Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kuttanadan Special Konchu Pollichathu - Lobsters grilled in a spicy-tangy gravy..!!!

Hi all..I know ..Many of you might be drooling over the pic right now..This being the ever-so-famous n craved-for-all-the time delicacy of Kerala cuisine,Konchu Pollichathu.. :) ..Pls don pelt upon me some petrifying jinx's or something..Afterall I am here to share with you the recipe right.So am not that bad..!! :D ..I am not quite sure,what is the malayalam word for lobster..Googli-ing dint help me..I have seen them serving medium-large sized prawns in house boats.That's why I have put the name here as Konchu..You can try this with the usual prawns as well.If someone knows more about this,pls feel free to jot down in your comment..:)

Before going into the drool n slurp affairs,leme have some small talk with you all,like always.I have been kinda off-mood or lazy or mebe you can even call that sick,since past few days..Not a fever exactly..So excuse me if I have skipped to reply your comments or not updated with your latest posts.I was not planning to post today as well.But this whole culinary experience n pics ,made me come here n share this with you all..:) ..Thanks for all your comments n I really really enjoy going through them..Psst..did I tell you that I love your loong comments..? :) ..Its always nice to read them with personal touches .You can always ask me any doubts regarding the particular posts and ofcourse constructive criticisms/suggestions are welcome as well..:) ..One thing I wanted to share here since long is about the comment forms in blogger.I visit so many blogs and comment on most of 'em, eveyday.Many of your comment forms( in blogger) asks for a word verification before submitting the comment,n I bet like me,lotsa you find it a big nuisance.I know..I know..its to shoot the spamie boy.But then,if you have the moderation thing set for the comments,there is not much need of putting this added inconvenience of verification setting also.Many a times,I have to stare hard n make out the complex words,while many times they don't show up at all..n I have to keep on submitting,till I get something that look like letters. Blogger sucks..!! ..Sometimes I loose patience n skip commenting too..So hope you got my point and will think about this..!! :).

..n I saw a Tom Hanks movie Splash last day..After my aquarium visit ,this film proved to be something that is now giving me fishie n mermaid dreams all through night..:P..Its kind of silly n kiddish fairy tale kinda movie..But it was fun to watch.We mused that this could be easily remade into a Mallu/hindi movie n was discussing who'll play who.. :P ..Tom is very young in the movie n the mermaid actress was cute as well.Many hilarious scenes are there all throughout..:)
Yeah..n I have got hold of Marley n Me dvd,for a quiet n comfortable wailing at home..:p Will let you know how it was,soon.. :)

So,lets be back to business..I am pretty sure that all of you have heard about House boats n the endless treats that they offer to your eyes,tongue n tummy.If I happen to mention about my hometown Alleppey in Kerala to any of Non-mallu pals,most of them will shoot me with some jealous looks n will start telling about the amazing experiences they had, in House boats there.Most of you might have had that,n I bet stumped by the fabulous food they serve.
For all of you who never heard of this,

These are houseboats of Kerala,the floating luxury homes,where you get to stay n see all those endless beauties ,that has been kindly bestowed upon our place Kerala,by God Almighty.You can rent the house boats for as many days as you wish,n there will be a chef specially for you,who with the magical sleight of his hand,will whip out the most delicious n scrumptious traditional food,that you have ever tasted.My home is in this place, n so all throughout my life,I am used to see these houseboats floating placidly through Vembanattu Kayal.I never thought much about it ,until I heard from others n understood that I should be quite proud of it.Now we are planning to rent one of the beauties n have a fun time,on our next visit to home.The main attraction of it is the food of course.The personal chef will provide you with all those sea food n traditional food of Kerala..Vegetarians can have Sadya's as well..So no worries..While you are floating through the Kayal(lake) ,enjoying the serene views n fresh smell of greens, you might spot a local toddy(a local alcoholic beverage made from coconut sap) shop,n then you can drop by n enjoy the most Nadan beef roast or Kakka/kallumekkaya porichathu or Karimeen pollichathu or Njandu roast or ...,with a glass of fresh toddy(If u dare to try)..:D The chef of yours will prepare the food right in front of you with the fresh caught fish of your choice.The whole experience is a gastronomical delight n I have seen people struggling to stop,once they start talking about the great time they had.So I guess I have pretty much lured you into taking a flight n dropping right into one of the house boats n enjoy all the fun n fiesta..:D

