Friday, March 13, 2009

Palak Chole n Dry Gobi Manuchurian with Naan's (Garbanzo Beans in a spinach gravy n Cauliflower masala fry with Indian Bread..)..!!

Aargh..!!.Am tired after that long heading..:D..Hii everyone..Hope you all had a nice n sweet weekend. :)..Here as expected,Seattle showed its peevish nature.It was raining cats n dog this weekend. Sakshi called me up on Saturday morning,enjoying the warm Boston weather there.She checked the Seattle weather ,saw the wonderful situation here,laughed heads out,n called up to pity me,and asked me to get out with Poppy Kuda(Poppy is an Umbrella brand,back in Kerala)..I was so pissed off,not because its raining here,but more because its so sunny there..(hehe..:D) ,n out of that depression,went back n slept for an hour more..:D..To sum it all up, we just went for our usual eat-shop outings n it was fun.I mean,I dunno why I feel so happy,when I spend money n shop.. :P ..Am I a Shopaholic ? ..Not a big time one I guess..But I just love ,even to see those cute things, all gleaming n shining bright,sitting pretty in neat rows.You put me in one of those shops,go have dinner, sleep,bath,do all chores n come back.I'll still be happily there..:D ..More than seeing ofcourse,I love the smell n feel ,n when I unpack it at home,and arrange them neatly,in place,my heart brimming with joy.. :D You feel so too? n as I have told before,crockery is my latest addiction.I feel some serious depression,if I come back home after shopping,without at least one crockery item.So without any fail,this time too,I trotted back home proudly,holding some cute things in hand.There was this small fishie bowl,which caught the eye of the cashier gal,n she retorted seeing it "Omg..Its soo cute.." ,n I was like "yeah..".beaming with joy.. :)..(n all your condolence messages for my lovely lost glass in the last post,made me understand the weight of my loss,made me even more desp,n I searched a lot for that type..Couldn't get it though..:(..sobs..)..Then took some DVD's n rushed home..Aah..I saw this movie "Three kings" y'day..Dint like it much,(not my type),but I must say for the umpteenth time,George Clooney is a HUNK..!! :D

On Sunday,it was a funny climate.One moment,it was raining hard , n after a minute I saw sun shining bright n there was a beautiful rainbow.I shouted out of excitement,which made Kutts jump out of horror (He is getting used to it..:D..),n I ran crazy for the cam.I was about to take the pic,n the rainbow faded..duh..!!..When we went out too,it was crazy cold n raining,but the sun was so bright n we both were saying.."Its fox's marriage.."..:D (Got a feel that we are nuts?..:D..Actually,its a folklore story in our hometown,which says,if ever there is rain n shine together,it means its fox's marriage happening.. funny no.. :D) enough digressions about my weekend adventures.Coming to the foodie part,I made this combo for our dinner ,some 1 week back.I was so bored n alone that evening,getting so pissed off waiting for Kutts.So just thought of cooking up something new n interesting to keep myself normal.Then I saw this recipe in Vanitha,n thought of giving it a try.I love Chole's,n so I was not apprehensive about the outcome,n I get this feel of taste when I go through a recipe.So I was off for this one,n mean while I made the yummy crispy Dry Gobi Manuchurian which is Kutts' fav (He is a rice kid,so when I have to convince him with Roti's,I got to try real hard n tempt him so much..:D) n Naan's(I couldnt take pic of Naan's ,as it was cooking inside oven that time).So altogether it was a grand yum dinner for us.. :) ..The pics are not really good ,as I had to console him so much n take these in fuss.It was like 10 at night n we were both crazy hungry,but I dint want to miss these..!!

