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Mulakooshyam-An authentic Kerala style Dal preparation-My Grand Mom special!!

Culinary Disasters of the week:

V & V sets off for an as-usual late Sunday breakfast and hungrily decides to conjure up some "Puttu" with the brand new Puttu cooker bought with much anticipation.Things are stuffed in beautifully and wearily ,they waits .Next 45 mins saw their intermittent checks and diminishing patience..Finally with utter dismay,they notice that the steam is haughtily escaping through the wrong place.A frustrated V digs out the Chillu(sieved metal disc) from under the half-made rice-coconut mix .To their total disappointment and wonder,they see that the sieve doesn't have hole exactly at the point where it should have,just above the steam hole of Puttu Kudam.Nevertheless holes are strewn liberally all around.

Tail:Hungry,Angry,Irritated and desperate V & V with all doomed culinary dreams,fed their poor stomachs with some frozen stuff.

V & V decides to pay off for their spoiled breakfast with some wonderful lunch of Mutton Roast.Still depressed V(the cook!) ,contemplating over the wasted-off Puttu Cooker and missed gastronomical delight ,marinates mutton and throws it into the cooker.Still pondering,closes the cooker without adding a drop of water and turns into monotonous chopping and cutting.After done with it,she goes to V and he again starts his routine job of consolation and cheering,plus promises to somehow fix a new hole in the Chillu with some nails and hammer.Time passes by and V & V starts smelling something.After a few second,that it took for the fact to percolate into her nose and then head,V jumps up from the couch like out of some spring action,runs to the kitchen.After a minute,the vista was transformed into a pandemonium.A wailing V(the cook again!), charred mutton and a hungry consoling V(the poor better half!)

Tail: Mutton was scooped up from the top layer,where it was not charred and transfigured into a fried dish,which was not too bad by the way.But V's sobs never subsided as she badly wanted to make an authentic curry out of it.

Moral of the Tragedy : Never cry over spilled milk,or you'll end up spilling more milk..:D

Some fragrances are so pristine,that it not only seeps into your nose,but into you heart too.Some are unforgettable and I could often relate to times with the smell.Lovely fragrance of Kadala curry reminds me of my school days,when it used to wake me up from my weekend sleep.The roasted coconut-spice blend fragrance used to come all the way from kitchen,to my upstairs bedroom and knock me out of sleep.Fragrance of Mom's fish curry,gastronomic salvation, reminds me more of my college days,when I used to eagerly wait for friday's..Fragrance of beef fry reminds me of the old thattukada near to my home.Fragrances can be anything,other than food smell of Fair n lovely brings back,memories of latter phase of school life,when I used it for the first time to treat my irritating pimples.Smell of salty sea breeze still reminds me of Alleppey beach n lavender reminds me of Mauritius,Lavender Nike.. of our first date n etc etc..

So back to food,fragrance of this curry takes me down my memory lane..My sweet grand mom,who passed away before I was much old and matured.This was her master piece curry and whenever we visited Mom's place,this fragrance used to fill the whole place.It was like an identity mark of that place.This with a combo of Achinga-Kaya Mezhukkupuratti(Side dish made of Raw plantain and long beans) was served with hot white rice and I absolutely loved it.Last day I took the simple recipe from mom and tried to recreate the magic,but obviously never came near her.Dal varies maybe and also the magic of her hand is something I can only dream of now..:)
I used to wonder about the name during that time.But still dunno,why its named so and the meaning too..Only know Mulaku means chilly ,and as a specialty we use only pounded red chillies for this dish.Mebe cos of that..


1 cup Toor Dal

2 cups of Chopped Tomato Cubes

3 Tbsp Pounded Dry Red Chillies

1 tsp Turmeric powder

1/4 tsp Asafoetida powder/Hing

A lot of curry leaves



Presuure cook the dal,with enough salt,turmeric powder and a lot of water(Slightly more than the amount we usually use..almost4-5 cups..depends on the consistency you need.But as I told earlier ,the authentic curry is really thin).

When the dal is cooked,open the cooker lid and stir it with hinge and all the pounded red chillies.