The main attraction of Houseboat food or say,the hero of our film is Konchu Pollichathu aka Lobsters roasted n slightly burned in a spicy n tangy gravy.The cost of a plate of it,will give you an idea of how tasty it is.One look at the plate n you'll be stumped.I have failed in recreating the look here,cos what I got was not that Kerala lobster,n it had no whiskers n head or such things.If you are lucky enough to get the Nadan ones,you don't remove the thin shells n whiskers n all.It should stay and its really crunchy n yum.Mine had only a thick shell,which I removed with much pain.So excuse me for that.But I promise you that it tasted great.The flesh had a mixed taste of prawns n crabs.Here also lobsters are very costly,n Kutts had an unusual craving for this.So we just bought it out,n I really had to sweat to make this one.. didn't want to compromise with the taste,as it was just one n precious

Usually,for Pollichathu( which means burnt), in houseboats what they do is after shallow frying the marinated lobsters ,they wrap them in banana leaves and dunk them in the spicy tangy gravy n grill them in a Kanal aduppu( Its a grilling set up with ,coal on top n bottom).So the gravy will be slightly burned n will stick n penetrate into the lobsters making it super-scrummy.Here obviously I dint have any setup..So after dunking the lobsters in gravy ..I baked them for a while which made the gravy stick to lobsters,n yet not satisfied again roasted/fried them for sometime..So you see..big effort for a lazy bum like me.. :D

So lemme tell you what I did,

I cleaned ,slightly gashed with knife,n marinated that one 1/2 lb lobster with 2 tsp Chilli Powder,1 tsp Pepper powder,1/2 tsp turmeric powder,1-1.5 Tbsp Fresh Ginger-garlic paste(should be fresh for the taste)a sprinkle of Garam masala,and a drizzle of lime juice. Marinate well making the masala's reach every nook n corner n keep it aside for an hour.

After the time ,I shallow fried it in some oil infused with flavor of curry leaves. It took some 15 minutes.Keep flipping the lobsters to sides,once in a while.The fragrance that spreads now will make you jump for it.But don't..!! :D

Now,in the same kadai,heat oil,throw in lots n lots of curry leaves, 1 Tbsp of minced garlic n ginger,saute till raw smell goes.

Throw in 1 cup of chopped shallots/onions and saute well.Add 3-4 medium sized cubes of tomato and saute.

Add 1 -1.5 tsp Chilli powder,1/2 tsp pepper powder,1 tsp Coriander powder and mix n saute for few minutes.

I added one piece of cocum and 1-2 Tbsp of tamarind juice n brought to a boil.

Taste n add more pepper/chilli powder or remove cocums,if its too tangy for you.The more tangy more tasty.

Now when the gravy begins to dry,add 1/2 cup of thick coconut milk and simmer for while,till its again lil dry.

Now dunk the shallow fried lobster into it and cook for sometime.
You can stop with here,but what I did was I covered the prawns with all that gravy,placed the kadai in a baking pan n bake it at 225 F for some 35-40 mins.The heat and time varies for ovens,so please keep checking in between and check with a wooden spatula,if it has sticked to bottom or so.Mine didn't...
When you feel like,you lobsters look roasted n well coated with gravy take it out n use.
After taking outa oven,I fried it on gas-top for some more time .Then I mashed some curry leaves in oil and poured over them.

Garnish with cilantro n a sprinkle of lime juice,if you like n serve hot with rice,roti or appams or anything or even without anything..!!!
It was superb n so yummy n we couldn't get enough of it..Cant wait to have it again..!! :)

Hugs :) StumbleUpon

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Priya Sriram said...

Yes, I am drooling da! :) As I don't eat lobsters, I might try this recipe with fish! Awesome pictures and wonderful presentation! :)

Smitha said...

Never had lobster. I always happen to think of the ugly sight of it when it's alive, so I've never had the guts to eat it. Maybe, if you were preparing it for me, I'll give it a try:)
And get well soon, whatever your mood-offs maybe.

Asha said...

I agree with you, after word verification, it goes to moderation anyway, why bother with word v!May be some don't realize it that they can moderate without that word thingie.

Trisha and I watched Marley and Me and she was in tears in the end to see Marley die and was hugging our Bichon!:D

Great looking dish, you are an expert at presentation girl. I love Crab cakes. I posted a recipe last year at FH.