The original recipe of Ammu Mathew in Vanitha,is for Methi Chole.Obviously I dint have Methi's,so substitued with Palak for good.Also the recipe dint ask for chilli powder n Onions.Now I cant do without lil of kick,n oh how I love to munch onions..:D..
The verdict is: we both liked this so much.It has a quite distinct taste n flavor,unlike our usual masala dishes n its not often I give a 8/10 for a dish,(that too a Veg one) other than authentic Mallu Non veg ones.So you can sure trust me,n go try this one.. :)..Am sure Methi leaves is the bestest choice,but Palak will do really good too.. :)

For a yummy bowl Palak Chole you got to:

Pre-soak n Pressure cook 1 cup of Chole with salt n enough water(Don make it go mushy..should be somewhat firm).After opening the cooker,take 3 Tbsp of chole,mash while hot n keep aside.

Wash n chop 1.5-2 cups Palak(Spinach) n keep aside.

Dry roast 3 cloves,1/2 inch Cinnamon n 2 cardamoms ( I used the home made Garam masala,which has got some fennels n mace other than these 3)

Heat 1 Tbsp ghee in a pan n splutter 1 tsp Cumin seeds (I used 1/2 tsp cumin n 1/2 tsp the flavor of fennel)

Now add 1/4-1/2 tsp fenugreek powder n a 3/4 inch of cinnamon stick n saute well.

Now throw in 5 slit Green chillies and 1 tsp of minced Ginger(Added some(1/2 cup) sliced Onions here).Saute well for 5 mins,

Add 1/4 tsp Asaofetida ,saute n add the chopped Palak.Saute n mix well.

After the palak is cooked,add 1/4 tsp Turmeric Powder( I sprinkled some Chilli Powder here) and enough salt n saute to mix

Add 1 medium sized Tomato,chopped, into it,close the pan and let it cook.

When the tomato has gone soft,add the cooked Chole into it and stir to mix.

Pour a cup of water n cook in high for 4 minutes,stirring in between.

Now reduce the heat,close pan n cook for sometime..(7 mins or so..)

Open the lid,n add those 3 Tbsp of mashed chole into the gravy n stir to mix.

Add 3/4- 1 Tbsp of Tamarind paste ,stir n saute well to mix.

Now sprinkle the dry roasted Garam masala over the gravy,adjust salt n cook till the desired dryness is reached.

Garnish with cilantro.. :)

The curry smells so wonderful,n the fragrance of hinge n ginger n fenugreek (methi)will bowl you.Some people dont like Methi particularly,that's y I have mentioned the amount of methi powder as 1/4-1/2 tsp.But I just loved the flavor of this dish,n am going to make this again..Slurpp..:)

Now,you all know how to dish up that yummy Dry Gobi Manchurian,rite??:)

Just keep the 2 cups of cut Gobi florets immersed in boiling salt water for 5 mins.

Drench it in a marinade(adjust spices) of 2 tsp Chilli Powder,1/2-1 tsp Pepper powder,1/2 tsp Turmeric powder,1 Tbsp Ginger-garlic paste,1 Tbsp Soy sauce,1 Tbsp Chilli Sauce,1/2 Tbsp Ketchup,2 tsps lime juice,1 Tbsp Corn flour,2 Tbsp AP Flour,1 tsp baking soda n salt.
Keep it in fridge for an hour or so n fry in hot oil..yum..!!:)

The healthy Whole wheat Naan goes like heaven with these..So don forget to check that out..n please don't get eekss with the clumsy pic there.Its an old one,I'll update it soon..That is definitely a fool-proof recipe.. :)

So enjoy your food, n have a nice week ahead .. :)


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priar's, said...

Yes...ur true...rainy n snowy climate really make our mood so dull:(
Ur Gobi Manchurian is really tempting ...colour is too good

Hema said...

colorful pictures and yummy food!!!

Superchef said...

heyy...i had made methi chole on friday!! wonder if its the weather :D n yeah, the weather was such a drab this weekend..and looks like its going to continue so for a while now :(:(

i loved the pics!!

Asha said...

It rained non-stop whole weekend and today too. We had such a busy weekend and today, I had to take my "adult" girl to DMV and to the bank. Very very tired, didn't have strength to surf today, will do tomorrow.