After a minute,add the tomatoes.Close the cooker and cook for a whistle.

Open the lid.The tomatoes should be really cooked and mixed in the curry.Now strain the curry leaves in some oil and add it to the top of the curry.

Close it till use.

PS:You can add green chillies also in the dal,while cooking,to make it more spicy.

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17 Luv'ly people shared their views..:

Yasmeen said...

Been there,done that,kitchen disasters are not uncommon in my everyday cooking.Granma's tasty dal look so simple and easy to make:)

Joie de vivre said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your "spilled milk". It happens to everyone. What a cute hubby you have thought that promises to fix the offending machine!

anudivya said...

Oh yeah, I mess up in my kitchen all the time, esp. when I am creating new dishes.
My puttu maker broke and steamed my hands instead of the puttu! I miss it though.

Nags said...

The mulakoshyam that we make is the ripe mango curry with coconut. Maybe the name is being interchangeably used for these two unrelated dishes :)

your blog has so many yummy kerala non veg dishes. *drool*

Ann said...

SO,at least we are learning from mistakes ..thats it..mulakoshyam is tempting and why dont u send it to FIC Yellow event ?

sunshinemom said...

I have forgotten how my Mother makes this! I though molagooshyam had lots of molagu (pepper)! Thanks for the recipe and for sending this to FIC!

Cham said...

Thanks to drop by my blog ! Gal u ve so many non-veg which I love absolutely. Disasters are always in adventurous kitchen :) Love ur warm blog!

Shama Nagarajan said...

cooking without disasters?...........can't be...then how can v become a best cook......molagooshyam looks delicious

Anonymous said...

lovely yellow colour.....nice entry

Usha said...

"Spilled Milk" happens in everyone's kitchen I guess, it definitely does in mine :-).....your grandma's dhal looks spicy and comforting...will give this one a try soon :-)

Happy cook said...

Hi hi loved reading the post. I am sure it happens to all of us too.

Vibaas said...

that daal looks yummy and spicy with all the powdered chilli floating :-) Simple and yummy recipe.

Adlak's tiny world said...

oh dear that spilled milk happening for every one at their first try of new dishes... ha ha ha don worry u learnt a lesson from that exprnce rihgt.. dal looks nice and yum.

Varsha Vipins said...

Yasmeen,you r rite..:).Thanks for the word of console.:P

Joie,Thanks for dropping by and I won't show your comment to my husband..:D sorry to hear about your tragedy..

Nags,That dish is known as "Mampazha pulisseri" at our places..Thanks for the comment..:)

Ann,Thanks for the suggestion..I did send it..:)

Thanks Sunshinemom,That was my pleasure..:)

Thanks Cham for the lovely comment..:)

Shama,glad u liked it..:)

Thanks Arundhuthi..

Usha..leme know how I liked it..:)

Happy..Give it a try..:)


Akka,thanks..hope u r dng good..:)

On a final note..thanks to all my dearies who shared my tragedy with cheering notes and good to know (:D:D) that it happens with experts like you too..he wicked..:D

ahsin said...

hey varsha! thanks a ton for this recipe! my achamma makes this...n she calls it malgushya :) or probably i heard it that way! n google doesn give ne results! tried kerala style dal and got this! :) ve just shifted to sydney and i ve no clue what those dals re called also! so i google and see image of dal before cookin ! he he he! :) thanks again! :)

ahsin said...

:( the yello coloured waters al over my stove! dunno y! switched it of...i think after the third whistle cooker felt sick n threw uP! opened it now and the dals done...thank god! :) i burst the cooker first time i tried makin am extremely scared of mom s sent that futura cooker coz the lid goes in ;) umm...n ya! usli s my fav dish :) basically put oil in cup..then mustard...then green peas and garlic..onw whistle and switch it off...when u open add some coriander :) mebbe u shud try it once! :) umm..just in case u dint fgure it nisha :)

Varsha Vipins said...

Thanks Nisha...for trying out n commenting...Mebe the amount of water was lil too much,thats why the cooker threw up..Usli sounds good n quick..:)

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