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Malabar Chicken Biriyani To kickstart 09'

So..We lucky people got to see yet another new beautiful year,09'.It was kind of silent n blissful for us.No parties or outings or noises.In the warmth of our sweet home,with a thankful prayer we started our new year.I prepared a whole veg meal for the day,as we were bored with so much of non-veg for X'mas.Hope you all a had a really great time with your loved ones..:)

I sincerely wish ,this year would see a nice change in the whole world,where people could get a peaceful sleep without being terrified of noisy gunshots and blood,kids wouldn't have to whimper for their parents lost in trauma's ,wish all this bloodshed come to an end and this year spread love and happiness everywhere.But sigh..I know this whole thing is a beautiful wish-to-be-true dream..Yet we can dream..rite..

Let me set off my blog this year,with a delicious Biriyani...
Biriyani is an epitome of gastronomical delight ,a heavenly cullinary experience with the flavor of juicy meat(optional) and he richness of so many choicest spices ,each of them with its own tasteful identity,and mellowed with fragrantful Basmati rice and ghee and roasted nuts and plump raisins and golden onions my..Are you drooling for some now??..:D..I have posted a Kozhikodan Biriyani before.This Malabar Biriyani is almost similar,yet added with some more ingredients and made little more yummy.Also I have put everything in more detail.I made this for X'mas and it was finger-licking good.

Malabar Biriyani is famous all over the world,if Malayalees happen to be that place.The fragrance when you open the sealed biriyani vessel will bowl you over,trust me,its so soo yummy and the taste pays off every single effort you took to prepare it.So for your next special occassion why don't you try this out.You can expect a loving hug or kiss for sure..:p

Alert,Its going to be lil' long..But never mind,You would'nt want to miss that delight of devouring into it rite,n yeah feel free to adjust the spice level..:)

For Rice

1.5 Cup Basmati rice(Good quality rice really marks a place in determining the taste)

1 Tbsp Ghee

2 Cloves

2 Cardamom

2 inch Cinnamon stick

1/2 cup Sliced onions

3 cups Water

Salt to taste

For Marinating:

1.5 lbs of Chicken(1/2-3/4 kg)

1 Tbsp Ginger garlic paste

1 Tbsp Chilli Powder

1 .5 Tbsp Coriander Powder

1 tsp Turmeric Powder

1/2 tsp Pepper Powder

1 tsp Garam Masala powder(Cardamom,cloves,Cinnamon,Star Anise)

1/2 C Tbsp Curd

2 Tbsp Lemon Juice

2 Tbsp Chopped Cilantro Leaves


For Chicken base:

3 Cloves

3 Cardamom

1 inch Cinnamon stick

3-4 Cups of Sliced Onion

2 Medium sized Tomatoes Chopped

1 tsp Poppy seeds soaked n ground

10 Cashew nuts soaked n ground with poppy seeds

1/2 tsp Pepper Powder

1 tsp Garam Masala powder(Cardamom,cloves,Cinnamon,Star Anise)

1/2 cup minced Cilantro leaves



For Grinding

1 Tbsp Garlic chopped

1 Tbsp Ginger Chopped

5 Big Green Chillies

For Garnishing

1/2 Cup sliced Onions fried in ghee



1 tsp Saffron soaked in 2 Tbsp Milk


After cleaning the rice for 2 rounds,soak it in double the amount of water for 30 mins.

Take a deep bottomed pan.Pour the ghee and add the whole spices .Saute it till the fragrance spreads.

Now add the onions and saute till its pink.

Add the rice and fry it till its transparent.

Now add the same water in which the rice was soaked and bring to a boil.

Now reduce the heat and close with lid and cook for some 15 minutes.

When the rice is still moist take it away from heat and keep aside closed with a lid.

Marinate the chicken and keep it aside as long as you can(Do it the previous night for saving time,if so skip the yogurt n lemon n add it an hour before cooking).

Take a cooker.Pour oil and saute whole spices without burning.

Fry the mix under the Grinding section.

Now add the Onions and saute well till its light brown.

Add the tomatoes and blend well.

Add all the pepper powder and mix well.

When everything is blended,add the ground poppy and cashew nuts.

Saute for a minute and add the chicken pieces.Cook it well. finally sprinkle the Garam masala n close it till its used.

Chicken should be with some gravy for the preparation.So don't let it get dried too much.You can even make this in bulk and use as a side dish.Its really tasty.

Meanwhile,fry onions,raisins and cashewnuts in ghee.

Now we are all set for the final stage.Take a wide bottomed vessel.

Smear ghee on the bottom of it.Spread a very thin layer of rice.

Sprinkle fried onions,raisins and cashewnuts over it.Also sprinkle saffron soaked milk over it.

Now spread a layer of chicken with gravy everywhere over the rice.

Now again spread a layer of rice and then garnish and then chicken.Go on in this manner.

On top should be a thin layer of rice sprinkled with garnishing ingredients and some ghee.

Now seal the vessel with a tight lid.(You can seal it with some dough or with a wet cloth)

Bake it under low heat(200 F or so on a baking sheet) for some 40 -60 mins(Heat should be really low,else the lower layer rice will be charred).

Remove the seal dough and open the lid just before use.Mix lightly .Serve with some Raita and Chicken gravy.

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Tina said...

hmmm kollalloooooo ini 2009 full biriyani kazippu thanne avumo...

Anonymous said...

Have you finished ? Malabar chicken biiryani is awesome and i think we cant get rid of biriyani at any cost.can we ?

Adlak's tiny world said...

hey u....rocking gal in posting contineuous Nonveg items... m...kundagida pore carefull.....

Shama Nagarajan said...

looking lovely.........

Srikitchen said...

looks delicious and yum!

Anonymous said...

Malabar biryani looks delicious dear. I guess we two think alike . Me too posted Turkey biryani for New Year (though had it for Christmas) and veggies for New year.
The way you explained and the pics are great.
Happy New Year dear.

Priya Suresh said...

Wowww lovely n delicius drooling here dear....

Varsha Vipins said...

Thanks to all my dearies who dropped here and commented..:)

Trupti said...

wow biryani looks very delicious Varsha

Vrinda said...
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Mangala Bhat said...

wow! i love biriyani ..lovely pics and presentation

hey thanks for ur comments at my blog ..keep visiting, happy cooking :)

Muneeba said...

Your rice dishes are driving me crazy! I can't figure out which one I should make first ... it'll have to be this Malabar Biryani .. will let you know how it turns out for me.

Anonymous said...

Biryani looks awesome. I'm drooling right now. Very nice, Varsha.


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