Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Traditional Kerala Vishu Sadya - A Peek-a-Boo into my Vishu feast..:)

Hi my dearss...Hope you all had a real great Vishu /Tamil New year/Baisaki..:). I had a great time as well..Arranged a Kani,made a small Sadya n all..:) He was home..n so it was not at all boring..I made some of dishes day before, n so yesterday was kinda relaxing..We got time to watch Vishu special Tv programs,n more than that time to spend with each other on the blessed day..:)

It was sunny since afternoon yesterday,yet we didn't go out..because as usual,after Sadya I got kinda dizzy n hallucniated n fell into the process of deep snoring..:D.It happens to most of us after Sadya rite..After an hour or so ,after the grand feast,we starts to feel mildly light -headed n off we fell to couch n zzz..Thats what happened to me as well..We both were so full of food after lunch that we got kinda reluctant to have dinner..n the good thing is I dont have to sweat in kitchen today..So much left-over's are there..Ha..It was really nice n soothing to our mind as well as tummy to have all that authentic food in the authentic way..:)..Seeing n hearing all those sights n scenaries of Kerala ,n tasting the traditional food,we felt like at home yesterday..It was a great feeling..We didn't get the Vazhayila(Banana leaf),but with the somber plates of ours,imagined as pretty Ila's, stitting cross-legged on floor,we had the Sadya..:)

As I promised in last post,I have few of Sadya items for today's post..Maybe you can use that for the next Sadya you are preparing..b'day or Onam or any ocassion..:)..I didn't make a full fledged Sadya..remember..its 25-30 +..I made 7 dishes n a payasam n pappadam ..:) Remember how I lamented about not getting curry leaves for Sadya..n I was utterly depressed..was even thinking n dreaming of taking a flight to CA ,n me frolicking like mad in those big bright green curry leaf gardens...:P..heaving a few sighs, I was spring cleaning my fridge,n I opened the so-long-untouched drawer n Voila..!!..I saw 2 big full packs of fresh curry leaves...!! I guess I wouldnt have been more happier,If I got to see 2 packs of gold biscuits there..:D..I was so elated n springing up n down in joy,I phoned ,with a pleasant venegance , one person,who ,on my previous post,even dared to make fun of my pathetic situation by showing me pics of curry leaves..he he..:D..n as she said mebe her magic link worked..lols.But I did another blunder..I thought I had moong dal for katti parippu,but forgot that I had accidentaly picked Urad dal instead of it..So there was no Parippu yesterday n I made a pulisseri instead,,.Anyways it was fun to cook with my Kutts ,he as if trying to help me,raiding all our cupboards n fishing out all the chips n me trying to push him outa kitchen..:p.. To make my Vishu even more beautiful,I got a cute touching birthday card sent by my lovely sweetie pie Sakshi..:)..Thanks da..:)

Kerala Sadya this is my small Sadya.Sorry for the not so good pics..I was in ahurry as you can imagine..:P..Rice in center.Dishes in clockwise order..Right to pappadams is Aviyal, then Sambar, Kichadi , Olan , Pulisseri ,Palada payasam ,upperi sarkrra varatti achar uppu , Erisseri n thoran .. :)

Sambar is already posted..

For Aviyal :

Cook the cut-in-length thin vegetable pieces,about 2 cups of it ,in water , 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder,1 tsp chilli powder n salt till soft.

Meanwhile coarsely grind a cup of fresh grated coconut ,1/2 tsp Cumin powder n 3-4 green chillies.

Make a well in the centre of the veggies n pop this ground stuff there.Close it with veggies n simmer for sometime,closed.

Now open the lid,mix everything up n add a 1-2 Tbsp of yogurt n mix n simmer for some more time.

Now drizzle curry leaves mashed in coconut oil with some extra oil all over n close till use..:)

For Okra kichadi:

Vendakka Kichadi

Fry the thin cut Okra's about 1 cup ,in oil with lil salt n chilli powder,to make it firm.

Once its fried ,add the paste of 1 cup fresh grated coconut ,1/2 tsp Cumin powder, a pinch of Mutard seeds n 3-4 green chillies n sitr well under low heat.

