjusted as per my liking.Some tips which I have shared in between are the ones that I gathered from this site and few cookbooks that I happened to browse through a while back.

PS :Feel free to play around with the sauces of your choice as there are so many of them which gives the tasty twists and turns to the dish..

PPS: I aint gonna complain anymore about my pics shot in bleak yellow light with messy bowls n no props.No,I swear I dont even know what that garlic and carrot are doing there..I can vaguely remember those days when I use to watch out for light and use foam boxes n props to shoot pics with my body flexing in admirable angles..Smirk not dear readers..:(.I rest my case here..Period.



Approx 6-8 oz/1/2 lb flat rice noodles

3 Tbsp peanut oil

6 garlic cloves minced

1/3 C roasted peanuts

4 dried red chillies

1 tbsp coarsely ground roasted red chilli (Dry roast the red chilli till it turns dark n crush it in mortar n pestle or you can even use store bought red chilli flakes)

1 C onion/shallots cut into chunks

1 small head of Asian broccoli

1 C mushrooms

1 carrot sliced into rounds

½ a Red pepper sliced

1 Lbs Chicken sliced thin (chicken and veggies approx same size)

A generous amount of Basil leaves

For the sauce:

3 Tbsp Soy paste( A thick soy sauce,use the regular one if you don’t have this)

1-2 Tbsp hot Sriracha sauce( Alert:Taste and add if you are a low-spice eater and don’t want to explode :D)

2 tsp Worchester sauce/2 Tbsp Tamarind juice

1 Tbsp tomato sauce

1 tbsp Fish sauce

1 tbsp rice vinegar

2 tsp or more of palm sugar/brown sugar

Red curry paste (OPTIONAL.. I added this even though I don’t like that taste.Please don’t ask me why,am crazy in kitchen..So I tipped in and obviously didn’t like that flavor coming up in my noodles.So if you like that taste ,go ahead n pop in 1 tsp,pretty strong it is.Else ,please bury that in a conspicuous corner of your fridge/pantry )

Mix all these ,taste,adjust n keep aside.The key is to get that correct balance of flavor for your sauce as per your taste.The different varieties used and its amount gives that particular flavor to the dish.So play around and strike that right balance of your choice in your sauce by tasting it.If you know the taste and flavor of each cooking sauce,it’ll be easy to work with it to achieve your desired taste..:)


Boiil the noodles in water for sometime (approx 5 mins) till its soft n limp,but still has a bite to it (‘cos we need to work it up in wok later).

Heat the wok till its smoking and pour in peanut oil.Swirl the pan to coat the oil on the bottom. Remember,cold oil to smoking hot pan,then smoking hot oil.

Now throw in garlic ,roasted peanuts,broken dried red chillies,roasted ground red chillies (salt can cut out the chilli fumes) and few seconds later ,all the shallots/onions.Quickly stir fry under high heat till they turn a shade of brown.

Throw in all the chicken slices and stir fry along with garlic and onions till they are no more pink n kinda firm.

Add in the veggies (mushrooms,asian broccoli,red peppers,carrots etc) and stir fry with the chicken under high heat till they are just cooked,still bright and crisp. If you are adding tofu ,add it before the veggies and stir fry till golden n firm.

Push everything to a side, reduce the heat a bit ,pour some oil and crack the eggs in there.Scramble it lightly there and when set ,scramble it to fairly big chunks.Mix with the base.

Now increase the heat again and throw in the sauce mix and keep stir frying under high heat ,till the sauce is well coated on everything.Add the basil and fry.Give the stir-frying process a break every now n then for few seconds to get the veggies n chicken fried,but not longer that it gets charred and stuck. Keep the heat high and always listen to the loud sizzle and try to maintain it all throughout the cooking.

When the chicken is cooked(try pressing with spatula and it should break after some resistance.Its not over cooked in Thai cuisine,where the meat just falls off) ,taste the sauce and adjust with more sauces/salt/sugar.

Now throw in the noodles and toss and stir fry with the base till they are all coated well with the sauces. Use a wooden tong or better use 2 spatula’s,one in each hand and toss around vigorously till good.

Top with more basil and serve immediately..!


Verdict: Quick and Yum..Something that is as good as the ones we get in restaurants,but far more healthy with us being able to control the oil and other stuffs that go into it.I’ll be making this more often playing with the amount and type of sauces..Fish sauce will be the one that I may add in more amount in future,was pretty allergic to it,but found out that it gives great flavor.Also,would buy some plum sauce and try it too..Anyways I am glad I could muster some energy on that friday night lethargy to whip this up.Do try and you will too..:)

Hope to see you all again soon..Take care ,eat yum n good n stay well foodies..:)


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