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Katti Parippu - A traditional n rustic Yellow Moong Dal curry(Speciality of Kerala Sadya)..!!

"Neyyitta Parippum Pappadom"(Moong Dal curry drizzled with ghee n Papad) - The mere sound of it is enough to leave me drool so much,that you can easily sail a Titanic in it..:D

I bet the case is same with any Malayali,who will be so fond of and immensley bonded with this piquant combo.Onam,Vishu,Pirannal(B'day) n kalyanam(Marriage) Sadya's(feast's) are never really complete without this..

I have heard them say that ,having a traditional Sadya(feast) is an art.You have to really indulge in the scrumptous meal with a minimum of 18 veggie delights along with rice.That includes curries with thin n thick gravies,side dishes,pickles,fritters,papads and sweet desserts.Its really interesting to watch some elderly people,devouring heap of white rice as fair as Thumba flowers,with so many multitude of colors sitting pretty on the other side of the plantain leaf.But always,the first and most important stage is when,the heap of rice is adorned by thick Parippu(Moong Daal) in hues of deep yellow, and drizzled with a generous amonut of pure Ghee(Clarified Butter).Then they place the big round Pappadam(papad) on top of it and cracks it and mixes with the rice,parippu n ghee..yummmm..pure drooling now..We as kids,always used to have fun while cracking the papad with one loud slap and a crunch sound.

So,thats the 1st course of Sadya.After the sinful indulge,there will be a second course of Rice with Sambar/kalan(a coconut-yoghurt mix with tender veggies) n all the colorful veg curries.You can help yourself with more rice and curries,as there will so much of them,that you wont able to taste n enjoy with one round of rice.After finishing it,you can sip in hot,spicy Rasam n then Moru(buttermilk).Final course is the sweet and delicious Payasams(Dessert made of milk,rice etc).After this real heavy stuffing, I bet most of the lot with a medium sized tummy,will find it dificult to drag themsleves from the seat.I always used to concentrate more on curries n less on rice,so it was not all that big prob for me.Studies say that a normal sadya provides you with all the nutrients that your body requires for a week or so..Whoa..Amazed??

I'll be back with more details of Sadya in another post.With this Parippu curry,I sometimes tend to take extra servings of rice that,literally there would be no space left for more courses.And surprisingly,I found out that,this is the favorite dish of my hubby too.But as it'll fit my craving,only with a lot of ghee,I indulge in it,once in a while only.I am always reminded of making my 1st sadya on my own,2 days after coming here in US,for our 1st Onam.It was a real pain,as I was fully new to the cooking range and stuffs here,plus dishing out so many things from scratch alone,in a small duration was quite difficult.That time,I could'nt get Moong dal also for this dish and it turned out to be a tragedy..:D


1/2 cup of Yellow Moong Dal
3-4 slit Green Chillies
1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder

1/2 cup Grated Coconut
2 Green chillies
1 tsp Ginger chopped
1/2 tsp Cumin Powder(optional)

1 Tbsp or more of Ghee
A lot of Curry leaves


Pressure cook the Moong Dal with a lot of water, slit Green chillies and turmeric powder.(Some avoid turmeric powder,but I added it for easy cooking of Dal)

Adding a lot of water is required because,the curry tends to thick in course of time,even though its watery just after cooking(as you can see in my pic with rice,..its quite running in it)

Meanwhile grind with some water everything in the second para,n add it to the cooked Moong Dal.Mash the dal well, before adding.(Some avoid this step n directly got to 3rd step)

Stir for 3 minutes.Now mash the curry leaves in oil and add to the gravy.

Sprinkle with a generous amount of ghee and close the vessel to lock the flavor.

So simple and you are ready with the most tasteful traditional dish..:)

PS: I'll try to post one by one ,the dishes of Kerala Sadya.Guess I have posted a few,check out..:)

Tomato Pachadi
Beans thoran

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My dear friend Ann has gifted me with this lovely butterfly award..Hugs from me dear..:)

Am passing this one to few lovely people ..Preety , Shama , Sowmya , Roopa n Arundhuthi..

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Vij said...

Hi Varsha
Daa!! I am not a malayali! but have strong influence of its cuisine n language in my day-to-day life due to few of my chechis whom I grew up wit.
Yummy katti paruppu! looks so lovely.

roopa said...

