Friday, March 6, 2009

RFRU-Desserts Roundup..!!!

Hi all..As I promised I am here on this rainy,icy,dull(Duh ..!!) Saturday evening,with a tummy full of Biriyani,to make you drool with all your Dessert entrees that you lovingly n enthusiastically send me for RFRU-Desserts.As you all know its the brain-kid of Ramki , n hence I cant n wont move on without thanking him from the core of ma heart..(Am I being lil dramatic..??Its all this over-stuffed tummy) ) ..Seriously Thanks a lot Ramki n you all..It was fun hosting this event,seeing my inbox happily brimming with your delicacies.. :)

Gajar ka Halwa/Carrot Halwa is the star of the event.Almost everyone sent me one Gajar Halwa.So my page is full gonna be on hues of Orange today.. :D

Shama topped by sending 10!!

SriVidhya Aka Vidhas n Hemakka sent 8 of 'em n shares the 2nd place :D ..!!

See their entrees down the page.. :)

So for Shama,Vidhya n Hemakka,there is a small cute goodie bag from my side..Take it n enjoy.. :)

So lets get into business.. :D

Update:Sorry Cham..really sorry..Somehow I dint get your entry in ma inbox..Thanks for reminding me..Posting it now.. :)

Friends,Pls see the scrummy MW Badam Kheer of Cham.This is yummy as well as healthy..takes a quick 10 mins,with an extra care after first 4 mins..:)

Trupti was the first one to send me an entry for the round-up.She made this delicious Ratlayacha Sheera(Sweet Potato halwa) for RFRU,at Makar Sankranthi occasion.The dish is so simple,yet elegant n yumy..

Trupti also sent me out good ole' Gajar ka halwa,which is equally yummilicious.. slurpp.. :)

The one who bakes atleast 2 cakes,cook 3 curries n whips up 4 yummy desserts a day..!!..No points for guessing..Yeah its Priya.. :)..(Kidding priya._ .she always entices us with her yummy dishes n she sent me 2 cool entrees for RFRU..check out her Mango-tapioca pearl Kheer n Pineapple Kesari.

Pavithra of Pakashale sent me a yummy Jackfruit Appa..My fav fruit n the one I miss the most..The dish made me all nostalgic,as my mom used to make this lot.. :)

Then I got an entry from Hong Kong.. :p.. Yes.. None other than Navitha.. :) She sent me this so good-looking Chocolate-Banana bread,on which I couldn't stop drooling.. n yeah its Vegan too..Take a look n get stumped!!

Dear Shama sent me so many sweets n I couldnt stop drooling.. :)
See her:

Bottle gourd Payasam Dal payasam

Apple payasam and halwa

Quick sweet

Rava paniyaram

Semiya sago payasam

pal kozhukkattai

sweet kozhukkattai

bottlegourd halwa

Dal Payasam

My sweet bubbly Hemakka of Adlak's kitchen sent me 8 entrees all the way
Each of them,more sweet n more delish than the other.So do check her out.. :)

Carrot Halwa

Ball-Ball Badam's

Coconut Burfi
Wheat Halwa
Kaju n Almond Kathli
Palada Payasam

Rice Payasam
Semiya Palpayasam

Pannacota is one of my fav,n Simmy clebrated her b'day in a serene way with this yummy Coffee Pannacota drink .Look how lovely it is.. :)

Sunanda dey sent me the lovely yummy Gajar Halwa..Have a peek.. :)

Again Gajar Halwa is here to make u drool,this time from our very sweet Lubna Karim,she prepared it to celebrate her friendship with a blogger friend..Nice no?? :)

Vidhya aka Vibaas, send me this quick n yummy Bread Pongal.Her kids love it n now we drool over it as well Vidhya..Its quick as a snap too.Apt for RFRU.. :)

Preety sent me a yummy Avocado chocolate milk shake..I love both of the main stuff n so I was drooling over it..Its easy n healthy too.. :)

Vidhya aka Vidhas celeberated her 9th wedding anniversary with this yummy Rava Kesari,recipe passed on to her by her MIL.Sure looks delish ,no?

She also sent me all these great desserts..slurpp.. !!
Maida Halwa
Nenthrampazham Halwa

Sabudana payasam

Sabudana Moongdal Kheer

Pal Kozhukattai

Aval Kesari

Besan Kheer

Lakshmi prepares yummy Mysoorean recipes all the time n she dished up this yummy Sorekaya Halwa, made with Bottle Gourd..That was new to me..Looks delish..!!

Sukanya sent me a Sheera,Rava Kesari Sojji made by the Maharashtrian Brahmins for Prasad for the Satyanarayan Pooja ceremony.Its wasy to make,but she warns to be careful about the amount of ingredients..

