Monday, February 15, 2010

Restaurant Review – Pearls,Bellevue…!

Hii dear Readers..I know,its been a while again..:P.Thanks a ton for all your wishes and nice words,really means a lot to me..:)..Yes,am doing really good and trying to drift with the new flow of life..though my body is finding it bit difficult to get up early n do all that extra work n then hurried cooking preps and packing for the next day and all that..By evening,am mostly exhausted n just wait to hit the bed..But then feels great to get out n be with people and work in a challenging environment..:)..I hope you all had a blessed Val’s day and had your share of love n joy n fun..:)

I have been wanting to make a post since my last one,but never for once got a chance to properly sit down n even browse the net.All I have is some old posts in drafts too..I got some recipe requests from readers too,thanks for that guys n I’ll try to post that whenever the situation permits.So,this was a long weekend for me ,as I got an off today for President’s day here.Two days,we were not home and finally today got a chance to snuggle on ma couch n browse for sometime with peace ,that with tons of already-monday-blues..:(..So,as I don't have any good stuff in drafts ,but have some time in hand ,thought of shaking my bog to life by putting a review for all Seattleites.For the rest of my readers,am sorry,please enjoy the delightful food pics for today ..;)..I have not written many reviews in here,mainly ‘cos I never feel like sitting n clicking pics in food places,all I wanna do is just EAT..:D..But this time,their service really pleased us and so I thought of going ahead n putting a review.

Ok,so we are not those people who are very keen about a special day for love n all that..But when whole world is celebrating something so beautiful ,what's to loose by just getting in..;)..don't need a reason to celebrate love ,rite people..:)..It was a sunny day here yesterday,which is kinda rare in Seattle and having a beautiful breakfast ,we thought of just going out n having some fun..No specific plans or nothing..But then we just checked in to see if any good food paces have some slots for dinner,with not a pinch of hope.But to our surprise,we found just one slot in Pearls,which is otherwise a very busy place and thought of giving it a try.By evening climate changed and it started raining cats n dogs with a bad darn traffic jam in Bellevue.We missed our 4 O’ clock film and were all :( (shifted it 9 30 night and enjoyed Clooney to fullest..Gawdd..;))..But all that got washed away by the food n service of Pearls..:)

In their own words,’Pearl Bar & Dining is the newest, urban, go-to gathering spot located in the hottest entertainment venue on the Eastside, Lincoln Square. Pearl features contemporary Northwest cuisine and a casually elegant decor’.You cant actually spot this place while you are driving,as easily you can with PF Changs or Maggiano ,as its hidden on a side,inside.A hidden gem ,actually.The best part is they have free Valet parking there..Cool rite..!..We had the booking for 7 15 and reached in time there.We were greeted by a couple of really hospitable staff there.The place was packed with couples,but not too noisy or something.It was like love in the air,everywhere..:P..The decor n ambiance was awesome and tables were set in a Vals’ day theme.The knifes n forks had beautiful Pearl handles..:).We were led to table by a very nice lady who attended to us throughout.She was all smiles n patient in answering all my questions regarding the food n ingredients.Impressed..! We could get a glimpse of busy ,happening kitchen from where we sat..:)

Terra Blanc

We started off with couple of Terra Blanca Merlot glasses..They had 3 option for plain water too..tap,still or sparkle..:p

Crispy fried Calamari with Sambol

As starter,we ordered some Crispy fried Calamari (11 $) ,which was what V fancied at that moment.The dish came with a spicy Sambol cream alongside.He was very much pleased with the dish.I liked it too,though I felt some pieces could have been lil more crisp.But it had tons of flavor n seasonings were perfect n the yummy sauce just went too good with it.The waitress checked back to see how we liked it and I told about the crispiness.Even though we had almost half of the dish,she insisted on replacing with another fresh fried plate which we politely nodded off..Impressed again..!

Broiled Duck with squash n black current demi

For entree,I was torn between the Short ribs n duck and after a couple of enquiries about the braising methods of short ribs,I went for the duck.She asked me about the doneness and I went for well-cooked.My dish specification was ‘Broiled Duck Breast – Chilli spice rub,delicate squash,black currant demi(25 $)..It was awesome..! The last time I had such a duck dish was in Eiffel Towers in Vegas and I thought nothing could beat it.This one came almost equal.!..The duck was well cooked as per my need .It had a crisp soft fatty crust and juicy flavor-packed pink flesh inside.Each bite was a pleasure..!The duck was placed on some delicate cooked squash and the highlights of the dish was the black current demi glace.Those tiny things strewn around, were so darn good n was an awesome addition to the duck n I couldn't get enough of it..!..I would have loved to see more of that in the dish..LOVED it..!

Roasted sword fish with summer vegetables n herb butter broth

V went for a Pan Roasted Sword fish (29 $)– Caramelized winter Vegetable and herb butter sauce.Actually,each of then entree looked really tempting and it was hard to choose.His fish was equally awesome.I had several bites from it.The fish had the perfect seared crust..So crisp ,yet juicy n so delicious!..The vegetables were tender n the herb butter sauce was nice with a prominent rosemary-sage flavor.Too Good..!

Dessert- Banana -white short bread- cream cake

For dessert ,as usual I had eyed the chocolate one amongst which sounded way too tempting with triple chocolate portions,but V is not very keen about chocolate,so I let it go this time n we went for a White cream-banana-shortbread cake thingie(10 $)..I don't remember the exact name and its not listed in the online menu.So this is all I can gather now..:P..It was visually real pleasing with Banana flavor standing out.It had 2 white chocolate shortbreads sandwiched with some banana n cream ..n had 2 banana chips standing on top..This one was not very special or something ,just so-so,but not bad either..maybe cos am not too fond of the flavor.The short bread was lil too sweet n buttery for my palate.But altogether good!


Thus ended our dinner at Pearls..:).We were really pleased with the quality of the food and especially service there.After serving each dish,the waitress checked back to see how we are liking it and was more than happy to answer my queries.One thing I felt was that,the portions are lil small compared to other similar places where we had dined.We can definitely do with a bit more..;)..Its lil pricey like you would expect from any gourmet restaurant,no complaints..The whole dinner bill came to some 120 bucks,but it was a nice culinary experience and I would recommend it to anyone planning to visit.Me likey..!:)

Have a great week ahead friends..!!:)


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