Naan, Gobi and Chole looks fab. Lucky girl, I am making just making fast food today, nothing else. Enjoy all the yummy food, love the color of gobi! :)

Varsha Vipins said...

Thanks Priar's.. Now its bright here..:)

Thanks hema..:)

Thats cool Manju..Did u make it like this??

Asha..Thats sounds so exciting..hehe..big mom..:)..Thanks for coming here n commenting dear.. :)

Priya said...

Amazing pictures, droolworthy dishes, love the palak chole quite delicious, am just craving for something gobi, dry manuchurian make me really hungry...yummy dishes together tempts me a lot Varsha!!

Soma said...

That looks like a feast!! Gobi manchurian yum!! i ahven't made that for such a long time.
I used to be like that... buy one little thing everything i went out:). Time has taught be better... :-( shows i am getting old huh!

Yasmeen said...

I don't care about weather anymore,will leave me depressed for most of the year if I do. I wish you got the rainbow click ,I don't remember seeing one in my lifetime.
Palak with chole is a whole new recipe for me.With Manchurian and Naan ,must have been a filling late night dinner:)

Indhu said...

yummy spread... love the chole... am literally drooling at my desk. and the pictures are really nice.. damn tempting :)

Anonymous said...

What a delicious feast! Everything is super yummy!

Sakshi said...

With a name like can you crib of the rain?? U were named to bring rain everywhere u go.. :)So now you have turned seattle to the Kerala of USA haan??

No no u r not at all a shopaholic...U r just helping the economy like Obama is suggesting...spending ur hubby's stimulus package in a good way...I hope my mapilla (di hear u ROFL there) understands this logic when I spend ;)

I loved the gobi manchurian...looking so yummy with all that spicy color.. palak chole is interesting..will try it out as I am stuck with methi chole all the time...btw don't tell me u have subscribed to Vanitha?? Give me the details gal...have not seen a mallu magazine in years..

Varsha Vipins said...

Thanks Priya..yeah..The colors always gets us..:)

Soma,oh..thats right..Then I would rather stop this habit after some years..:D..thanks dear..:)

Yasmeen..I know dear..We r better off in Seattle than OH..:P..n thanks..:)

Indhu,dont let the manager see u..:P..Thanks dearie..:)

Thanks 5 star foodie.. :) hope my hubby dont see this too..:D..n I am on ROFL-ing ,imagining u reading Vanitha..:D:D:D

Ashwini said...

We too had heavy rains last week.It was so depressing..Today we have a lovely weather..Palak chole looks yumm..nice color

Suma Rajesh said...

whts this ?...oh my god..i am jsut drooling over here...its very attractive and mouthwatering click..

jayasri said...

hi, We also have a lovely weather here from past week & would continue this week too, isn't it great...!!, Thanks for looking into my blog & for the comments too!!, my gal with all the fuss around u really have taken such beautiful pictures, so if u had concentrated what would be the outcome!!, The dishes look so yummy like to just pick them up from there!!About shopping their is nothing wrong in it at all, I feel most women are alike when it comes to shopping!!,

Divya Vikram said...

I just love your way of writing and you have beautiful pictures here gal. Chole looks phenomenal.

Lakshmi said...

Wow!! my mouth is watering Varsha :) yummylicious combo with Naan.and I love the gobi manchurian too.I think the pics are pretty good.impressive enough to me :) Spring is going to start dont worry.

Reeni♥ said...

This looks so good! I will be in the shops with you! I am always getting rushed when I shop, I like to take my time and sometimes all day like you. Funny-about the Fox's getting married and cute!

n33ma said...

Varsha u know it true for most women shopping is a mood booster atleast for me.....I'm always happy to go out and buy something pretty.
I think I like Hugh JAckman more than Clooney after Australia.
Evey thing looks delicious,I liked the happy yellow bright background(yes,I have happy colors and sad colors:) )

Priya Sriram said...

