Friday, December 12, 2008

Mashed Tofu Butter Masala and a little secret....

I din't see sun at all today.Before you get any ideas,let me make it clear that I am not trapped anywhere,in any dark ocher-walled room with all those ghostly elements to make the picture more scary.Its just two facts I wanna make clear here.One ,am in Seattle.Two,I am screwed up with a bunch of clumsy pictures.Ah..Now you know it.How a dish looks so delicious for you ,that you feel all set for blogging ,then you arrange it all neat and tidy and then you get those fits of rage.Outcome is so bad and you feel like throwing the cam n the whole damn thing..hmm.It was all dark from morning,n now It's raining heavily.I can see the dark clouds meandering from everywhere and the sky is wailing with occasional outbursts of a heavy thunder.Not that I hate this climate,It is really romantic..But you feel it spurting out apparently as your hard work seems wasted off..
Today I saw Manasi's comment about "musing"and two things clicked me.One is I saw in her blog a wonderful reminded me of my Picasa 3 which is lying idle in ma desktop for so long.Thought of tweaking ma awful pics into some collages ,mebe picasa's software beauty will help me disguise my serious blemishes...
Hmm..looks lot better..:D.Honestly I am jealous of all you,many blogger friends out there.You are pics are like..Whoa..!! and each time I see them,am like Holy Cow..I suck big time..
Second thing ,she asked me about my musing side.Thing is I had loads of stuff to vent out long back,n I had a only a very close circle of people who read my bla bla's..Now its like,Life has become some what routine stuff and all I have to muse about is the weather here,Now you know that's the last thing anyone would want to read about..:D..Also many visit my blog,just because it's foodie stuff and many of them,busy people would definitely(I think so..) mind ,If i go on with long boring para's.But yeah..I do wish to jot down something ,but guess would have to make another blog for that...
Ok..I have an addiction a goodie gal..:D..Its soya milk.I am now having the third pack of this month.I had a vanilla one for the first time in my life last month,and then a chocolate ,and now am again in for a vanilla.I think I din't like it much on the first drought.It tasted very different,n am quite orthodox to tastes.But then someone told me It's too good a thing,and I started taking it ritually,n slowly liking it n now am totally in love with Soy Milk.According to what I learned after that,Its really good for women,esply: those who are having menstrual probs and supplies essential vitamins and other nutrients.Plus Its good for skin and trims belly fat.Now I rather fell head-over-heels on that..:D:D..Who would say no to glossy skin and as of belly fat thing..I was like yay yay..:D.I must say,I am seeing some hints of goodness in my skin (belly to wait bit more I guess.:D)and am more than happy.So I thought of buying some Tofu to affirm my sincere love for Soya stuffs.For breakfast,I thought of making the ever-so-famous chunky Tofu butter masala.But then Kutts haven't quite vowed with me for my I-love-Soya venture.So I remembered,how my Northi friend's mom use to mash paneer n make the curry.So I hid the tofu in the masala,and innocently served it to him.After all,am getting trained for my future mom role..:D..


Mashed Tofu - 1/2 cup
Onions sliced - 1 +1/2 cup
Green Chillies - 5-6 Nos:
Tomatoes Blanched and pureed - 1/2- 3/4 cup
Ginger garlic paste -1 Tbsp
Chilli Powder - 1 Tbsp
Coriander Powder - 2 tsp
Garam Masala - 1 tsp
Fennel Seeds - 1 tsp
Coarsely Grinded Cashews - 3 Tbsp
Milk/cream - 1/2 cup
Butter - 3-4 tbsp

Heat butter in the pan.Fry some Onions and 3-4 green chillies in butter and keep aside.In the same pan,add the mashed tofu,fry lightly till the excess water dries off and then remove it.Take care that It does not stick to the pan.

Fry fennel seeds,2 cup onions and ginger-garlic paste in butter,in the same pan .Remove and keep for cooling.Now grind the above into a paste.Heat the pan again and fry this paste with rest of green chillies into a golden color.Now add the Chilli ,Coriander,half of Garam Msala powders and saute nicely for some time..Now add tomato puree,sugar and salt and bring to a boil.Add the fried-mashed Tofu,onions and green chillies and cook till the desired dryness is attained..Now add the grinded Cashews,and saute well.Now reduce the heat and add the milk/cream.Stir gently for sometime.Sprinkle rest of the Garam Masala and mix.You can garnish it with Cilantro leaves..

I dried it a bit more than usual as I like it that way..It was super spicy and tasted really good with all the goodness of tofu blended into the gravy.But for those of you,who like to have bites of those juicy chunks,you can just substitute the mashed tofu with tofu/paneer cubes..No harm..!!

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Uma said...

looks so delicious and mouth-watering.

Divz said...

hey varsha.. me to new to ur blog..looks like u like everything hot and spicy!! nice recipes..

Manasi said...

Ack! A post for me Varsha! I'm indebted for life :) :)... looking forward to more musings served up just like the food. Piping hot and spicy. The hair is now cut short...I do hang on the picture for memories.

Varsha Vipins said...

Thanx a lot Uma for dropping by..:)

Divz..yup...I like my food pepped up..:)..Thanx dear..:)

Manasi..well..I'l surely jot down things wen something interesting pops up..n Oh..Thats soo soo sad that u cut the hair..hmm..would love to see u around often..:)

Srikitchen said...

wow1 it looks delicious!
first time to ur blog and it is really nice1
do visit my blog when u find time!

Vijitha said...

Hi ya
This is my first time here. U have a lovely space. The curry looks yummy!

Do have a look at my blog!

lubnakarim06 said...

Wow spicy and yummy recipe.

Unknown said...

I love using tofu in paneer dishes and do it all the time, love this variation of yours...sounds delicious :-)

Malar Gandhi said...

That is so kool, dude (collage). I too get the everyone out there have great snaps and I am still a learner!

Anonymous said...

thanx for following my blog varsha....:-)

anudivya said...

Kill me for not looking at this earlier! Looks very nice Varsha, and sorry for not dropping by earlier during the weekend... you know why now ;)

Varsha Vipins said...

SriLekha and Viji..thanx a ton for peeping in..Great to know that you loved the curry..:)
thanx a lot Lubna n Usha..Malar..Join the team..:sob:..;)
Arundhuthi..Its my pleasure..:)
n Divya..hmm..I know now..n I wont kill will take me to RTC else..:D

Vikis Kitchen said...

Great news about soya.. Lovely pics dear.

Anonymous said...

it's really a good recipe as i like spicy food ...i like soy too and use it in many forms in my daily cooking...i am a new blogger, see my blog about healthy eating.

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog you got here. It would be great to read more concerning this matter. Thnx for giving that material.

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