Once the raw smell goes,add 1-2 Tbsp yogurt n simmer for a while.

Do the usual tempering with mustad,fenugreek,broken red chillies n lotsa curry leaves.

For Olan:


Cook 1 cup Ashgourd pieces n 1 cup half-cooked Kidney beans in almost 2 cups or lil more of 2nd coconut milk(thin one),with 3-4 slilt green chillies n a 1/2 tsp fresh pepper powder,till soft n flavorful.
Mash it lightly n cook well.

Pour a cup of thick coconut milk over it now,n simmer for a while..

Drizzle lotsa curry leaves mashed in oil n a generous amount of oil over the dish n close till use..:)

For Pulisseri/ Kurukku Kalan :


People usually use the yellow cuccumber used for Kani,that morning.For Kurkku kalan,normally Chena,kaya(plantain ) etc are used..

Cook 1 cup of yellow cuccumber /other veggie pieces in water,with salt ,1/2 tsp tumeric powder n 1 ts chilli powder,2-3 slit green chillies n some cury leaves.

When they are soft,add the ground paste of 1 cup fresh grated coconut ,1/2 tsp Cumin powder, n 3-4 green chillies.

Stir n cook in simmer till rawness goes.

Add 3 Tbsp of Yougurt n stir well for a while n simmer.

Do the tempering..
..n for Kurukku kalan cook the 1 cup of yam n plantain pieces with 1/2 tsp turmeric,1 tsp pepper powders,curry leaves n salt till soft.
Now in a stone pot(kalchatti)/pan pop in these pieces n add 1.5 cups of beaten curd n cook in simmer for a while.(take care not to curdle the yogurt).Keep stirring n lightly mash the veggies .
Now add the ground paste of 3/4 cup coconut,4-5 green chillies n 1/2 tsp cumin powder into the pan.
Stir n simmer for a while.
DO the tempering..

For Ada payasam / Palada Pradhaman:


Rinse the ada ,about 1 cup ,under running water for a number of times to remove its stickiness.

Cook it in boiling water till soft n again rinse it in cold water.

When most of the sitckiness is gone,add a lil water and sugar as per your taste and stir it till sufar dissolves.

Now pour in 2 cups of milk and keep stirring till it boils.

Taste n adjust sugar.

Now simmer for a while,n add cardamom powder n 1 -2 tsp Ghee..!

For Erisseri:

Vanpayara Erisseri

Cook 2 cups of cubed yellow pumpkin(other veggies like Chena,kaya etc used in some regions of Kerala) with with lil salt ,1/2 tsp tumeric powder n 1 ts chilli powder,2-3 slit green chillies n some cury leaves,till its soft n mushy.

Thrown in 1 cup of half-cooked kidney beans n stir to mix n cook for a while.

When they are soft,add the ground paste of 1 cup fresh grated coconut ,1/2 tsp Cumin powder,1 tsp Pepper powder, n 3-4 green chillies n stir n simmer for a while.

Meanwhile,heat some oil in a pain,splutter a pinch of mustard seeds,1 tsp urad dal,fry 2 small shallots n curry leaves ,n throw in a cup of fresh grated coconut n fry till brown.
Towards the end add lil more oil n add a tsp of pepper.
Fry again till brown.

Pour this over the curry n stir to mix.

This is my fav dish,n the crunchy taste of fried coconut in the mellow gravy is divine..!

For Cabbage thoran:

Cabbage Thoran

Heat oil in a pan,throw in lotsa curry leaves,splutter 1 tsp Mustard seeds,1/2 ts fenugreek,1 tsp Urad dal,1 tsp raw rice and broken red chillies .

Now add 1 cup of sliced onions,4 cut green chillies ,1 tsp turmeric powder n saute well.

Throw in 1 cup of frsh grated cocnut n stir n saute.

Heap it in center and pour all the sliced cabbage ,about 3 cups over it.

Simmer,close n cook for 5-8 mins.

Open the lid,increase heat,add salt,mix everything well n fry for 5-10 mins,stirring in between..!!