Looks so beautiful and tempting Varsha! :)

Varunavi said...

Gobi manchu is tempting,i just love this.
colourful snaps dear

Lavanya said...

awesome pics n yummy dishes!!i like the combo that you have made varsha..really temptime me alot:))

snigdha said...

Thx Varsha for dropping by my site . I am truly happy to have found your blog too- amazing recipes! You know, I delight greatly in experimenting with newer n newer recipes and cooking, to me , is immensely creative ! My blog in fact started with an ode to cooking - inspired by Asha ( ).

I will get back after trying this palak-chhole - sounds tasty already and looks very inviting !

A_and_N said...

It rained in Seattle??? What a shock :P

But with such good food like this, I guess its not too bad to be home :) The palak-chholay especially looks delish!

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

move to LA.. you can go out everyday :)

i love shopping too... i do more of window shopping than regular shopping and still haven't gotten tired of it :) I had a fetish for handbags..i keep on buying them.

the first pic is very nice.. bright background and dishes are sooooo mouthwatering varsha... i want :(

Sushma said...

Singapore weather is like Kerala weather, you never know when it rains. I get pissed off when it rains on weekend evenings. But to test my patience, it is raining continuously from past 4 weekends.
So, I can understand your situation..
Coming to your recipe, pictures are awesome & palak chole looks delicious..

KF said...

I am really happy to see 2 veg.dishes at a time.Today for bkfast I made Appam and chole.(Lalettan's chole masala is good!!)

Both your dishes looks so yummy!! I am drooling over ur pics.Will try soon!!

"Unakke evalo dairyamirikka,enn kanmunnadi vanne ethumathiri pesham..Unne chutte un rekthathe kudippe..."

Sharmilee! :) said...

Varsha, good interesting write up that I even forgot I am at office...and went thru the post fully
The bowl is soo so cute....and the pics are gud in its own way.And such a elaborate dinner.....I shud say Hats off!! :)

Preety said...

.i would not say myself shopaholic..but i love buying clothes for my daughter and anything to go in my kitchen..i am obsessed with these two things..

Gr8 combo..looks like you had grand dinner on weekend

sowmya said...

pictures are so tempting..

notyet100 said...

yummy post nd lovely pics,..:-)

Divz said...

the combo of chole and palak is so exciting..beautiful color..and the loved the pic..

Aparna Prabhu said...

U guys r lucky to have rain there here we long for it! Here its just Sand Storm.
Any ways ur click is too good nd yum yum


Palak chole is new to me,never tried this combo and gobi manchrian and naan looks fabulous!
Your photos are really is professional!

Madhumathi said...

Thats an awesome dinner! Esp the gobi manchurian is tempting me.The chole n palak combo is new and interesting..Some day i will give this a shot!
Like you,I'm also into this 'Crockery Addiction'! Mom is screaming at me that there is no place for keeping them..
Hey then i tried your chocolate and banana shake using cow's milk..I have to thank you a ton for the recipe..Its just yummy,yummy and yummy..I made this for y'day b'fast .Me and my sis loved it to the core..She told me that this is best drink i have ever made for her :)..All that praise should go to you..Thanks,Varsha :)

Anonymous said...

All yummy pictures Varsha..drooling and can imagine how you enjoyed...loved the scribbling as always

Anonymous said...

So did you use your poppy kuda :)
love the presentation...

aquadaze said...

lovely pictures, esp love the first one. Here in singapore, we have only one season, it seems - rainy season!

SriLekha said...

wow! wonderful recipes with gorgeous shots!
join in the cookies event going in my blog!

Malar Gandhi said...

Dry gobi...would be perfect for this weather, love the crunch!

Laavanya said...

Oh wow..both dishes are absolutely droolworthy.. the cauliflower is particularly catchy & bright.

Deepa Hari said...

Lovely combo...very inviting.

