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Kappa n Kudampuliyitta Chemmeen(A tongue-tickling combo of Tapioca and Tangy Prawns)

Cravings for hot,spicy,tangy and such flavorful foods that tickle our taste buds is quite common,especially in wintry days..Like I mentioned in my last post,when all the hopes for making an authentic fish curry dooms,the last thing in which we find resort is Prawns/Shrimps.So far we have tried all varieties of it and that too in innumerable styles..Chinese,American,Italian,North Indian,Goan,Authentic Kerala(But must say Our kerala recipes are the best..Whoa).All sorts of cuisines are adorned by prawns recipes.(They are the good boys of sea food community.. easy to clean..less smelly..etc..)Its a common item on our platters(Thats an alert that more prawns recipes are on the way..:D),all the time,Nevertheless I always tend to stash in more and more packets of it into my freezer.It feels good to have it there,a feel that some real tasty thing is a hand length away..

Tapioca/Kappa is not something ,I always used to devour into..Even a small portion of it makes me feel so full.So I was always good with a little of it.I used to like it in a real mashed form with a tangy Sardine curry,that mom used to make back at home.Its kind of nostalgic.Mom used to prepare it in evenings,once in a while,when dad gets that craving.Our home had a very close locality of local farmer Veggie market,fish/meat market and almost everything you would want in daily life..Steps away from our door.So right the moment,we get a craving,we could rush n pop in fresh stuffs into the basket.So dad used to bring it in the evenings and the smell of roasted coconut and flavorful "thalippu"(tempering) with curry leaves would make the whole atmosphere yummilicious...Her Sardine gravy is really spicy/tangy,ready to die for,n the combo is mere sin.

Kutts always crave for Kappa with a tangy fish curry.I being a weak soul,find it difficult to cut and clean Tapioca and he does it always for me..So last time I decided to give my prawns a try.Needless to say it turned out soo good that,we polished off the whole thing in one sit..:D..I felt like an overstuffed teddy after the meal and we were giggling.:D..I would say any of you can recreate the same taste,provided you have good quality prawns n cocums with you.Its quite difficult to get coccums here.I brought a big pack from home last time luckily,n I guess now some Indian stores also have the provision.Do check out guys.As you may ask,yes,you can substitute with Tamarind for the mere tangy flavor,But a big no,If you need that droolable taste.It'll taste hell different with tamarind..

I wish to post many authentic Kerala recipes,which I have in hand.But I know,that my space is seriously lacking veggie recipes.I'll come up with some soon..So,here you go with the recipe..:)

Ingredients For Tapioca(Kappa) Preparation:

1.5 lbs Tapioca

1 cup Fresh Grated Coconut

1/4 tsp Turmeric powder

1/2 tsp chilli powder

7-8 Shallots chopped

1 tsp Mustard

3-4 Dried Red Chillies

A lot of Curry Leaves

For Prawns Preparation(Kudampuliyitta Chemmeen):

1 lbs Prawns

1 tsp Mustard

1 cup Fresh Grated Coconut

3-4 Dried Red Chillies

2 cup Sliced Onions

1 medium sized Tomato chopped(Adjust it with cocums.Check the sourness n remove cocums later)

2-3 Cocums

1 Tbsp Chilli Powder

3/4 Tbsp Coriander Powder

1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder

1/2 tsp Pepper Powder

1/2 tsp Garam Masala

A handful of pearl onions sliced

Curry Leaves


Method For Kappa Preparation:

Remove the skin of tapioca,chop it into blocks and cook in some water with Turmeric Powder and salt.

After 2 whistles (till the consistency you need is reached,some like it as solid,some like gooey and mashed),open the cooker and drain away all the water.

Mash the Tapioca if u like it that way.

In another pan,heat oil.

Add mustard seeds,curry leaves,dried red chillies and saute.

Now add grated coconut and chilli powder and saute everything for a while,but dont roast.

Pour this mix with some oil over the mashed tapioca and mix well..

Method For Chemmeen Preparation:

Heat oil in a pan and infuse it with the flavor of curry leaves.

Now add mustard seeds and dried red chillies..

Add onions and saute nicely.

When it turns pink , add fresh Grated coconut . Saute till a light brown color.

Reduce the heat and add all the masala powders(half of garam masala) and mix well.

When the base mix is formed well,add the tomatoes and mix.

Add cocums and water and bring it to a boil.

Now reduce the heat,slide in the prawns and mix well with the base.

Close it with a lid and let the prawns cook well.

When prawns are cooked well and gravy reaches the desired consistency ,sprinkle on top rest of the garam masala.Also ,heat some oil with curry leaves n fry pearl onions and pour it over the gravy and mix well.

PS: You can try these dishes minus coconut,but the crunchiness of fried coconut adds a special taste ..

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Anonymous said...

i love any prawn preparation. this one shall be next....nice pics!

Ann said...

oops..but sincerely varsha,tamrind is not at all going to be a substitute for kokum..sea of difference..and the curry looks yummy.

veena said...

hi Varsha ..

kandittu thanne vayil ninnu vellam varunnu ..i love chemmen ...nice pictures ...keep it up ..


Priya said...

Wow this dish makes me hungry...warm hugs to u varsha, for coming up with these sort of excellent recipes quite new for to learn more from u...

Kitchen Flavours said...

Never tried this combo. Looks spicy and yum.

Adlak's tiny world said...

hey varsha u r rocking with Non veg recipes... i saw chemmeen movie but not tasted... ha ha ha.. come to some veg recipe also man...

Varsha Vipins said...

Arundhuthi..Lemme know how u liked it dear..:)

Ann,I was stressing on the same thing..:)

Veena..enna vegam adukkalel keri preparation thudangikko..;)

Thanx a lot dear priya..I am also learning from you all..:)

Lubna..then you must try asap..:)

Akka..theriyum..wil post some veg recipes soon..These all look so tempting,that I cant help myself from putting up here..:D
btwn..Chemmeen movie ellam pathirukka??wow..

anudivya said...

Any veggie dishes pls? He he he. I bet all the others are enjoying it!

Varsha Vipins said...

Thanks Divya for dropping by n yeah..Kappa/tapoica is a pucca veg.Y dont u try it with some plain chilli chutney..Thats the best combo!!!

anudivya said...

Hey I do make Kappa once in a while for rice... we like it a lot.

merajugr8 said...

I am buying a root called yucca root from the grocery store, tastes like kappa. Is it our very same tapioca?
Your combo is lovely dear:)

Varsha Vipins said...

I guess Yucca root is the same..:)But I dint quite get you..The id link goes to an error page..:D

Sweta said...

Thanks Varsha-have put the Yucca Root on my weekend grocery list.Hope I get it!

srividhya Ravikumar said...

great blog yours... super.. following you

Glory said...

I dont see other people having the same problem as me but i cant seem to see the text for the recipe. it looks like the font size is very very tiny. I dont see anything after 1.5 lbs tapioca.

Varsha Vipins said...

Glory..dunno how that happened..Thanks for pointing out..corrected.

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