Thursday, February 26, 2009

Multi-colored Crostini,a me-me tag n some awards..:)

Thanks to everyone who wished me to take care n get well soon...pelukWell..It was nothing but a minor headache n neck pain.I am fit n fighting now..peace

Today early morning all of a sudden,it snowed here and when I was turning around in sleep,saw this beautiful sight through the window blinds.It was picturesque,with the snow sparkling under the golden pavement lamps.Then itself I shook him out of sleep n showed the sight.Needless to say,I shifted around and snored peacefully leaving the pour soul to shift restlessly through rest of the time.. ngantuk

I made this Crostini some hours back.It was so pretty to see,that I couldn't stop myself taking a whole lot of pics.I dont think any of the pics reveal the real beauty..I dint feel like gobbling it at all..Just wished to keep it in showcase..:D..So please excuse me for the cornucopia of pics here..sengihnampakgigi

I guess it would make a healthy n wholesome breakfast n also a quick-fix snack as well..People will be impressed just seeing the dish n all you have to do is well..nothing..Just grill,rub n arrange..The subtle sweetness of caramelized veggies and slight hint of spices n mild sweetness of tomatoes topped with a mellow cheese ,gives a real treat your taste buds.As Vaishali's Vegan month Italian is going on,I had to use a block of pretty yellow Soy cheese(which I had totally forgotten about) which I shredded myself..Cheddar/Parmesan/Mozarella anything would work just beautiful on this..:)

Its more or less similar to Bruschetta which I have posted a week back..The so easy recipe goes like this:

Just brush your bread slice(usually they use small party bread slices to serve as snacks) with olive oil,and toast it (not make it too hard)

Now rub a cut garlic clove over it and mix and heap your toppings on it.I used a mix of multi-colored bell peppers and slightly sweet grape tomatoes.

Sprinkle cheese of your choice and slightly toast it..:)

..n I am sending this to
Its Vegan world event of Vaishali ..

..n Magnificient click event of Gayathri ..

Roopa has tagged me to write 25 Random facts about me..I was puzzled n scared initially.25 seems to be such a large number,no?but then later came up with some bla-bla's without much of ponderings..Go through only if u have lotsa time..:)
..n I am supposed to tag 25 other ppl..Whoa..I can think of so many people n I am gonna tag you,as its fun to read these stuffs.But no compulsion or complain,do try it when you have time n when you feel like..:)
I am not linking anyone,but I hope you all dearies see this as you visit my posts regularly ..
Asha, Usha , Yasmeen , Manju , Priya ,Hemakka ,Tina , Veena , AnuDivya , Mathew , Divz , Ann , Anu , Nithya , Vidhas, Vibhas , Viki ,Smitha ,Shama , Sangeeta , Trupti , Malar ,Maya , Vaishali , Raks , Navita n tired..:D