Happy cook said...

Ioo hate when it rains here. But i can't complain for the last two days it has been really sunny weahter.
I love the chole it looks so yummy delicious.
I can imagine tearing a piece of roti and scopping up the curry.

Cham said...

Even In our place, The fox story exists , when it rains and shine :) Finnaly, it stopped pouring here!
Did i love ur new crockery or the curry? Hmm, really i love the curry and will die for the manchurian!

Smitha said...

We had a great weekedn in st. Louis, Missouri and this whole week is going to be a blast. Lots of sunshine and temps above 65. Like today we have 74:)
Nice post

Joie de vivre said...

I sooo want to come to dinner at your house!

AnuSriram said...

Hahaha... :-) I too remember Marriage of Fox story, my granny says so.. !!! Ya, i agree our mood changes just like the climate! Both chole and manchurian looks inviting! Delicious recipe! The bowl is too good :)

Poornima Nair said...

Wow...thats a perfect meal tempting, the gobi manchurian especially is making me drool.

Varsha Vipins said...

Thanks Ashwini n Suma..:)
JayaSri..thanks so much..I am just on the road of learning.. :P

Thanks so much so glad u liked it.. :)
Thanks a ton Lakshmi.. :)
Reeni,guess we are in the same boat .. :)
Thanks n33ma..ya..even I think yellow is a happy color.. :)
Thanks Priya,Varunavi,Lavanya,Snigdha,A n N
Mahimaa, Am om way to LA soon.. :D
Sushma,yeah..I have heard abt Singapore weather..more like Kerala .. Thanks..:)

Varsha Vipins said...

KF,Lalettan's Masala..oh..i think the guy is charging too much for those simple Masala's..:P..entha makale..pichum peyum parayane hehe..:D
Thnks Sharmilee,Preeti,Sowmya,priyanka n Divya.. :)
Aparna.,Thanks..guess we are better off in that way.. :)
thanks Raks..:)
Madhu,ha..Thanks you so so so glad that u liked it..:)
same hubby is on the verge of doing that.. :D
Thanks Ann,Rachel,Aquadaze,Srilekha,Malar,Lavanya,Happy...
Smitha..oh baby..u r enjoying..:)
Thanks Joie ,Anu n Poornima.. :)

Usha said...

Gobi manchurian and chole look amazing, awesome pictures as usual Varsha ! We had a very very wet weekend too, looking forward to some sunlight which is missing so far today :-)

Vani said...

Both look fabulous, Varsha!! Loved the pictures, as always :)

Vicky Xavier. said...

Palak with chole and Cauliflower fry can make any rainy season a bright one. Lovely recipe.

Uma said...

that's a wonderful write-up Varsha! Enjoyed reading it. Both the dishes look mouth-watering. The bowls look so cute!

easycrafts said...

Palak chole looks yumm..will surely try it

Chitra said...

Palak chole looks fabulous varsha,never tried this...dry gobi manchurian looks yumm ..have to try naan soon,iam eyeing on that for a long time:)catchy pics...thanks for sharing :)

Vishali said...

Both Palak Chole and Gobi Manchurian look delicious Varsha...and snaps are so beautiful.. I am melting here :D.

Suparna said...

Hi Varsha,
Lol....ur write up always brings a smile on my face :)
hahhahahaha..the fox story has reached places ..wah! lucky fox;) u know whom the fox marries....the crow that is what we heard in our kiddo
neways...yummy food! the gobi manchurian looks crispy and droooling
Chole wow! love it with rotis /naan,BTW nice crockeryin the snaps, is ur crockery addiction contagious? ;)

Paru ... said...

I am feeling so hungry girl :)..Lovely combo and very colorful..

sangeeta said...

hey, now you are turning into a green i end up adding palak in each n everything........this platter looks yum..

Susan said...

So darned good, those dishes. They complement each other nicely with color, flavor and texture. Wish I had some for sup tonight.

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