..So that was my sadya..Hope you find this post useful..All of the dishes are real tasty n nutritious with lots of veggies n good things in it..So you can always try this,no matter what the ocassion is..Usually there should be a Rasam n Moru before the Payasam.That I'll do next time..! tired now ,will see you next here on Friday..!!

Am yet to explore your posts..wait for me n hugs..:)

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Sakshi said...

Hey you got a magic link like the curry leaf one which when clicked can make all these dishes available in our kitchen ready to eat? I want that Kerala boat shaped dish too...
Amazing small sadya you have put up and I was having a macro skirt kinda thing here compared to urs!!
Glad to hear that you guys had a great time together..poor kutts u made him wait so long for the dishes that he had to eat chips?? Yeah me too snoring since yesterday after eating all that crap I made in the name of sadya...but I must say that ur beetroot pachadi which I made was the winner..slurped it trace of it is left!!
The pics are drool worthy as usual and I loved the american touch u gave to the thali...strawberries!! better than me making cheesecake for Vishu as dessert!!
You are always welcome gal for that time will post myself so that I can eat all this..

Asha said...

Whoa!! I thought my posts are looong!! ;D

No wonder you slept and snored girl. Each dish is wonderful than the other. I should try the Pulisery, looks yum. Great feast, I bet your mom very proud if she can take a peek at these too. Good job, enjoy the leftovers now, ie if there is any left!

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

wow... awesome dishes.. looks very colorful. i like the first picture a lot. it looks very nice. would love to have a feast like that. i did not make an elaborate meals. I just made payasam. :) though i would have loved to make many dishes, i could not.

Sathya Sankar said...

The sadya looks wonderful, love all the dishes...
glad to hear that u found curry leaves instead of gold biscuits :D
now i can imagine how you might have "ZZZZZed" after such a feast..

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Wow, that was a super duper feast for Vishu... Great time mmm yday... Lovely dishes, so how did you like the vishu programs on TV??? The end result is perfect when cooked relaxed and patient... Your dishes have all turned out amazing... No wonder why he opted to stay back at home ;) So do I see an invite next yr ;) he he...

Vishali said...

wow girl....I have no words to say and dont know where to start :D. I guess I will use the word " stomach full" ;). Lovely dishes Varsha....enjoyed evrything. Wishing you and ur loved ones a very happy new year.....

Gita's Kitchen said...

Everything looks delicious Varsha, lovely pictures :) I'll try out all the dishes on by one! Love the ada payasam, where do you get the adas for the payasam, any regular Indian stores?

Mangala Bhat said...

Wow ! happy vishu varsha :) What a wonderful dishes sooo inviting :)mindblowing feast :)

ARUNA said...

hey Sadya such an important occassion......gosh u have a lotttt of patience yaa, look at those items!!!!!!

Don't worry abt the pics.....they looks gorgeous and how wonderful the items r!! If i had to prepare soo many items, i wud have sat in a corner and spent sometime in crying!

Is 'mega feast' a right word!!!! Let me check my dictionary and come back again!!!! I'm sure ur husband must b having a gala time eating all those items.

Deepa Hari said...

Thats quite a feast Varsha....loved all the dishes....looks yum and delicious...Good job.

Superchef said...

great looking sadya! glad you had fun! Just posted my vishu post as well :)

happy Vishu, again!

Lavanya said...

wowwwwwwww.......amazing dishes all are yummy did you manage to make all these..i must try pulliseri,okra kichadi,cabbage thoran,payasam too..list may continue :)
glad that you had a wonderful vishu..enjoy your leftovers today :)

Priya said...

Drool worthy dishes together, yummy platter Varsha, can guess how u would have been tired after making all these delicious treats...Enjoying ur dishes virtually:)

Poornima Nair said...

That is a great sadya you put together...everything looks yumm, makes me feel awful about not doing anything, but at my place Onam is more grand than Vishu, so its ok I guess.
As a kid I used to hate those leftovers that mom used to serve for a number of days after such sadyas and I always complained that she should cook lesser quantities of everything....but now that I've started cooking these leftovers actually feel like heaven after all the hours of slogging in the kitchen. It used to be a long slumber after the meal for me too...

