Monday, January 12, 2009

Recipes for the rest of us - Dessert

Announcing Recipes for the rest of us - Dessert
Closing Date Feb 20 2009

Recipes for the rest of us is aimed at introducing newbies to the joy of cooking. Started by Ramki of One Page Cookbooks , this event focuses on very simple, fool proof recipes.
I feel so elated and honored to be able to host this event for the Dessert section.

Dessert is a course that typically comes at the end of a meal, usually consisting of sweet food but sometimes of a strongly-flavored one, such as some cheeses. The word comes from the Old French desservir, "to clear the table." Common desserts include cakes, cookies, fruits, pastries, ice cream, and candies. In colloquial American usage "dessert" has a broader meaning and can refer to anything sweet that follows a meal, including milkshakes and other beverages.

As of my case,I was n am never a hard-core is my husband,plus I am too lazy to engage myself into the long processes of sifting and baking and decorating..ooff...Our dessert is always limited to some "Payasam" or shakes or some ice creams n cakes that we rarely indulge in ,after a spicy meal.So my blog really lacks some Dessert space.That is the reason why ,I am even more excited to host this Dessert section of "Recipes for the rest of us" event.Also when it comes to collecting simple Dessert recipes,Its like the icing of the cake.Aint I so happy?Atlast I'll get to make some simple and lovely desserts ,from all your recipes..

Guidelines :

1. Cook anything simple and post the recipe on your blog.
2. Multiple entries / archived entries welcome. However, do edit the archived post to include a link to this event and One Page Cookbooks .
3. Include the logo in your post if you wish.
4. Please send an e-mail to with the following details on or before Feb 20 2009

*Subject Line: Recipes for the rest of us : Dessert

* Blog author:

* Blog name:

* Dish Name:

* URL of the post:

* A photo of the dish

5. The roundup of would be posted a week after the event closes.

Note :

1. Please avoid exact measurements. Please use very simple measurements like a handful or a pinch.
2. Please avoid complicated steps.If the recipe takes over 5 steps to prepare, it would not be suitable for this event.
3. Please avoid recipes demanding a good deal of manual skill.
4. Please avoid recipes demanding fancy kitchen equipment.
5. In short, it should be something a ten year old kid should be able to cook up.

So what are you waiting for..??Mix a handful of this and then that ,add a pinch of it,top it with a spoon of that and click a snap..Whooshhh..send me in your cutie dish..Am waiting..:)


16 Luv'ly people shared their views..:

sowmya said...

good one..will send in something really simple for the event..

Shama Nagarajan said...

lovely event....will send some check this link in the event pass ur suggestions

Trupti said...

nice event Varsha..will try to send something for this event

anudivya said...

Your first event... isn't it? All the best!
BTW, is this an event or is this a submission to One Page Cookbooks?

Varsha Vipins said...

Thanks everyone..waiting for your entrees..

Divya,From what I was told,I don't think this is for One Page cookbooks.The same event is held for all other food sections like main dish,breakfast,starters etc,n am hosting just one among them.

aquadaze said...

I have just the thing for this. shall send it over the weekened.

Priya said...

Hey varsha thanks for letting me know...will send surely my entries..

Preety said...

will surely send something for the event.

Preety said...

do you by any chance have the link of previous months roundup of this event because i sent my entry for that one also but never got the email for just wondering is it announced yet or not?

Varsha Vipins said...

Preety,I dint quite get you..Previous month of RFRU,u mean??If so,thats all with Ramki,I have mailed him about this..

Neha said...

Something's already there, 'll send u for the enent..

vidhas said...

Congrats Varsha , on hosting the event. Happy to participate.

Lubna Karim said...

Hi Varsha, just sent you my entry. Check out.


hi varsha,
iam new to blogging..i intend to send something for this visit my blog whenever u can...


hi Varsha,
i jus send an entry for this event..

Anonymous said...

Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)

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