  1. I am a very lazy person,with a strong inertia..If you are puzzled,remember your Physics class.(Inertia is the tendency of an object to continue in its state of rest or motion until forced by an external agency.)...biggrin like now I cant stop licking this pudding bowl..razz
  2. My friends say,I exist only in 2 stages,either excited or depressed,no mid way..biggrin
  3. I am pretty emotional n touchy person,who often cry seeing films and end up crying even if I see another person crying..cry
  4. I am highly volatile,gets hot fast,but cools fast too.
  5. Though not very chocoholic,I can do a murder for Cadbury's fruits n nuts..twisted
  6. I love cooking(obvious) and gets upset if my victims don't scrap-clean the bowl.cry
  7. I am super-determined n will work hard if I decide to achieve something..exclaim
  8. I love snow n rain..Since I was a kid,I used to gaze at the beauty of rain endlessly through my windows..
  9. I am a real romantic.. love
  10. I used to write a lot during my school college days,have won laurels,but now I dont n miss the feeling of that blissful satisfaction..
  11. I love n miss Kerala n the greens there so much..
  12. I'd love to go all around this world,see places n yeah a lot..biggrin
  13. Love old temples and ,the smell of oil n chandan,beat of Ashtapadi,ring of bells etc there..
  14. I love to read ,read n read..I am the craziest fan of Harry Potter n often sigh that I should have gone to Hogwarts instead of Engineering College..cry
  15. I am quite particular about my pillow cover..fetish in a broader sense..I find it very difficult sharing my pillow,and change the cover so often..i know..weird..garupale
  16. Love movies too,am selective tho.Again Potter series tops the list.
  17. Music is like inseparable from my life.I always relate stages/happenings of my life to some songs,those which I used to hear at that time.So music brings a lot of Nostalgia.Hey..So I would love to share with you this Gazal of Ghulam Ali.Hear it alone in a calm surrounding and experience the feeling.n you'll thank me..!!
  18. Love nice smells too..Like music,I relate with smells also.Fragrance of new books n plastic reminds me of school days,jasmine of my home,Nike lavender of our first date,lavender of Mauritius n so on..
  19. Gift me a cute earring n I'll be a happy lady..yeah..I fancy them so much..biggrin
  20. I love sucking ripe mangoes with my hand(those type of mangoes,ones with big seed),making me all dirty..(we have 15 mango trees at home) ..Miss it now..cry
  21. I used to collect Kunnimani's(dunno what its in english,small red seeds with a black mole on it) and store it in Horlicks bottle..Its still there..
  22. As a kid,I used to believe that my plucked tooth,if thrown on rooftop will magically become part of moon..razz(Are you still there??..Actually mom used to tell so..:P)
  23. The most embarrassing moment in my life was during my Btech days.During one of our Electrical labs,when I was to slumber into my chair after a long demo,my lab-mate (I was the only gal of our 5 member group) pulled out the chair,resulting in a heavy thud followed by an loud uproar from 45 people..redface
  24. Recently I have developed this habit of googl-ing the nutritional values of anything n everything I come across(n smug happily)..Is it a disease??(ithu oru rogamano Doctor??..confused)
  25. Recent passion - Food Photography
Also some awards I was kindly bestowed with..:)

Indhu passed me the Good chat award..Thanks Indhu.:)

Raks passed me the yum blog award..Thanks so much Raks..:)

Anu Sriram n Malar passed the cute Circle of Friends award.Malar also passed the Blogging with purpose award ,both of which I am passing on to everyone who regularly visits n encourages me with their comments,including all those I tagged above..:)..Thanks a ton Anu n Malar..:) StumbleUpon

51 Luv'ly people shared their views..:

Priya Sriram said...

Hi Varsha... Thanks for visiting my blog... :)
You are an awesome cook with great photographs! Love your blog! And congrats on your awards!
Bookmarked you!

Divz said...

hi was great to read ur random facts..i thoroughly enjoyed them.
and btw out of ur so called cornucopia of pictures I loved the 2nd one the most!! beautiful colors..

5 Star Foodie said...

Such incredibly vibrant colors on that crostini - yum! Congrats on all the awards.

Superchef said...

congrats on all those awards!! :) u soo deserve them...n thanks for taggin me on the me-me and also for passing on the awards :) im not so good at me-mes..let me give it a shot though :D n those crostinis look ohh soo delicious!!

Superchef said...

ohhh...forgot..loved reading all those wonderful things about u..even though we chat soo much..feel like i know u much better now :)

Varsha Vipins said...

Thanks for the replies dears..:)
Priya..glad that u found my blog nice..:)
Divz..thanks da..even i like that pic out of the lot..:)
thanks 5 star foodie..:)
manju..Happy that u liked the me-me..I am waiting for your version..:)

Varsha Vipins said...

..n Divz..don forget your me-me too.. :)

Shama Nagarajan said...

really colourful one...Congrats dear....thank you for tagging me...and for ur awards.........

vidhas said...

Hi Varsha, So clourful recipe. Congrats on your awards and thanks for thinking about me. Enjoyed reading. YOu know i used to collect the kundumanai, and now my daughter too. She had in her old schol, daily she will collect that. New profile photo looks so.. cute.

Madhumathi said...

The pictures are gorgeous like you :)
Congrats on your awards,dear

Indhu said...

yummy dish... and awesome photography... very colourful :)

Ann said...

Wow,that was such a wonderful read about you varsha..most of which i could guess earlier..ha ha..lovely awards and jovial ...Congrats and Do take care on that neck pain.

Lakshmi said...

hey Varsha the crostini looks very good.Iam going to try ur bruschetta/crostini over the weekend.Nice reading ur getting to know more abt u :)

mathew said...

haha..finally I can comment without confusing burs'chetta'!! this one looks so healthy...I am usually a fan of bell peppers..

loved reading the tag too...talking of embarassing moments and esp. in B tech days, I can write a thesis..btw electric lab used to be the hated place for us mech guys to visit..we hardly had a clue!!

thanks for the tag..will do it sometime...


