Thursday, December 4, 2008

Malay Satay Hut-(Restaurant Review)

I have been thinking of putting up some Restaurant reviews here,many are in pipeline also.But some really yummy and good-looking dishes compulsively made its way to here.Today I thought,it would be ok if I post a review.I am talking about Malay Satay Hut,in ma place.It was a name that left me drooling sometime back.Sig's post about this restaurant was so influential ,that I was fussing with Kutts,ever since I came here,to go there.She was always craving about the Crab specialty there.So we had no second thought when we reached there.Btw,there are 2 branches of Malay Satay hut.While Sig had written review about the Seattle city branch,We went to Redmond area,that is just 5 mins from sweethome.

The interiors of the place are tastefully decorated,and the whole place is cozy and dimly lit,exuding a warmth.The waitress who served was cheerful,with a confusing accent.I ordered the signature Dry Curry Crab,with some rice and he ordered Nasi Lemak.Then happened a series of comical events.We noticed a big tank,about the size of an aquarium ,not far from us ,and there were some giant crabs moving inside.The waitress with some big handle and struggled a lot to pick out a crab.but they were rather smart and glided away.After much of an effort she took out one and suddenly let it go with a cry..:D.Within a short time many hotel people gathered there and finally one guy successfully picked out one.We had such a nice time enjoying all the show.We never thought that ,they would use such fresh crabs for their dishes and it really added to our expectation.They told the Crab was 2 pds.We were like,OMG ..that's a hell lot of something for 2 people to have.Also we thought we would have to wait endlessly for the dish to arrive ,as they have only caught the crab now.But after some 10 mins his, Nasi Lemak(11.95$)
came and,I was sad that I always order complex items and end up making him also wait.But bingo,after a minute,my dish came.

Dry Curry Crab(25$) was a jumbo sized dish, and we were truly awed to see it.They gave us special metallic equipments to cut through it and have.Honestly I dunno,how they made it so fast.I would be more than happy if someone enlighten me about this.We were quite apprehensive that the crab would taste raw and masala wouldn't have entered into it.But when I tasted it,OMG..It tasted so good..The gravy tasted heaven.Lots of star anise was the only thing that I can guess,would be in it.The crab shell was placed intact on the top and beneath it there were lots of onions,curry leaves and gravy and big leg pieces.But we two had the same doubt,as to where the central portion of flesh went.We couldn't find it anywhere in the dish.Both of us were not able to have the leg pieces with all those spanner shaped things.I didn't want to waste it also.So I had the rice with the gravy and packed home the rest of it.

His Nasi lemak had rice,curry chicken,anchovies pickle,boiled egg slices and salads in it.He did'nt like the taste of chicken and so didn't particularly enjoy his dish,but was quite happy with Crab curry.I thought Nasi Lemak was ok,but all the side dishes other than chicken was rather cold.
The waitress helped us pack ,rest of the huge amount of crab dish and I think we had it for the next 2 days...:D

Altogether Malay Satay hut is a nice restaurant and the Crab dish is a worth-a-try one..:)

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anudivya said...

Hey Varsha, yes I am... :)
And yeah sorry, I don't have my email ID up on my blog. Always thrilled to meet a fellow blogger from the same area.

Sig said...

:) This is why we always get the curry crab to go, it is just too messy to eat at the restaurant...

vihar said...

Hi!Nice pics.Iam also from seattle and i too stocked food.Although snow causing problems for so many people,iam very very happy because my husband is working from home.

Anonymous said...

The food look good! I like to dine out and also cook at home. I get all the easy to prepare and ready to serve Malaysian food ingredients on-line at

Sakshi said...

Very sophisticated write up ;) gonna visit this restaurant only because of your review

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