Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baked Shrimp Fusilli….!

Baked Shrimp Fusilli


How are you foodies doing..Weekend is just a day away n perhaps you all are so waiting for it..Happy Navarathri to all you guys..Back during times,when I was a student,this was the most awaited time of the year..Pooja hols’..:)..I know,most of you might have the same story.The only time of the year when parents actually ask the kids to refrain from books n studies..Total carefree n rocking days..:)..I guess till my 12th or so I was able to maintain the Vrutha n stay away from books..But once I joined Btech,it became quite impossible..we used to have series n universities all the time n it was out of question to stay away..So since that time I’ve not kept Pooja Vrutham.On the final day morning ,going to temple n writing ‘Hari sree..” in sand there,listening to cacophony of kids crying whilst the parents struggle to keep them sit for their first writing(ezhuthinuruthal)..the taste of Prasadam..jaggery ,aval n banana..fragrance of the books that were kept for pooja in the temple,opening them n reading the lines...Hmm..good ole’ days n memories..:)..Guess my mom still keeps an old book of mine for Pooja in temple every year..:)

So leme get back to ground from nostalgic memories..:p..One thing I wanna let you know is I am excited to introduce a new interactive comment form in Will-O’-the-wisp..Thanks to 5starfoodie,that’s where I saw this first.Usually what people point out as the first set back of blogger is the comment form..Its not interactive n I’ve also been thinking about word press for a quite a while n even did a test.But changing my url in god-knows-how-many places pulled me back..n then I got to see this thing..I hope we,you n me,can get really interactive with this new form(Did I tell you,I like long chatty comments..;) ),where-in like word press,you can reply to one particular individual comments..I am yet to see it full swing n hope it works fine.Special thanks to guys of IntenseDebate...Pls do lemme know how you like it n if you have any loading probs or anything like that.If so I can switch back..Also do give your name,n blog url(if u have) for once,so that I get to know you..!!


Baked Shrimp Fusilli

Ok jumping to a totally different topic,which happens to be today’s post..:)..Have I told here before that Italian cuisine is my next fav ,after Indian..? It is..:)..because I like Cheese ..because I like Pasta..With my blind love for spice n heat,Mexican should actually come in 2nd place,which is at least lil spicy…But somehow I like Italian cuisine so much n I guess some fine Italian restaurants n Giada (;)) n all that made me fall in love with it.But my husband,lols..he is just opposite..:D..I guess high spice level has spoiled his (lil of mine too) taste buds..:p..I have this different types of pasta’s n cheese’s stocked in my pantry always n do make it once in a week..always think will make a salad which is kinda healthy n less caloric ,but usually ends up making it rich with all the cheese n cream..:(.God help me..:P

Pasta is the main staple food of Italians n holds a prime place in Italian cuisine.Its made into salads,made with sauces,baked n what not.I love baked ones the best,golden brown top with cheese bubbling..yummm..:).I make it a point to choose whole grain Pasta’s n Penne happens to be my fav.This dish is made of whole grain Fusilli which is a cork screw shaped Pasta.Shrimp/prawns (Veggies can completely skip the prawns)are also added with marinara sauce,some healthy spinach,creamy bechamel n some other flavorful ingredients and baked..Result is a love-to-look,great-to-eat pasta meal..Suits best for your weekend dinner with a glass of sparkling wine..! :)


Baked Shrimp Fusilli

I just threw in what I felt that time,at the spur of a moment..So please feel free with play with your ingredients..:)

To the bubbling water in your pasta pot ,add a fistful of salt n put in the Fusilli…6 oz..almost 2 cups..

Cook fusilli just al dente,which means lil under al dente,as it is to be baked in some liquid again.It takes some 6 mins or so..The pasta should be slightly soft n cooked yet firm enough.

Now in a pan,heat EVOO/butter  n sauté 2 cloves of minced garlic followed by finely sliced 1/2 of a red onion(1 cup).Sprinkle salt n make it turn soft .

Now throw in 1 small vine tomato chopped into cubes.

Sprinkle 1 tsp pepper powder n 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes.

Now throw in 5 cups of spinach ,n sauté till it wilts.

Adjust  the seasonings.

When the spinach is cooked,add 1 Cup cleaned shrimp n sauté till it turns pink .

Now pour in 1/2 Cup white wine(optional) n 1/2 cup chicken stock .Bring it to a boil n simmer.The liquids are just to flavor the pasta.

Also pour in 1/2 Cup marinara sauce n simmer till it all thickens n dries up.Adding marinara is optional,because we are anyways adding tomatoes n herbs.If you like some nice tangy kick ,then you can go ahead with this one..

Take off heat n add 1/2 C Ricotta cheese n 1/2 C shredded parmesan to give that creamy flavor.

Stir n adjust salt/pepper n add fresh chopped parsley n Emril’s seasoning(optional,Foodbuzz sent me some..:) ).also grate half of a fresh nutmeg on top..Great flavor bomb it is..!

Now pop in the pasta with lil pasta water(if the gravy is too thick) and mix everything really well..

In a baking dish ,make a thin layer of Marinara sauce,top with the layer of pasta.

Sprinkle generously on top,seasoned Parmesan bread crumbs(Bread crumbs+parmesan+salt+pepper+Italian seasoning) n Asiago cheese..

Top with  some marinara n butter dollops n a drizzle of EVOO.

Bake at 425 F for 20 mins till the top is golden brown..!


Baked Shrimp Fusilli

Verdict: Immensely flavorful n decadent.You dig your fork into,n take a mouthful n you’ll feel a burst of flavors..Now,with so many amazing ingredients going into one dish,that is bound to happen..:).Tanginess of tomatoes n marinara,creaminess of cheese,juicy prawns,healthy spinach,wine n stock ,seasonings..everything plays its best role mingles well to give that great taste.I feel this is an individual’s pasta dish,n you can decide your flavors n ingredients..You can even try this mix as stuffing inside shelled pasta n bake it..:)

Have a great weekend all of you..:)


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