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Fruits n Nuts Coco Milk..Healthy n Yummy..:)

My vegetarian readers always tells that I give preference to Non-veg here...:D..(What to do..Am a great Non veg Fan)Hence I am following an alternate pattern lately.Veg n Non-veg alternately..So,I was intending to post a non-veg dish this time,but this whole experience of preparing this drink and the pic was so tempting that I couldn't help myself from posting this..A delicious Fruits n Nuts milk drink with Coco ..So healthy n yummy..Antioxidant effect of Cocoa..High Vitamin,Carbohydrate n Dietary fiber of Dates..Highly Nutritious Nuts n Craisins and overall completion of Milk makes this a very healthy n soothing drink..n Whoa..such a plethora of colors..One will drool just seeing it..Be it be for breakfast or tired evenings ..Perfect for any time..

Usually when he comes after a tired day from office,I prepare tea/coffee with any snacks.But sometimes I do get my hand itching to try some new drinks..Sometimes I mix n match juices to make a cocktail ,or sometimes I play with fruits n nuts with milk to make some wholesome drinks or shakes..Yesterday was one such day,I was craving for actually,some good looking drink..:D..Shake was that came into mind first.But ,I dunno if right or not,I have heard some saying that Banana's n milk shouldn't be combo-ed'.They are "Virudhaharams"(Opposite foods),n according to Ayurveda opposite foods if combined n consumed will create hazardous health problems.But I have heard counter opinions also.So not sure if true.Anyhow,as this fact lingers in mind,I have reduced mixing it.Shakes are now made,mebe once in a month or so.So I skipped Banana yesterday..

Shakes were once my fav drink.After a long boring n strenous day at college ,we used to hangout in the nearby parlor .My usual indulgence was a Shawerma,with a chocolate Shake.Hostel food was so pathetic n hence our miserable stomachs used to find relief in those delights,which was utterly delicious. I used to eagerly wait for evenings after college.The image of a tall glass with rich dark brown drink,topped with a scoop of chocolate ice cream n festooned with a tempting red cherry, is still in mind..:)

Dates are really sweet..So there is no need of adding much Sugar.I added honey instead..Threw in nuts which made the drink crunchy and then some craisins which added a appealing sour twist..:)
As I told before Coco is really high in Antioxidants n so healthy.Also Dates are high source of all nutrients,fiber,carbohydrates,Vitamin C,Selenium..everything,but fat n cholesterol free..See here.Walnuts are rich in literally everything,esply Omega 3 Fatty acids..But its not advisable to take more than 10-15 a day,as it has got considerable amount of fat..craisins are also diet food,provided they are not artificially sweetened..So ,imagine all of them blended in one cup..what a rich drink..:)

I had a difficult n funny time taking the pic..:D..The drink when poured into glass was frothy n wonderful looking,but the nuts n fruits were sinking and I wasn't able to get hold of a view of them in cam.I gently spooned them from mix and tried to balance it on the frothy top.But ecah time,it was sinking..:D..But at last ,after a long period of effort,I got a few of them floating on the top n Voila..I hurried with the cam n clicked snap..snap..:D

PS:You have to take lil' care while preparing this drink,might have to blend each ingredient individually..Dates need more blending,while you wouldn't want to lose the crunchiness of walnuts and red colored raisins floating are always a plus.So see to it.I'll explain how I did..:)

Ingredients(For 1 tall glass of drink)

1 Glass of Milk(about a cup)

1/2 tsp Hershey's Unsweetened Coco Powder

6-7 Dates chopped

2 Tbsp of Craisins(Dried Cranberry)

6 Walnuts

1 Tbsp Honey

Grated Choclate to top on(optional)


Boil the milk with sugar/honey.

Take a small amount of hot milk in glass and add the coco powder n stir briskly to mix.

Add the rest of the milk and mix well ,avoiding lumps.

Keep aside a small amount and drown the walnuts.

If you want a cold drink,chill it.

Take a small amount of milk in the mixer and add the dates.

Run the mixer ,till dates are blended,ie,coarsely mixed.

Add the craisins to it and run once,so that its not fully blended.Getting bites of it is yummy..

Add the walnuts with that soaked milk and run once ,so that its still coarse.

Add the rest of the milk and run till frothy on top.

Pour into a glass and garnish with grated dark chocolate/coco powder.(I was too much preoccupied with saving the drowned nuts n fruits,that I forgot the grated chocolate..:D)

The yummilicious drink is ready to indulge in..:)
PS: Keep a spoon with u,unless u like sticking in the fingers to dug out the remains of yummy things..:D

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UPDATE: Thanks n hugs to Vij for passing me the Lemonade award..:)

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Asha said...