House boat looks so beautiful, we would love to go there too one day. Great post V, now go and sleep while I go and start on dinner, done blogging for today! :)

Poornima Nair said...

Varsha...ur posts really make me laugh. I love the way you write, as though you are talking to someone in front of you:)...that word verification thing in blogger really sucks, irritates me like anything...I too had it on, removed it a while back as soon as I realized it.
That lobster look awesome, my mouth is watering. We had been to the Andamans for our honeymoon, that was the last time I had this, look delicious.
And yes have seen the houseboats a zillion times, but never been on one, will try to plan a trip the next time I visit, your description is really tempting.

Mangala Bhat said...

wow ! awsome pics ...i love kerala , especially that houseboats :) Thanks :) Nice prsentation :)

Hema said...

I'm not that much brave to cook lobster. I always give one bad look when I pass through in the shop.

Your presentation makes me to eat if you or someone cook for me.....:)

Take care and take some rest.....!

Cham said...

I guess i have a removed my word modification long back,(i will check mine) u re right, it is totally waste the word verif when u re moderating! After all we should lights the google gigs to remove that option!
Now coming to ur recipe, Lobster, he he my son seeing in cartoon channel declares, giant bug! He he is that scares u? I always tried outside and always dipped in butter, To tell the turth, i am not such a huge fan of this lobst, but the masala u stuffed, oh i would love to taste it if u invite me to ur home or houseboat if u own one!

Sakshi said...

What a dish...did u really go all the way to dress up this beauty all by urself?? Kutts must be really impressed by u...what gift is he getting for u next to cook?? ohh am having fever and all I can think of after seeing ur post right now is to be thrown into a houseboat and eat all the seafood served my personal chef and maybe instead of watching the toddy shop I might as well have some toddy...guess am hallucinating bcoz of my fever...sigh!!
Glad u r not watching any horror movies...dunno what nightmares u will have then..first it was doggie poop and now mermaids
Whatever the dish looks so great that am planning a trip to seattle very soon...hope u will stock up ur fridge with everything from crabs, lobsters and all crawling thing in between :) :)

Sakshi said...

Btw did God's own country appoint you as a tourist ambassador for them?? U write like one abt the beauty and houseboat and all

Priya said...

Oh my god, u r torturing me by posting such a delicious tempting lobster gravy..yummy yummy...send me, drooling here!, u r pulling me to go back to India for vacation with all those boat house pictures..

Ramya Bala said... drooling seriously....its looking tooooooooo good....i havent tried lobster yet ;)u r tempting me

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

cute name of the dish :)

Mahimaa's kitchen said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Varsha Vipins said...

Thanks Priya..You can do with prawns..:)

Thanks Smitha ..I got a pretty one with nothing other than the fleshy it just liked like a jumbo prawns..Else I would hav run for life..:D

Thanks Akka..Hope they see this post n get it.. n yeah ..u broke the suspense of M n M..sobs..:(
I saw that crab cakes ..yum one..:)

Thanks Poornima..Thats what I think when I post,that I am talking to all of you non-stop..:D
Andamans sounds fun..They must serve you all thse scrummies..:)

Thanks Mangala..:)

Thanks Hema..come over to Seattle..Il be glad to do that.:)

Cham..he e thanks..yup..I do own quite a few dream..:D..Gal its costly than a damn good house..:D..But I can surely cook for u,if you visit me..The bug dint scare me..It looked like a calm n sweet jumbo prawn only..:)

Sakshi,I seriously wish they appoint me as one,after reading this..Lay offs are on run n no H1B..So am desperately hoping for tht.. :D ..Ahh..he was impressed n was quite busy attacking my carefully decorated lobster..:P..n I guess Toddy wont have any effect on you ,as you are already full 'fit' all the time..:D ..n I cant wait to see u here..:)

Priya..Thats my whole point..Kerala tourism ambassador..:D

Thanks Ramya.Why dont you give a try??:)

Thanks MAhimaa..i'll see to it..:)

Divya Vikram said...

OMG! Am drooling here seeing the dish! And u know wat, we had planned for our honeymoon on a boathouse but did not make it since there was a stroll of chickungunya in Kerala that time!! And can u send me some of the lobsters by mail??

Pooja said...

Never had it varsha...lovely presentation..nice click dear..

Lavi said...

Dish Looks sooo Good. Nice Presentation..

Gita's Kitchen said...