Ashwini of Nanna Adige sent me the yummy yummy Chocolate fudge,made with condensed milk ,which is my yet another obsession.Its easy n looks yum.. I'll have to try it soon .. :)

Mahimaa sent me this so very yummy Pistachio Kalakkand ,a special for the Val's day.Its so pretty to see,n bet it'll be so so yummy.. :)

Poonam celebrated the ocassion of crossing her 50 posts ,by preparing this yummy Vermicelli Sabodana Kheer

She also send me the so-good looking Apple Halwa .. :)

Sumi send me this ever-so delicious Chocolate chip cookie pie.Just a look n u wont stop drooling.. :)

A very sweet Vidya Venky was so excited to send me her Apple Cutard ,as it was her first entry to any event.. :)..I am glad that I got that chance to host your custard ,Vidya n this is just yum.. :)

Neha who makes easy n tasty dishes, made this lovely Til ka Ladoo for Makarsankranthi.. :)

She also send me the yummy Vermiceli kheer.. :)

Preeti thinks having Carrot halwa all the time is boring,n so she made this Carrot kheer /shake which looks lovely with its orange color.. :)

Again a Carrot Kheer from Madhu . Her pictorial description is sure to make your cooking go easy.. :)

Bubbly Nithya made this Coconut Macroons thinking of her dad who is so fond of munching sweets, n her post made me nostalgic too.. :)

She also made the Carrot kheer for her hubby who has a sweet-tooth.. :)

..n last but not the least..
Deepa Hari sent me this Strawberry with Yoghurt n Banana,which stumped me with the pretty pic..Its so easy as well.. :) Loved it.. :)

From my side there is a Badam Doodh

Fruits n Nuts Coco Milk

Almond Semiya Kheer

So thats it ladies.. :)..Hope you had a nice drool,n do check out the yummy recipes..Once again Thanks so much for the active participation.. :)
Have a happy Sunday,n of course now you can make it more sweet,rite?? .. :)

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Madhu's cooking gallery said...

Oh I missed this event :( donno how..I came here so many times, yet missed to see this.. oops..
will make up next time for sure..

Nice round up Varsha!

Joie de vivre said...

Great roundup...I don't know which to sample first!

notyet100 said...

lovely round up,..:-)

Kitchen Flavours said...


Mahimaa's kitchen said...

wow.. irresistible array of sweets....wish i cud have them all....good job varsha.

Dershana said...

That's a load of sweet things to munch on :-) great round up!

Cham said...

Great round-up! But tummy full of biryani U forgot my entry.

Lakshmi said...

Its a good round up of yummy desserts and many sweets too try out.thnx for tht Varsha.

Cham said...

Thanks for including me my Dear :)

Shama Nagarajan said...

wow...lot of sweets....nice event..Thank you dear for your sweet gift..

Shama Nagarajan said...

Thank you for ur gift desserts....sweets...lovely event

Priya said...

Wow delicious roundup...Varsha am just laughing while reading ur introduction about sweet of u..enjoyed the virtual delicious treats:)

Madhumathi said...

Excellent work,Varsha..Im drooling at the wonderful array of sweets..Congrats for Shama ,Vidhaas and Hemakka..

vidhas said...

Hi Varsha, Awesome round up. I admire your way of writting. Nice presentation. Thanks Thangchi for the lovely Goodie bag :-)

Trupti said...

lovely roundup Varsha..Happy Women's Day !!

Anonymous said...

Superb round up of your first ever hosting Varsha..Many Congrats Dearie

Deepa Hari said...

Lovely roundup Varsha

Smitha said...

I missed this event too:( Would have loved to send u some entries.

Soma said...

Oh WOW what an array! Good job!

I don't know how i never heard of this.. or may be my memory is getting as bad as my age;-(

Poornima Nair said...

Great round-up Varsha...thats a good collection of desserts.

yasmeen said...

Simple sweet delicacies,sorry I totally forgot to mail you the entry.

Reeni♥ said...

There are so many delicious looking dishes! Most of them are new to me. You did great on the round-up.

Priti said...

Everything looks so yummy....wonderful roundup dear...Wishes to all the ladies

Anonymous said...

Wow, so many wonderful desserts here! Yum!

Vani said...

Wow! Lovely round-up with really wonderful entries there, Varsha!

KF said...

Great Round-up!!!

notyet100 said...

hppy holi varsha,..:-)

Lakshmi Venkatesh said...

Bad missed it. Lovely roundup and lot of new recipes.

Jeena said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

You have a great round up here I have bookmarked it I love Indian sweets yummy. :-)

LG said...

Varsha, it is such a sweet round up! good one :)

Vicky Xavier. said...

Lovely round up dear.

Happy cook said...

Delicious roundup.

Roopa said...

Wow I could indeed feel the sweetness in my mouth after this round up :) Very nice display :)

mathew said...

I think I just became diabetic.!!:-P

Superchef said...

lovely round-up dear!! good job!!

Roopa said...

Who wouldn't want to post after seeing this festive display of yummy sweets :) Already posted my comments on meme :) Thanks a lot for participating :)

Anu said...

Lovely display of delicious sweets :) Gr8 job!

Paru ... said...

Awesome one stop shop Varsha :)..I know where to come looking for a sweet craving now :)..

Priya Sriram said...

Wonderful collection of desserts! Great round-up dear!

Varsha Vipins said...

Thanks all of you..So now you know where to come when you have a craving..!!:)

Adlak's tiny world said...

wonderful effort dear.. nice array of deserts. It willsure give a hand at the time of guest at home.

Cho chweet cuttie goodie bag... thanks a ton for giving this to me and for yr lovely intro too. I m so happy and honored. This is my first compliment/trophy i got. My hugs to u darling.

sriharivatsan said...

Great roundup...Superba iruku...Lot of desserts to try....G8 effort ma...

Usha said...

Varsha that is a great roundup ! Great collection of sweets, wish I could have a bite from each of them:-)

Pavithra said...

Thats wonderful event and roundup sweety but i some how missed it... got to see only now...

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