Friday, January 16, 2009

A healthy Badam Doodh(Almond milk) for RFRU,an award and a beauty tip..!!

Badam aka Almonds are always a healthy choice.Always reminds me of the times ,when my dad was working in Gulf countries.Hence Almonds in different forms were the omnipotent factor in kitchen.I loved the special salted n roasted almonds with shell.We used to take it in heap in a platter ,and devour the salty shell and then the crunchy almonds.At the end there would be a small mountain of shells left.Blanched almonds was a regular item of breakfast too.

Some good notes about Badams:
  • Almonds are good source or protiens and essential fatty acids.
  • They are good source of Omega 3.
  • Among the nuts family Almonds are the highest source of Vitamin E,which is the magic maker of good skin and hair.Also it strengthens reproductive system.

RFRU-Dessert event is going on and hence I thought of putting in, this healthy sweet drink as one entry.Its easy to make,still very wholesome and nutritious.Take it as a drink along with breakfast,or afternoon drink after a hectic office day or before you get your goodnight sleep.It tastes so divine and you'll really feel the goodness seeping inside.A warm sip will soothe you senses.


A handful of Blanced Badams( almost 1/2 cup) /presoaked,and skin-removed Badams
4 cups of Milk
A pinch of Nutmeg powder
2-3 Cardamoms
3-4 Tbsp Honey
Saffron strands for garnishing(optional)

Boil the milk in a thick bottomed pan and when it rises ,simmer and add the chopped Badams.

Close it and let it be like that for some 15 minutes.

Now the milk will have a yellowish tint.Now add the cardamoms and nutmeg powder and simmer for 2-3 minutes more.

Pour in honey and garnish with saffron strands.(I could'nt get some then,hence missing)

A oh-so-healthy and beauty-promising drink is ready within minutes.I strongly recommend this before going to bed at night.You'll definitely get a sweet sleep.Be regular and you can expect some compliments in future too..:)

It was only when Yasmeen started doing it,I remembered that I know beauty tips of almost all the fruits/veggies out there..:D..Only a lazy me never gets myslef to do it.So for all the beauty freaks out there I'l also start sharing some tips..:P

Soak Badam in some milk, the previous night and grind n mix it with some honey in the morning.You just got an excellent face pack.Wash your face into a new glowing skin..:)

Arundhuthi have presented me with this lovely Lemonade Award..Thanx dear and I am so glad to pass this on to some of my fellow blogger's Tina,Ann,Usha,Veena,Priya,Yasmeen,Divya,Viki n Adlak's kitchen..Enjoy your weekend n cheers..!!

Update: Would love to send in for Preety's Cooking for Kids-Milk event..:)

18 Luv'ly people shared their views..:

Shama Nagarajan said...

yummy healthy drink......Congrats !!!!!!hv more awards in future

Chitra said...

Hi varsha,congrats on ur award.a vey healthy,mouthwatering dessert:)do visit my blog when free:)thanks in advance.

Priya said...

Hey varsha, badam milk looks gorgeous n delicious, never used nutmeg powder, thanks for the beauty hearty thanks for passing lemonade award to nice of u:)

sowmya said...

thats a lovely entry for the event..nice picture..

Preety said...

i agree its a perfect healthy drink and so many benefits in just one glass..congrats for the award..

DEESHA said...

i love badam milk too, very delicious & healthy

Priti said...

Badam dhod looks the fact that you didnt add sugar but honey..making it more healthy..and thts a nice tip..Ya it's very true though we know lot of things but we never do tht....Congrats on you award too :)

viki xavier said...

Yummy Almond drink varsha. I used to take crunchy almond along with breakfast cereal, but your drink seems so perfect. Beauty tips is also good and keep posting a lot like this:) it ur beauty secret. I too will try:)
congrats and thanks for the beautiful award .
Thanks for thinking of me dear.

Adlak's tiny world said...

wow perfect tasty and healthy drink varsha... I m craving for badam milk any time not only after my dinner or lunch.

hosting the Event.. how come i missed that post.. hm sure ll send some for yr Event..

Ah?1 yeh thanks for the cute Award dear.. so glad to notice my name in your list.. This is my first Award comes in this New Year.. thank u so much.

Varsha Vipins said...

Shama,Thanks dr,,,:)

Thanks chitra for dropping by..:)

Priya,Glad that you liked.:)

thanks Sowmya..:)

Thanks Preety..:)

Thanks Dessha..:)

Priti,yeah..I always try to sub with honey..:)

Viki,Thanks..oh dear..don embarass me..:P

Akka, waiting for your entry..:)

Navita said...

he he he..m lazy too i keep giving tips to all...but no 'acting' upon on myself...;p
thanks for stopping by n following...hope to see u more often...nn badaam shake...uff i mke them almost twice every week..hub loves them..i prefer

yasmeen said...

Good one,I didn't know about the beauty side of my favorite nut,noted:)
Actually I was about to pass the award to you,just a little busy today,thanks a lot... its so nice that you too consider my blog refreshing.You definitely deserved the award:)

Sumathi said...

First Time at your blog..Nice blog.. Yummy badam Drink..
When free do vist my blog..

Ann said...

Thanks for remembeing me..and loved your badam milk..
Btw,this can be send to cooking for kids event hosted by preety.

Varsha Vipins said...

Navita,Thanks for dropping by..yup..Walnuts wud be an awesome choice too..:)

Yasmeen,Thanks n Glad to hear that you thought about me too..:)

Sumathi,Thanks ton for the visit n comment..!!

Ann,Thanks dear,for the suggestion too.I have sent it already..:)

Usha said...

Hey Varsha, the badam milk sounds delicious....congrats on your well deserved award and thanks so much for thinking of me:-)

anudivya said...

The beauty tip caught my eye and the milk sounds soothing and nice for a cold day. Thanks so much for the award Varsha. I am sorry I am a little late to collect it, but I am very happy!

AnuSriram said...

Thats a nice tip for a face pack. Badam milk looks delicious and healthy.. Thanks for visiting my blog. It's almost 1 1/2 years since i started blogging.

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