Like you said I am drooling over tha picture ;) I tasted lobster only recently, they were not so spicy...just lobster with some butter. I love this spicy dish your Varsha, great pictures :)

Suparna said...

Hi Varsha,
Th's a description to die for :) great haven't been to Kerala's a dream destination for me, have been pestering S ...I just waitin to enjoy the backwaters, house boats , cuisine, ayurvedic spas aaaaaaa.....the list is pretty long :)u struck the chord for me....I'll start request session again ;)
BTW the word verification new to blogging and don't know much about these things each time I surf for the blogger features I try to learn and get it by trial and's a tough learning for me :( I'll try n get it removed soon I know it really irritates after reading a lovely post ....the comment part asks for word veri....aaaaaaaaaa!
BTW haven't had lobster as yet :) shall try it in some restaurants first n then try it at home :) will let u know abt this adventure :)
Ur recipe looks easy and the dish has turned out a stunner! good job gurl :) nice pics. Thanks for ur regular visits at my blog :)phew...that was a long comment

sharada said...

My mouth is watering -- i am drooling---what more can i say.Wish i could grab that plate now...
Very good snap.

Yasmeen said...

I could fly to your place to taste this unique lobster dish,my seafood is limited to fish and shrimp.
I remember seeing was cool movie,funny you are getting vivid fishy dreams.Love that boat,must be such a romantic ride:)
btw,I got rid of that good for nothing word verification few days back:)

Varsha Vipins said...

Thanks all of you..:) worries..I love long comments..:)..At hotels,you may not get a spicy one..itl be mostly bland..Anyways waiting to hear about the experience from you..:) n meanwhile continue the request session in full swing..k?:D

Priti said...

Looks awesome...n ya me too have same feelin abt word removed from my blog quite some time too got M&M DVD..haven't really got the time to sit down and watch though :(... takecare and be in pink of health, mood soon :)

Lavanya said...

wow..awesome varsha..i never tried lobster..i am drooling all over it..nice pics n nice presentation..want to have are tempting me too much :)

Soma said...

I do not lobsters ( makes me feel they will pinch my tongue with those humongous claws going clippity clap)
, but that sure is one delicious looking picture. I'll go all out to make it with prawns.

didn't know they had houseboats in Kerala. thought they existed only in kashmir.. shameful ignorance.

Love the way Tom Looks:-) even now, tho' don't like him too much as a person anymore.. ( as if i know him personally.. :-D & he did nothing to me) .. whatever.

& for goodness sake, I could not say that name u wrote in malayalam!

Deepa Hari said...

I never tasted lobsters....ur dish looks very inviting Varsha...nice presentation.

Yeah, u r right abt. the comment does sucks.

Those houseboats look beautiful...heard a lot abt. them...never experienced it....would love to one day.

Shama Nagarajan said...

wow...what a lovely click and yummy delicious recipe........nice presentation

luckysanjana said...

Yummmmmmmmm.hi. Varsha. i was lookin at your profile........what smiley face you have..........birthday coming haan.....dont know the date but hey heres a birthday wish coming your way from another really have a smart looking really like to know how you put that will-o-wisp on your photos and how you got the top header of your blog to show those recipes................i find the blogspot templates rather boring thought i experiment only didn tknow how?????/have a nice day..........

Make the Impossible...Possible said...


When I was in US, one of my team mate invited for lunch..and she offered Lobster with butter...I didn't like the taste of blant.....They were hogging that it tastes great...Ennikku onnum thonniyilla....That day i was thinking had she prepared with our spice , the typical process of fish preparation..would definitely end up in a good dish....but here we will not get try.....My hubby hates sea-food..i mean prawn, crab and all...Anyways, good pictures....with that two tail protruding....nice presentation.......Hugs, Sumy

Sharmilee! :) said...

Hey Varsha soo nice presentation. Lobster looks very tempting! Allepey is such a nice and hubby have a great liking to kerala and Allepey was one of our destn for a day for our HM :D

We loved the calm backwaters...but food was again a pblm for us as we were like a No to all seafood except fish & prawns but enjoyed the stay there!
It feels really great to read ur writings abt the place that we have visited long back and now it gives me a nostalgic feeling :)

padmaja said...

Hi varsha!! Nice blog..and nice pics too...The dish looks so spicy and tasty.

Madhumathi said...

