Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cabbage-Bell Pepper Stir fry and Our First X'mas Spread...;)

I was a busy bee the whole day.Was very enthusiastic and made a small spread for our 1st X'mas.Even though Kutts like more of veggies,X'mas is sure time for those special Palapam's and Chicken curry's and Biriyani's and...:)..So I made the ever-so-authentic and traditional Palappam plus Chicken stew for our breakfast and then a mini grand lunch,as per my stamina..:D

Now "Pappu" is my recent passion.The fully automatic toy pup(which bows,rolls over,cuddles and even pees ..:D), that my sweetheart gifted me for X'mas,not to mention a full box of assorted choclates.Now that was a treat..:)

I thought of posting something I made today.But then I have been lingering over chicken here for a long time.So I guess,posting something easy and healthy will be fine .Am done with for tired..Duh..


3 cups Cabbage chopped finely

1 cup Bell Pepper chopped finely

1 cup Onions chopped

Curry Leaves


Pepper Powder

Pour some EVOO(to make it more healthy) in a pan and saute Onions till its soft.Now add the cabbage and saute well.Lower the heat and close the pan for a few minutes,till the cabbage is soft.Now stir in the Bell peppers and mix well.It goes into finally, becuase they gets soft too fast.Season with salt and pepper powder.

The more raw the whole stuff is,the more its beneficial.We like it bit over cooked and mushy and thats why its like this.

Cabbage and Bell Peppers are really nutritious and will surely will make a healthy diet for an expecting mommy..:)..So I am sending this to Sangeeth's Eat healthy during Pregnancy event..:)

N now here is a peek into our small X'mas feast..:).Click to view it large..


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Adlak's tiny world said...

Hi happy x mas to u.... Hope u enjoyed a lot... gr8 pic collections here, so many stuffs and healthy cabbage curry too... Adv new year wishes to u.

anudivya said...

Pappu! he he he... sounds like a nice guy!
That is a very nice and huge spread... bet you had fun inspite of the snow.
Happy Holidays!

Yasmeen said...

Very appetizing spread of feast for Christmas.enjoy your box of chocolates:)

sra said...

Hi Varsha, happy new year!

sangeeta said...

hi varsha....saw a few of your recipes n liked them....this cabbage n capsicum stir fry is more of my type........i must say i am really impressed by your blog.......thanks for visiting my blog n appreciating,great pleasure,cuz i am a new blogger.plz keep in touch.

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