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Mint – Malai Chicken Kebabs..!!



Mint-Malai Chicken Kebab



Hey everyone..:)..How is the Monday going on..We had a rainy Saturday ,all drenched n beautiful..the kinda day when all you wanna do is , cuddle in the couch with a nice throw,your loving one..n mmmm..mebe an occasional cuppa coffee..:)




See my window pane in the morning,showing me a beautiful pitter-patter day,n wet meadows n when I opened it,the cold breeze gave me several goosebumps..:)..We had hot-hot Masala dosa’s n coffee n just snuggled the whole day..:)..Sunday was a bright n busy day with Onam celebrations (Kerala association) going on n I was dead tired after all the run-around..So that, pretty much made my weekend..Though we are on summer-fall border line,the evenings n nights are way too chilling n that make us crave for spicy snacks n gravies that’ll bring in the heat to your tongue n body..(anyways I crave for that only,all the time..:D) ;)


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Before going on to the post,would you just look at the loot I had from Asianfoodgrocer store..Tons of thanks to them n FoodBuzz for giving us publishers such a nice offer..I got hold of some cutleries n some original Panko n Risotto with Arborio rice n Tofu n all that..:)


Mint-Malai Chicken Kebab


Ok,coming to the recipe..remember once I mentioned about my Kebab hunt?? I made Sheekh Kebab that day n loved it ,n had written quite a lot about the history n all that..Before that I had seen Maria’s recipe for Malai Kebab,n had mentally noted it down to try it and did that a week back with some modifications.I really love Mint,the herb n like its combo with meat..especially chicken.So I decided to use it in the marinade,also increased the spice level a notch up.We both really loved it..:)..Malai aka Fresh cream n spice n aromatic whole spice powder n fresh mint are the stars of this preparation n really gives a mouth watering Kebab..

A quick question,How do you guys like me to give out the ingredient list? In all my previous posts,I am doing it ,by giving in paragraphs just like the way I tell it out to you while I cook.But some of my readers told,that they would like to see it in a separate section,as that makes them easier to note down..Please leave a word here foodies..!:)..As of now,I’ll do it separate,like they wanted me to..:)



1 lb chicken pieces (Tender breast pieces would be the best)

1/4 C Fresh cream

3 big green chillies,1/4 C fresh Mint leaves,2 Tbsp minced cilantro(optional),1.5 tsp minced garlic,2 tsp julienned ginger,1 Tbsp roasted whole Pepper corns,3 cardamoms – ground into a paste

1/2 tsp Cumin powder(roasted)

1/2 tsp Garam Masala

1/4 tsp Amchur powder (if you are short of it,add 2 tsp lime juice)

1 tsp Kasuri Methi

A squeeze of half of a big lemon(to give that extra tanginess)




Marinate the chicken nicely,with all the ingredients mixed together in a bowl.

Cover with a cling film and refrigerate it over night or a min of 5 hours.

Take out n skewer these soft pieces carefully into bamboo skewers(soak the skewers in water for a while before grilling) n grill it .

If using oven,place the skewers in an oiled baking sheer n roast at 350 F for 20 minutes.Turn once after 15 minutes to grill the other side as well.


Mint-Malai Chicken Kebab

Verdict: Moist n spicy n tender yumm..The cream is what made the chicken pieces stay moist n tender .So no extra oil basting was necessary.Do check once in a while,as over baking may leave it too dry n hard.Well-cooked ,moist n fall-apart tenderness is what makes this dish special.Mint n all those aromatic spices,which are the trademarks of Indian cuisine, give  out this heavenly aroma once baked n I had several pieces as such in one go..Didn't even need a dip..Kutts had it with some hot Sriracha sauce,as if the heat from kebab’s was not enough for him..:P..Altogether a must-try one for any  Kebab lover..Spice level can be reduced n made mild ,so it’ll be a hit among the guests…Go on n rock your next party/get together..!,n do drop a word if you like it.. :)


Have a great week ahead foodies..!:)


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