Priya Sriram said...

Those are some divine looking pictures Varsha... Dishes look so gorgeous and awesome! Wonderful Sadya! :)

Pooja said...

Awesome dishes..Heard that avial tastes heavenly..But never got chance of tasting it..Love all your dishes..

Ashwini said...

Wow ..You are making me hungry with all the authentic and tempting dishes..I am drooling over it..No wonder you were tired and were snoring..You must have enjoyed making and eating them right..Happy Vishu once again.

Varsha Vipins said...

Sachuzz..I wish..:D..then I would make links of Biriyani n Mutton fry n click on it all the time..:D..Thanks for trying the pachadi out n glad that u slurped it out..psst..did u leave something for M? Thali's usually have fresh seasonal in Mangoes,in Kerala..Here its berry season..So be it made cheese cake..I dont mind to have it anytime u knw..:D..Do post urself..I'll renovate my malbox to fit u..:D

Thanks akka..hope my amma see this..:D

Mahi..if thats your palpayasam.,then I guess no need of anyother one's...for me atleast.:P

Thanks Satya..zzz..:D

Ramya.Thanks..:).programs were kinda ok ..I was zzz ing all the time u knw..:D

Vishali,Gita,Mangala ,Aruna..Thankss..:)..yeah he took a good one hour to eat it all up..:D

Thanks Deepa n Manju..:) leme know after trying will ya?:)..Thanks..

Thanks Priya..:)

Poornima..oh we were so wrong lle?Left overs are

Thanks Priya,Pooja n Ashwini..:)

Ushanandini said...

Wooh! What a great feast you must have had! Colorful dishes! No wonder you had a good snooze. Enjoyed your dishes virtually! :9

SJ said...

Such a beautiful feast, one can tell that its prepared with so much love. Its really commendably how you have gone through so much trouble to make all this just for the two of you- I could move my lazy ass to just make that payasa and I wanted to freeze some and use it for the next festival!

You mom will be super proud of you! I definitely am!

Indhu said...

lovely lovely dishes :)
no wonder u slept.. what else is one to do after such a feast? :)

Vani said...

25+ items?! Even the 7 dishes look like a complete feast to me! No wonder you zzzed! :) Everything looks great, VV!

Shama Nagarajan said...

wow dear...yummy recipes....hope u had a tummy full sadya.....definetly everyone will go to deep sleep.....i appreciate ur patience for preparaing a whole lot of recipes

bee said...

wonderful sadya. have a great year ahead.

Archy said...

wow, wat a nice spread of feast dishes.. wonderful tempting pics !!

Sanghi said...

Lovely delightful spread of dishes varsha.. That's great.. Wat a long post..!! Good energy..!:) Posted the FIL-part2!

Reeni♥ said...

I am so happy that you found your curry leaves! What a nice surprise. Your feast looks delicious! I am so happy you had a wonderful day and a very long snooze after, you deserved it!

Prathibha said...

Wow its a great feast have cooked so many dishes alone....!!great effort!!

Suparna said...

Hi Varsha,
So glad that u had a wonderful celebration! and me too ditto on the dizz and snoring
BTW tha's a spread to die for.Each dish looks so authentic and yumm...Great to know u both had a great time together.
Thanks for th recipes dear!

notyet100 said...

lovely clicks,..speiallly the one whih has all the dishes,...thnks fro the recipes too,..:-)

Cham said...

Oh Gal what is that, I didn't made so many stuff, only sambar, brinjal, vadas, payasam, Good to see u made a feast! Hope this year is bright and fullfill all ur wishes

Vandana Rajesh said...

Nice Kerala feast varsha. I love the vendakaya favorite. I make a little differently.Can't wait to make the ada payasam after seeing urs. My daughters favorite-palada.

Aparna Prabhu said...