That looks so colourful and congrats on ur awards!

Priya said...

Wow wat a colourful crostini, delicious Varsha..Well enjoyed reading about u dear, COngrats on ur awards:)..

Kitchen Flavours said...

Nice to know more about you. Chupke Chupke is one of my favourites too. As a matter i like all the songs from that movie. Crostinia looks yum. Yum and colorful choice of veggies. Congrats on the awards.

Sia said...

LOL... it was fun reading ur MEME and couldn't help but notice that we have many things in common :)

Asha said...

Glad you are okay, headache can be painful too specially to blog! :)

Great colorful open sandwich, looks lovely. Thanks for the awards, so many of them, enjoy. I have stopped doing MeMes now, but glad you thought me.

I used to love eating Mangoes like that too, bite off a hole at the bottom and squeeze the heck out of the mango and suck all the juice! ;D

Gayathri said...

looks delicious... Great entry

AnuSriram said...

Thats a colourful recipe.. Best wishes to win Click! I love the first and the third photos.. they look inviting! Nice to know more about you... You are so lovely Dear! Congrats on ur award.. you really deserve them.. And about the tag, will try to make it! :)

Sakshi said...

Wow...let me go one at a time coz there is loads of things on my mind right now

1. I cooked your kerala chicken fry for dinner yesterday even though I had planned to try out the spicy pepper toast. the reason for the sudden change in mood? Blame it on the uncalled rain made me miss kerala so much that I thought I could comfort myself with a succulent piece of kerala chicken fry (its been 6 years since God gave me an opportunity to see his own country and my mother land- that can give u an idea of what a devilish person I am). It came out really well and my poor north indian husband is busy figuring out Y only keralities write food blogs!!! Thanks for the recipe.

2. Gal are you for real?? I thought only I can kill someone for chocolates and relate every single moment of life to a song. I am infamous for singing songs according to the situation. (like if someone says abt the Pink Chaddi controversy I start singing Jungle jungle pata chala hai chaddi pehan ke phool kilahai..)hee

3. I have a fetish for earrings a damn huge collection now!!

4. Planning for Hogwarts? Count me in too...we could go on a twin scholarship...U and me can be transformed into a fine pair of witches!!!!

5. So all in all if I ever had to pick up this tag everything would be more or less the same except for the pillow fetish part instead I am obsessed with cleanliness..hee likes things sparkling thats all!!

6. oops the recipe looks fantastic and I prefer the 2nd pic too..looks like that candle is one of those gobbling smileys...eating up the tomatoes...kach kach kach.

7. Sorry for almost making a blog post on your comment space...chorry in kerala style...simbly free time daaraalam...namal naatu karelle???

Navita said...

wheres my name...m a regular too? lol...jus kiddin'

there are many thing I like about this post-
1. the plating of the dish
2. the glass plate ;p
3. the lovely colors of the dish...yum!
4. the me-me read

and congrats on all those awards. :)

A_and_N said...

Looks nice and colorful! Congrats on the awards!

Vaishali said...

Varsha, That's a beautiful-looking crostini with those gorgeous colors. Thanks for sending it in.
Also, thanks for tagging me-- I'll try and do it.
BTW, your first fact is one I can identify with-- I too think I'm really lazy, probably the laziest person I know :) I'm always looking for an excuse to do nothing.

Preety said...

wow your pics look good...i wish i can click like you..

Nice read..i can relate with you on many of those 25 things..this is fun i am waiting to read others also..thank god i don't have to think 25 things about me..:):)

The colorful crostni looks beautiful

Enjoy your awards dear

Just Urs!!! said...

I got your entry, thanks again

Vicky Xavier. said...

This recipe looks very beautiful. Hi, u look great in that Turtle neck ..nice snap.
Congrats on all ur awards. U deserve them a lot.

Paru ... said...

Crostini looks colorful and amazing..And a glimpse of you in your Me Me :)

Smitha said...

Nice to know some facts about u. On the mango eating one, I'm with u. I love to get my hands dirty while eating mangoes :)
And wonderful pic. The crostini looks so colorful and it's a great snap. I would recoomend semding the first snap.

Varsha Vipins said...