Sounds good, I love Dates. Looks almost like custard, yum!:)

anudivya said...

LOL... sinking dates problem! Yeah it happens all the time and drinks are kind of difficult to take snaps... sounds healthy.
I am not sure about the banana and milk theory though.

Joie de vivre said...

This looks wonderful! I'm going to bookmark it to try!

Cham said...

Looks like fruity custard ur glass, love it

Anonymous said...

hmm.yummy treat for any tired person for sure..
Reg your doubt on 'Virudhaharam',yes its true about Ayurveda.Not only on this,like you eat hot food in hot climate and cold in cold..But all these depends on your body in ayurveda;'Vaatha','Pitha','Kapha'.eg.a person like me having a bad tonsil family history,if i start having cold in cold,sure i will be eating 'Virudhaharam" here..Hope you will be known by now that it depends..
Just remember,most of the North Indian Poultry,fish Preparation have curd as an ingredient..It is awesome too..(but using curd and fish/meat in the same prep is totally wrong,accdg to ayurveda.)
We r facing a different world altogether,right ?


Sounds so filling varsha! Healthy too!

Shama Nagarajan said...

delicious drink...lovely

rekhas kitchen said...

wow shakes are my fav. too varsha this looks so so so mouthwatering and one thing i don't think so banana and milk are s then it is like that from long time we are having panchamrutham with milk and banana since that is a treditional thing in our hindu temples na any way as ann said that is all about our bodynature ooh that is my thinking nothing is wrong in food what god gave to us

sowmya said...

loooks so delicious and healthy..nice write up..

Navita said...

Hi sweety, nope I do not stay in Seattle..was there for a visit, relatives stay there so I know for sure about the info .:)

Also I need a little help Varsha...The ads from I have to be 6 months old blogger before I can start?

vidhas said...

Hi Varsha, Being a vegetarian i appreciate your alternate posting of veg recipes. Oh MY!!! this drink is looking awesome and i just want to have it. It's real treat varsha. Lots of information, leaarnt about vatha, pitha, kabha . Great job.

BTW my entries are in the way.:-D

Priya said...

Delicious looks like custard..lovely colour Varsha, wouls love to have this gorgeous drink, shall i come home:d

Premyscakes said...

Nice to have as a dessert. delicious

Anonymous said...

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Happy cook said...

Yumm the drink looks so yummy delcious.
Hey i love all you non veg recipes. So don't stop them.

Varsha Vipins said...

Thanks everyone..We had a nice n infromative talk about the food stuffs..Ann..Thanks a ton sweetie for enlightening us so much about the topic..yeah too have heard abt the Auyrveda things..n yup bengali non veg curries r all combined with buttermilk..n also the hindu custom,where,after marriage, the bride n groom is given milk n banana..So mebe its all about different opinions..
Now about my experience..I used to luv fish curry with thairu(buttermilk) long back,n then I noticed some white marks on my face n that was when my uncle told me all this..that day I stopped taking that combo..So u know..I might tend to believe it..:P

Varsha Vipins said...

..n Rekha dear..same I felt too ..about Panchamrutham..given in u said its all about the bodies..:)
Once again Thanks everyone for taking the time to go thru n comment..:)

Usha said...

Shake looks yum, all your efforts with sinking fruits definitely helped since the picture looks lovely :-)

Viki Xavier. said...

Looks delicious. Very healthy drink. Good job done.

Viki Xavier. said...

Yummy and healthy drink dear.

Prajusha said...

this looks valiya kuzhappam illa ketto:)

Yasmeen said...

The Ayurveda theory is true,for those with sensitives(allergies) should avoid the combo.I usually take them together,I'm blessed nothing happens,but I'd avoid that for my son ,who has asthma.
lol for the drowning nuts..I'd love to indulge with such nutty fruity drinks anytime.

Vibaas said...

That sure is yummilicious :)

Shreya said...

I have to try this! really nice use of all the dry fruits and nuts..

Akal's Saappadu said...

That's original, nutty, rich, nutritious and yummy. That would make a nice morning drink (instead of breakfast) for us!

Thank you for stopping by my site and for the comment dear.

Dershana said...

Hi Varsha, thanks for stopping by and your wishes for the lil one :-) You have a nice little nook yourself!! Loved the drink with its choco , cranberry twist. I generally stick to regular nuts and dates, will try your version next the lil one (still inside) will love it too :-)

DEESHA said...

thatz soo healthy & look yummy

AnuSriram said...

Thats a healthy and delicious drink!

Anonymous said...

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