Hi Varsha..Never had a lobster or crab..I'm so scared of them..Long time ago,on a rainy day,a crab came inside our verandah..and I screamed the hell out as if i saw a snake!My best friend's favs are crab and lobster dishes..I will mention about this recipe to her.
The presentation is so b'ful..I love the idea of putting the pebble stones around..
I agree with you about the word verification..Its kinda annoying..I will check if i have removed it or not.

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I visited your site sometimes so far.
You have a cool site.
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Anonymous said...

Varsha,Konchu is what we call for lobster in Thrissur,though many mention konchu even for chemmeen in many parts of Kerala itself..Just let go girlie..the dish looks spicy and yummy
We used to get plenty during childhood,with that authetic,deep taste..but now a days its assumed taste often...We may have to dream about the bygone days..happens in life though
Hey Varsha,reg this tourism thing,am sure they will appoint you as an ambassador seeing this..plz lemme know if you are intersted haha..(have some great pals there haha)

sangeeta said...

here i am...never tasted a lobster n never been to kerala........

your lobster looks spicy n yum, i wonder how you could take the photo after cooking this one.....or you rdrool gave it extra shine??
your description of kerala reminded me of discovery travel n living shows where i have seen all this .....

hmm ........word verification .....really sucks...........i'd check wudn't believe in one of the blogs, when i clicked to comment , it openened 48 pop up windows.....

Anonymous said...

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Maria said...

konchu pollichathum, chemmen theeyalum okkeyayittu alkaare kothipikkan erangiyirikkuvanu alle ;) I too have posted a konchu pollichathu recipe long time back..anyways ur pic looks really great, mouthwatering!!

Heart of my Home - my Kitchen said...

Hi Varsha, Thanks for stopping by at my blog. You have a very nice blog here. My husband is a Mallu (raised in Blore), so I will be tapping your blog for some Kerala recipes. The "lobsta" (as my Maine friends say) looks very good.
I have been to Kerala only once after my wedding, I fell in love with just the back yard of one relative's... we couldn't visit much places as we were stort on time.
My next trip to India, I am definitely taking a few days on the boathouse.

Reeni♥ said...

You put so much work and love into this dish. I bet it was delicious!

I'm sorry you haven't been feeling so well, are you better today?

I love the houseboats! How gentle and relaxing to be floating on the waves. And to get to eat delicious delicacies while sightseeing! You are going to have so much fun!

I love Splash, such a cute movie!

Happy cook said...

Wow i think with the drool i am drooling here you can have kuttanad here in my place.
Konchu looks so so spicy delciious that if i could grab them from the screen i would have done it.

Akal's Saappadu said...

your lobsters look terribly delicious, reminds me of my stay in the house boat, (just last summer, nice wonderful places and memories, hummm, waiting eagerly for thenext vacation :)....

and the word verification, after so many problems with that, i ended up removing them too :) i understand you when you say "staring at the letters" hahaha..

I tasted lobsters here for the first time in a restaurant, (was not so much of my taste though) but loved the masala fried lobsters cooked by the cooks in the house boat, so yummy! your masala looks yummy too!

Vicky Xavier. said...

Lobster looks stunning dear. Never seen a pic like this before. keep them safe:) Ys, I agree with about the comments and word verification. My eyes get very tired and cant type them corrctly:( People shd understand this. Boat house and the explanation is wonderful. Lovely post.

Varsha Vipins said...

Thanks Priti..I am better now..:)

Thanks Lavanya..:)

Soma,lolol..I was laughing on n on reading this..What did poor Tom did to u..lols..You better dont read that malayalam ok..hehe..Leme knw how prawns turned out k??

Thanks Deepa.Yous hould try once.:)

Tanks Shama..:)

Sanjana..thanks for the comment n wishes..Its picassa..:)

Sumy,I knw..cant imagine it with plain bland..I am amazed to see a non veg person hating sea foood..Lol..we die for that..nyways thanks dear..:)

Sharmille..Alleppey happens to be HM destination for most of the couples..n then ,we being natives flew to Mauritius..crazy no..:D..Glad that you liked the post..:)

Thanks Padmaja..:)

Madhu,lol..I can imagine how you howled..:D..Thanks n I hope your friend like this..:)

Varsha Vipins said...

