Monday, November 17, 2008

A Sunny Weekend and a Thai Lunch(Restaurant review - Mae Phim)

This weekend was really sunny and beautiful.It never rained n Seattle was in total delight.We lightly say that we have only noon and nights here.cos when we get up it'll be like all sunny (what else can u expect past 10 O' clock..:D:D) and will have a noon feel n it sustains till evening n suddenly by 4 O' clock ,it gets all dark n chilling.This weekend the sun was even more brighter,(not hot tho..),n streets were buzzing busy in Downtown.We had a nice time roaming through Pike Place market,sniffing lavenders and lotion bars,awing wide eyed at those giant lobsters and smoked salmons,enjoying home made assorted chocolates heartily and loving all the colorama there.Trust me ..Its an awesome place.You'll get anything n everything there n your eyes r gonna get tired of all the scenes there,all shades of bright red n yellow n green..We spent a quality 1 hr there.
Like always this sat'day also(even tho we planned the night before,to start at 10 am) we got up past 9 30 n was all in a mess.(Will somebody please advise me with a easy way to get up early??screw the alarms..never gona work for us..:D:D)In the hurry,as always skipped the breakfast n thought of having a brunch from town.When the effect of Frapuccino Vanilla beans was wearing off,we started looking for a foodie place."Ettas" caught our eye and I thought of Sig's review.But we dint find the menu quite appealing.It was past 1 and suddenly we saw this small Thai restaurant Mae Phim,not far away from Pike place market.

Stomachs were seriously growling and we were too tired for a detailed starter-main-dessert meal,plus I was worried ,whether I will be able to finish ma part.'Cos I am( or better,ma stomach is) quite orthodox in foodie matters.I have never liked much of other foods.I have liked European,hated Italian and went ok with Mexican/American food stuffs.Also I never liked sweetness in ma dishes.I have heard that Thai means lots n lots of coconut milk.So I was quite doubtful about Thai.So we ordered just 2 dishes.Mae Phim was quite small and cozy inside.There was not much rush,n the serving people were really good.The lady who served us asked our spice rating from 1 to 4.We told a 3 ,thinking 4 mebe too much,(which later turned out to be sheer stupidity)We both r real spice loving people.At home,I make our food really spicy.My better half took a combo dish with Red chicken curry.Combo had Chicken Mushroom Soup,Rice,Noodles and a Spring Roll.I ordered that days special Duck Curry which came along with a fair portion of rice.His order came first and tasted everything from it.

The soup was clear with succulent mushrooms and chicken pieces,n unlike other soups it had lil tartness,dunno why,but it was good.The spring roll was crispy n awesome.Noodles was very sweet n i dint touch it much.The main Chicken red curry was really good except for my dislike with its sweetness ,which I should really excuse as it's the mark of Thai food.

The curry had tons of coconut milk and from what I learned, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, & basil leaves.I liked it and had some portion from it.I was waiting anxiously and then ma Duck Curry came.back in Kerala,we know what a Duck Curry means.Don't even think about it..:D.

One thing I must say is, Thai food is really colorful.One look and you gonna love it.The Duck was stunningly pretty with dark brown Duck pieces,Orange Carrot pieces,Red Tomatoes,Green Bell peppers and what not.I tasted it and it was too sweet.But the duck pieces tasted good.Both the chicken curry and duck curry was sweet not at all spicy.I seriously doubt ,what their spice rating 1 would be like..So all you spice lovers out there,go for a 4.We told the waitress about it and she gave us some hot chilly Sauce.I used only lil' of the duck gravy and had more of its duck pieces.The portions they served were really large and we were more than full in no time.There was no space for a dessert.Altogether,we had a nice lunch and I would give it a 6 out of 10.(I would have given a 1 extra if it was not that sweet).The prices are dead cheap and service is wonderful.
In one word Mae Phim is worth a try for all those who love Thai food.

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Para i familiaku said...

THAI FOOD sounds so delicious!
I like Thai Food very much, but we do not have too many choices for Thai food in our island!

Come visit my blog!
Welcome to Foodie Blog Roll

Anonymous said...

u are one talented gal
U not only make good food and but are so talented on reviews.
One question do bloggers get money or kind for the reviews.I know you get free product for reviews,u really r so talent,being in IT and a good cook n a good blogger.Wht are u?

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