Hey Varasha u had to call me for a banana leaf Wud send it thru DHL ;)..... We guys did the same after all our ugadi food last month we snored.... especially after having a coconut payasam we fall dizzy looks as we we r just gonna fall on our leaf itself and my Ugadi Javan was neither less too. preparing is not a big thing cleaning all the left overs is a big task. As ur Better Half was at home my Hubby too was there that day to help me as it was Friday....
Any ways good to read ur post nd recipes too... And dont worry about Amma's they feel like heaven when our husbands praise our food!!

Chitra said...

wow, thats a fantastic kerala cuisine , love to taste everything:) hope u had a great celebration.who won't snore after having this wonderful feast?;)

Sharmila said...

Woowie! Such a feast! and the snaps are gorgeous Varsha!I'll be coming here again and again for the recipes. Awesome! :-)

Vicky Xavier. said...

wow, varsha u cooked all these items together. Thats a wonderful spread dear. No wonder u started eating as soon as it was served , without even clicking:) No one can wait for taking pics. Nice post. Happy New year dear.

Uma said...

Wow, what a great feast! all the dishes are mouth-watering Varsha! Have a wonderful year ahead! :)

Soma said...

Girl U are amazing! Cannot believe that spread of delicious food! Haven't seen it for a long time:-D

No wonder you fell into zzzzs after, but so glad you enjoyed & could do this.. we are so out of it:-( & i feel bad for my kids that they don't get to experience what we did.

LOL curry leaves!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful dishes! Happy Vishu!

Laavanya said...

Sounds like a fantastic Vishu celebration and such delicious dishes too... no wonder you dozed off :)

AnuSriram said...

Wow!! Varsha, i'm drooling over your pics.. Looks fabulous and very much traditional! No wonder u Snored.. I too can do that!! :D :D

VineelaSiva said...

Wow what a feast varsha i cant express in words the food looks yummy dear.Happy vishu.

Dhanya Nambirajan said...

Wow Varsha, Vishy Adhichu polichu alley? Pictures looks very cool. Also looks delicious and yummy.

Yasmeen said...

Yum-O! Just a peek will not satisfy me,I need a invitation next time:)

aquadaze said...

what a wonderful spread that is varsha!lovely sadya :)

Madhumathi said...

Wow,Varsha..This one is a perfect Vishu Sadya..I love the first picture..looks very professional..I wanna taste all the dishes..They are soo yummy :)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Happy belated New Year! Wow, everything looks fantastic and so good! A wonderful feast!



Premyscakes said...

That makes me dam hungry. deadly feast!!!

Sia said...

simply superb spread!!!
i would have helped u in finishing most of that fantatic Sadya! :)

lissie said...

you have a wonderful blog! first time here...
that sadhya is a feast for my eyes!

Prathibha said...

plz chk my blog..something is waiting for you!!

Prathibha said...

plz chk my blog..something is waiting for you!!

Ana Powell said...

Hi Varsha
Your dishes are always so amazing.
Just beautiful
Have a great weekend x

Elra said...

I love Keralan food, these look mouth watering indeed. I am craving Indian food at the moment. Will ask my husband to take me to Indian restaurant for Friday date!

Subhie Arun said...

hapi belated bday dear....and happy vishu too....ur too gud..ur mum shud proud...u take grt effort to cook all the dish alone....and ur hubby is too lucky....keep rocking dear...

Priya Sriram said...

Hi Varsha, I have shared an award with you in my blog.. Pls accept it :)

A_and_N said...

That is more than just a 'peek' isnt it. Thats one whale of a feast Varsha! When did you get up and what time did you finish all this amazing stuff?

vidhas said...

Enjoyed reading Varsha. Good you have invented by magic curry leaf LOL. I love the platter, i made vadai,Mango pachadi, sambhar, rasam and payasam. In the special day good you both spend together, her he had office.

Madhu's cooking gallery said...

Yummy array of dishes Varsha!! awesome presentation! Wonderful delicious cooking!

Seema said...

hai thr...your recipes look wonderful!...i just have a request to make..i m not an authentic keralite so could you please mention the translated english one as well for some veggies...
thanks & you are doing a great job ..

happy cooking!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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