Thanks Tennen

Ann, Tats cool..konchu ennu vilikkum lle lobster-ne..I was utter confused..:P..Thats ture..all that tastes are just to dream for,now..:)..yeah yeah deeply inetersted ..sambathika mandyam kke alle..:D..I'll gladly accept..:D

Thanks Sangeeta,yeah i had to struggle hard to keep my n his hands off the plate..:D Thanks..:)

Thanks Futuremantra.:)

Maria kutty..thanne..thats the whole check that out..!!

Thanks Gowri,hope you enjoy it..I am also waiting for our vaccations..:)

Thanks Reeni,I am good dear..:) I cant wait to go n enjoy..:)

HC,you made a kuttandau vallam irakkikko..:D..Thanks..:)

Akal, making me more imaptient now..Thanks dear...:)

Viki,Thanks a lot da..:) yup..hope this post helps in that case..:)

padmaja said...

thank for visiting my blog varsha... thanks a lot for the advice and wishes too

Cilantro said...

Drooling over here Vsrsha. Pic looks great...Nice pics of the house boats. Would like to visit this place once. What is the best time to visit? We usually end up our visit to India during July and august. I know it rains a lot during these time...anyways let me know.

Sujatha said...

wow, how can anyone not drool on this picture, varsha! and especially sea-food lovers like me! its awesome!

You're right, I found that word verification annoying too, and I recently turned mine off..

Maya said...

OMG, pure torture! That masala looks soooooo spicy and good. Never been in one of those house-boats, but hope to someday.

Ria Mathew said...

Hello V!

Real nice blog!! This is my first time here!!Loved ur write up! The first thing i will do now is to remove word verification! :D


Valarmathi said...

Wow lobster looks fantastic and very nice picture.We have a plan to go to kerala. Very good tourist spot to enjoy. House boat, backwaters, ayurvedic massage, sea foods many to enjoy there.

Sharmila said...

Hey Varsha! What snaps! We too make burnt stuff rolled in banana leaves (of course back home ... where there is a proper chulha).

And now I know who to turn to for info when I plan to visit Kerala ( we have been planning for a while now). :-) And I am fascinated by the houseboats.

About that word verification thing ... am going right away to check if mine is on ... hope to see you more at my space now. :-)

Rajee said...

Better to let everyone know to remove verify by giving their comments. I love lobster but never tried in my life. Surprise to know that we can get it in Kerala too. Lobster here is so expensive. Better if u cook for me to taste and I get something for u too. Very yummy and delicious picture that brightens my mood of the day. Get my long comments? I too give different comments in other blogs and get only very few lines like wow, delicious... etc Must be sad face here? Bear with me for not putting sad face icon.

Nags said...

varsha!! this looks amazing!! been a while since i dropped by your blog :)

Ria Mathew said...


I have tagged you in a me-me tag!!

Join in! Its fun!!


vidhas said...

Varsha, enjoyed reading your post. as poornima said you writing is like talking with somebody in front of you. Wish i could do that. Your picture looks awesome. I was asking my husband to take us to kerala for a week in vaccation. Let us hope we can do that. I agree with you in word verification, it really boreing.

n33ma said...

I'm totally bowled over........look at that photo the colors and the flavors...

Subhie Arun said...

never had lobster before..ur dish looks yummy...u have wonderful site and recipes...too..thx for sharing

anju said...


i am regular reader of your blog these days :-)). Did the lobster taste like the konchu we get in kerala? someone told me that the lobster we get in usa is not the same as konchu. so i havent tried it yet. but after seeing your post, i feel like trying.

take care

Varsha Vipins said...

Thanks everyone..:)..Pls keep visiting..:)
Cilantro,yup..July-August is kind of rainy..But its a special feeling to enjoy rain from house boats..sipping coffees n enjoying fresh sea food..Else you can go Nov-Dec time..:)

Anju,Ofcourse we wont get our Nadan taste..These things are caught from Brazilian lakes n places like the taste wouldnt be that awesome like our Kayal konju..But I can assure you that this recipe tastes real good n u'l love it..You can even try it with the normal jumbo prawns available here.Trick is to make it spicy n tangy at its best..:)..Thanks for the comment..Hope to see more of your comments here..:)

anju said...


Thanks for the quick response. i am going to get some lobster in the weekend. will let you know...take care and have a great weekend


mathew said...

your pictures have a way with make food lover drop to the floor drooling!! suffering from extreme hunger seeing this snap..:-(

Anonymous said...

ur recipe was ammmmmmazzing!!!! i have made this twice already. once with fish and another time with konju. it's sooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!

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