It makes my mouth water too dear :) Congrats on the Butterfly Award, Varsha :) You deserve it well :) Thanks a lot for passing to on to me , I was glad to see your message in my blog tonight:)

Anonymous said...

oops..tempting picture varsha..guess your camera is on now..
yes,we all have memories connected with this curry..drooling yaa..

Anonymous said...

Btw,congrats on your award and grab more in


Perfect yellow for the event!
The first and second pics are looking too good and authentic:)

rekhas kitchen said...

First its very nice to seeyou in my place thanks for visiting mmmmm nice color we also make almost same way looks so delicious

Preety said...

hey thanks so much dear for passing this lovely award to does mean a lot to me..i think 2009 is good for me with two awards in a row:)

sowmya said...

i love to squeeze a little lemon in it..that plate looks so yummy..thanks a million for the award dear..congrats to you too..

Happy cook said...

I remember during Onam my mom used to start making dish day before like the ingi chutney and ullicurry etc..... and then she will get up so early to make the rest of the dishes and payasom.

Navita said...

hey i said earlier those who wana copy will copy...all we have to do is watch each others' be it! :)

also lovely hub fav.

viki xavier said...

wow varsha, we (people of Tirunelveli) too prepare ketti paruppu on festive days like Pongal.
Pics are very authentic and i m drooling over:)

sra said...

Hi, just came over to say Hello! And congrats on your award.

Trupti said...

looks delicious & nice click

Nithya Praveen said...

I remember having the Onam Sadhya food at my friends place....urs look awesome.

AnuSriram said...

Thats a nice colour and a lovely, tempting snap!

Priya said...

Oh Varsha, just this paruppu makes me hungry..wat a awesome colour...congrats on ur award!!!!

Varsha Vipins said...

Vij,Glad to have met you dear..:)..Thanks..

Ann,Thanks cam is acting crazy now..sometimes he s a good boy..This was one of those rare times..:D

Thanks Raks..:)

Rekha,I love Andhra Pappu so much..:)

Preety,Glad that u felt happy.:)

Sowmya,lemon would be prefect for ordinary dal..for this try some ghee..:)

Thanks for sharing Happy..

Navita..u said it gal..n thanks for the comment..:)

Viki dear,thanks..I have heard of it lot..:)

Sra..thanks for peeping in ..:)

Thankyou Tripti..:)

Nithya,thanks for the visit n comment..:)

Anu,happy that u liked it..go n give it a try..:)

Varsha Vipins said...

Priya,Why dont u give it a try??Thanks dear..:)

Rachel said...

rice, parippu, papadom and ghee is my ultimate comfort food :)

sunshinemom said...

I like this too - this time it is MIL who makes this!! Thanks:)

Seena said...

Hey Varsha, thats a nice curry, we make it in a diff. way.. pinne, appurathe oru chicken kandu, side baril, athum adipoleetto.. :)

anudivya said...

What a lovely and bright color! Perfect for the event... you post a lot of Sadya feast recipes... whatz up with that? ;)

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow what a awesome rcipe....very nice color...

Anonymous said...

What a lovely pic!!I think it will be a perfect combination for roti's..


Usha said...

Looks lovely and yum...congrats on your award!

Vaishali said...

Love this simple dal recipe, Varsha. It sounds delicious, and I can imagine how divine it would be with some boiled rice and pickle. Thanks for the recipe.

Vibaas said...

dal looks yummy :-) love the onam saree too ;-)

Varsha Vipins said...

Thanks Rachel n Harini..:)

Thnks Seena..Chicken ishtayalle..:)

Divya..xactly..thats my plan..:)

Lubna ..Thanks dear..:)

Kalpana tastes best with hot rice.:)

Thanks Usha..:)

Varsha Vipins said...

Vaishali..Thats my point..absolutely divine..:)

Vibaas..Glad u liked curry n saree too..:)

Srivalli said...

wow..that looks so yum varsha..thanks for the entries!

Rajee said...

Lovely dal with satisfying meal.

Anonymous said...

Check that....

Harshan Nair said...

Hi Varsha
Its really good one......nd cngrts 4 u.......

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