Monday, September 28, 2009

Grandma’s special Stir fried Veggies – Achinga – Kaya Mezhukkupuratti..!!




Achinga kaya mezhukkupuratti



This just happens to be a bleh Monday..dunno why,may be ‘cos we spent majority of the weekend sleeping n lazing n if shopping doesn’t count in, didn’t even ventured out to enjoy the last few days of summer..Well,coming to think of it,its no more summer here..Not for long can I wear shorts n skirts around with peep-toe shoes I guess..Its bright n glittering n all that,but too chilling outside.After a messy morning of fixing my carpets,which got drenched ‘cos of a leak in the top floor n those repair guys’ wet dirty shoes,messing its even further,I am done for today..phew..!..Hope you guys are doing great n had a lovely Navarathri/Dussera..:)..We were invited to a friend L’s home for Kolu n she graciously gifted us the Kolu bag,which was altogether new to me with small cute things inside..:)..Thanks L..:)



Achinga kaya mezhukkupuratti waiting to watch the Oprah show with Aish n AB which starts in another 30 minutes..Already got to see so many updates about it..:D..So,let me cut short my bla bla n get into business.I have almost 4 chicken posts in drafts now't wanna post it in one stretch,n am really running short of Veggie posts.So after those 2 non-veg posts,I dusted this one out from drafts..The pic was taken long back..:)..

As the title says,its grandma’s special..I had talked about my ammamma n her special kaya dishes in one of ma older post,n had mentioned about this dish.This was kinda staple dish back at mom’s home.So the fragrance of this dish reminds me always of ammamma(grandmom) n ma mom’s house.This is super simple ,easy to whip-up ,mild-spicy dish which goes well when combo-ed with rice n a spicy authentic curry like Mulakooshyam or Sambar or so..I was never a fan of raw plantain then n never ever thought ,I’d make this dish once in my kitchen..:P..But Kutts is just a fan of this n he can take it all year long..So gradually me too started liking it..or had to..:P

I don't even know,why these two veggies are combo-ed out of all.Maybe they work well with each other or may be there is an unknown secret behind it..Who cares,as long as it taste good..:)


1 Cup Cubed Raw plantain(Skin them lightly n chop roughly into cubes)

1 Cup chopped (lengthwise) Long Chinese Beans/Achinga Payar(very forgiving.chop it as you like into 2 inch or so pieces..)

1 tsp Mustard seeds

3 Dried Red Chillies

2 cloves of garlic crushed n roughly chopped

1 Cup Red Onion chopped lengthwise

1/2 tsp Turmeric powder

2-3 tsp Red Chilli flakes (coarsely ground Red chillies)

1/2 tsp Pepper powder

Curry leaves


Coconut Oil



Mix the Plantain cubes n Chinese beans with Turmeric powder.

Keep in simmer n cook them in an oiled pan(otherwise the kaya may stick to it) ,drizzled with some water above them n closed with a tight fitting lid.

After 10 mins,check to see if the plantains are cooked .by poking them with the spatula.It should be soft yet firm,but not mushy.

When they are cooked,transfer it to another pan n to the same pan pour some oil.

With the spatula,just scrape all the sticking remnants of plantains on the pan.tasty bits those are..:)..To it add mustard seeds n curry leaves n dried chillies.Sauté.

When they splutter,add the crushed garlic n sauté for a minute.

Now throw in the onion n sauté till it wilts n turns opaque.

Pop in the veggies n spice powders n salt n stir fry.

Keep frying with lil’ oil sprinkled on top till the plantains gets brown marks all over n turn crisp..n the beans gets fried with a glaze.

Finally mash some curry leaves in coconut oil n sprinkle on top n close the pan to lock in flavors..!

PS: I haven't really fried it well,like I have explained here,cos I made it for lunch when he popped in at an earlier –than-usual time n I had to switch off the stove n serve it..When you make it,do fry it well.The crisp plantains n wilted beans are the taste factors here..:)

Achinga kaya mezhukkupuratti


Verdict : You don’t really need a verdict for an authentic grandma’s dish,do you..:)..All of you,who like Plantain n the long beans should try this combo.For me,beyond a taste factor,this is a dish that rekindles so many memories of love n guess that really works up the taste buds..isn't it..;)

Have  a great week ahead friends..Watch out this space for a SPICY chicken dish..:)


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