Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pasta with Roasted Veggies in home-made cheesy sauce (Low fat)…!!



Pasta n veggies  in home made sauce

Hey everyone..Hope all are having a good time with winter nearing to its end and spring trying to barge in forcefully,not that we are less pleased..:p..In our neck of woods,its already blooming various shades of gorgeous pink and white and its definitely a bliss to eyes.Its been unbelievably sunny n warm for a week,but then we are again seeing the sloppy rainy cold times again now..It actually swings back n worth ,peevish weather..!

Everything going great otherwise ,in work front too but I am seriously struggling to find some time to blog now.Before I had only time and time in hand n was super lazy and now am planning n scheduling to!! I am sooo sorry ,I haven't visited any of you in a very long time,but promise I haven't forgotten anyone,I do check the reader in phone while I commute..Glad you all are doing active n enjoying awesome food..:)

So,without any drag I am going on to today's dish, can thank god for saving your fingers from endless scrolling..:p..Ok,so our mood is Italian today..Most of us like it for the mildness n variety of flavors..Ok,those who hates cheese please raise your hands n step aside,this is not for you...(but your partner,friends or kids may love it..!) :P,those who like cream can stay though..but I promise to stick to the title n emphasize that its almost fat free aka no heavy cream..:)

Pasta n roasted veggies in home made sauce



Usually when am in no mood for big cooking,or I want to clean up fridge healthy food,I make a kitchen sink pasta ..a no-nonsense one tossed with some roasted veggies n EVOO..I like it so,but V cringes his nose upon it and seems to not like it much.I thought its a general dislike for Italian cuisine,but I noticed him gorging on special Rigatoni D of Maggiano's once.So I was enlightened that its the sauce that he wants..the creamy,fatty one..Duh!!..I left hope n decided to keep him separated from my pasta's for the rest of the life as there is not even a remote probability that I'll empty in bottles of cream n cheese into my pans.But then I read about a home made sauce recipe in some food magazine sometime back that had fat free cream cheese in it and thought of recreating it at home for V's sake,and thus this dish was born in my kitchen..Tan tanaa tanaa(courtsey:Kaminey)..!! :D

Its easy to put in,healthy(yes,what are those veggies for..!) and above all very tasty..!! Tastes as good as  the ones you pay heavily for n come in floating with butter in those Italian restaurants..I'll give the verdict down..The pics are plain bleh as you see here and sigh please as worse ones are awaiting this space in my drafts..Don't leave the idea of making this dish,by seeing them..Trust me for this one readers puh-leasee..:)..I was in least artistic mood with a burning tummy,sink full of stuffs to wash,drooping eyes n so many similar disgusting realities of life..I request you to bear with the same standard mebe in future too..Thank you..! :)

Pasta n roasted veggies in home made sauce



2 cups Conchiglie pasta(the cute conch shell shaped one :))

3 tbsp finely minced garlic

1 cup chopped onion

3 Cups chopped veggies (I've used asparagus,mushrooms,cherry tomatoes n red pepper)

2 Tbsp All purpose flour

1 cup Skim milk

salt,coarse pepper,chilli flakes

1/2-3/4 tsp Italian seasoning

1/2 tsp Dried Parsley flakes

Olive Oil & Butter

Fresh Herbs of your choice

For sauce:

1/2 - 1 Tbsp Butter(Feel free to increase the amount..:D)

1 C Skim milk

4 oz Fat free cream cheese

3 tbsp parmesan cheese

1/2 tsp Garlic powder (optional)

A generous sprinkle of pepper powder


Cook the Pasta with a fistful salt according to directions in package n drain all but 1 cup water.

Meanwhile chop n arrange all the veggies on a baking sheet,drizzle with glugs of olive oil,salt ,pepper n Italian seasoning n roast it at 375 F for 20 mins till browned.

Take out n cover with foil n keep aside.You can transfer the roasted pepper to a closed bowl n skin it later.

While the pasta n veggies are cooking start preparing the base and sauce.

Melt butter n Olive oil in a deep bottomed pan and tip in 1/2 tsp Italian seasoning n 1/4 tsp cinnamon powder.

When its fragrant,add in the garlic n sauté for a while.

Pop in the onions n sauté till soft.Sprinkle pepper powder n red pepper flakes n mix.

Now add the AP flour n sauté till crumbly n cooked.

Pour in the milk n stir to mix.Keep it under low heat n meanwhile start making the sauce.

In a saucepan,heat butter and melt it n add a cup of milk.

When the milk is heated through ,add the cream cheese n parmesan cheese let it melt slowly.

Use a wire whisk to mix n blend it without lumps.

Sprinkle pepper powder n garlic powder(if using) n stir to mix.

This sauce can be stored and used as homemade alternative for Alfredo or carbonara sauce.Low fat n yum..!

Keep the sauce aside closed.It'll thicken up in time.Pour in milk n reheat in that case.

Into the pan with the milk+garlic+onion base,tip in all the roasted veggies inc peeled,diced red peppers n stir to mix.

Pour in the creamy sauce n stir everything to mix n let it heat through for a min or two.

Switch off,sprinkle with fresh herbs n seasonings n serve with a slice of baguette or fresh homemade bread...!

..n You know what I did…couldn't resist crumbling up some fried bacon on top of my bowl (;-) )n it was AWESOME paired with a glass of Zinfandel…!!!

Pasta n roasted veggies in homemade sauce 

Verdict : I was lil apprehensive as to how this will turn out,but am extremely pleased with the result and so was the response from a happy husband..;)..and,my friends at office also gorged on this..:).I would say this came almost 90 % equal to the taste of the saucy rich pasta’s  that you get in gourmet Italian places.When served hot this tastes heavenly,melt in mouth.The roasted veggies are plain awesome with a subtle sweet taste due to caramelization and that pairs well with the creamy cheesy sauce and a thumbs-up nutrition-wise too.The flavor of garlic n herbs adds a nice zing  and a lil spicy kick is all the dish demands..Pairs great with some nice wine..:)..I think its equally awesome if cream cheese is substituted with Mascarpone as its the Italian version of Cream cheese in America.I think  I’ll go ahead n make this more often and I’d love to hear from you all too..:)

Have a great weekend and enjoy welcoming spring friends..!! :)


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