Glad to read all of your replies..Thanks for all those who thought my me me,the pics of me n crostini ,were nice.. :D ..n for congratulating me on my awards .. :)You guys are my inspiration...thanks a ton n pls keep visiting :) made ROFL =)) .Glad to find another nut case like me.. :D

Navi, I thought u were on break..Thats why :)

Thanks for the selection Anu,Sakshi,Smitha n Divz.. :)

Ann,you guessed me huh.. :p Thanks for the care dear.. :)

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

Hi Varsha, no you have visited my blog before.. i think you commented on my murmura chat or apple grape juice..

crostini looks way too colorful!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A beautiful crostini! What stunning colors! Great meme...



Yasmeen said...

Good to know you are all better.Second click is certainly mind boggling,the new camera sure is doing wonders,the colorful peppers look best on crostini.
Loved learning more about your bubbly self.Will try to post my me-me soon.
fyi I'm also on googling craze,especially for hunting recipes and yes,nutrition facts too.
Have a great weekend:)

Cham said...

OOps, Finally I am able to comment here, this is my 4 th visit. Love love ur pict. For no 6. Poor husb is he suffering ? LOL :)

Vani said...

I posted a salad that was far too simple but looked too pretty to pass! This is definitely not as simple and the pretty pictures definitely needed a post! :)
Nice meme too.

Malar Gandhi said...

Awesome click, as usual. Looks very colorful!

Nice to read about your MeMe...I always admired your writing skill, now I understand, why you write so well! Yeah thats really a gift! Keep up your good work.

Oh, dear you have tagged me to write 25 things...will try my best-ra.


Poornima Nair said...

hey Varsha...congratulations on ur the colours of the crostinis...they look delicious...

Priti said...

Wonderful colours....I can understand ur passion for the clicks ;) reading your me-me...Congrats on your award

Nithya Praveen said...

Girl first of all congrats on all your awards and thanks for passing it on.Crostini looks heavenly,you've become a master in photography by now.I enjoyed reading the 25 things abt getting to know u more.Thats wonderful.Picture perfect food....i loved the 2nd one.Looking forward to reading more of your culinary endeavors!

sangeeta said...

hey i too late????
your meme is far more colorful than your least now i can say that i know you well.....a few things i found similar to me..the sense of music, smell , literature....and about the volatile temperament.......n about being in a state of inertia......okay my meme may get a bit late.....but you can almost get it on my blog homealone....take a look.

the crostini is the one i should eat now.......

Adlak's tiny world said...

wow wonderful reading yr me me and i too like the smell of oil, chandhan, kumkum of the ancient temple not the latest ones with marbles and electrically belled ones. much similar to me dear...

both yr dish and meme are so colorful.... ooooops u taged me... will cut copy paste from yrs he he he.. leme try soon dear. thanks and hugs to u.

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Mmmm Crostini!

Trupti said...

first of all Varsha wonderful recipe and wonderful all colors in Crostini.. Love reading ur me me ..i can find few things similar ..
Congratulations on all awards & thank you very much for thinking of me.

Uj said...

Loved your me-me girl.. You have really put that camera f yours to good use.. Nice pics..

Usha said...

Crostini looks fabulous. Congrats on all your awards, fun reading your meme ! Thanks so much for sharing the awards and for tagging me, will try and do the tag !

Deepa Hari said...

Congrats dear...Nice meme...Enjoyed reading it...clicks look great.

Roopa said...

oooh Varsha ! Sorry for not posting a comment on this one sooner. Loved the Crostini , I get confused between Bruscetta and Crostini and yes I saw your post on Bruscetta, I think we add more cheese or something? anyways, thanks for participating in the meme event :) it was lots of funreading through it. I am with you on the 17th , 18th and 4th one (I too can kill someone for Fruit n Nuts hehehe ) , I also used to collect something else (not Kunnimani), but colorful Medicine Tablets , to see and imagine and drool that they were Gems (M & M' s of US) ! You too have posted quiet a long post , 27pere tag cheythathum super :) Great job !

Suparna said...

Hi varsha,
Wow ..loved reading ur write up :) pics look superb.wish I could grab a slice right away.
Congratulations on your well deserved awards!
Happy weekend! Enjoy

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon!!! is one of the most excellent resourceful websites of its kind. I take advantage of reading it every day. I will be back.

suvina said...

Hai Dear...Happy to see u back with new dishes..keep gng...Food photographs are excellant and hatz off to u for ur effort..God Bless You!

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