Saturday, November 22, 2008

Crab Coconut Roast(Nadan Njandu curry) and some nostalgic memories..

Crab..!!!!!!!!!!!..It sounds so slurpyyyyy for me,n luckily kutts also luv it with same intensity..:p.I remember,since I was a kid ,I had this craving for crab dishes.But in Kerala you don't get to eat Crab always.Its seasonal."Chingam" is the month when crabs hit markets in large scale.So Onam time was more expected n still fondly remembered as a special time.I still remember ,how me n my bro used to gaze so happily ,n of course lil scared at the big ,bright orange crabs crawling in our kitchen sink.We used to wait more than hungrily for the lunch that day.ha..!! Sweet memories...At that time we used to have crab at least once in a week.In our home,fish or seafood item is a regular dish,one that will be usually present for lunch.Market is quite close by n hence no worries about that.So I never used to understand how it feels like a craving for Fish/crab,until I packed off to Pune for job.Then I started really missing all those delicious "meen/njandu" curries.It was so difficult,still somehow I used to manage and get some fish once in a while there.But Crab was like out of question.But Once I reached US,I found it so easy to get some here.In Asian markets,you get big fresh crabs,directly from the water filled containers,where they are kept alive.They also keep clams,giant Lobsters and some big fishes like that.Last day I was bit scared to see the monstrous lobsters moving through the water.I dint buy these crabs,as I was so scared,n I dont want to take the pain of cleaning it as well..:D..So, I bought this frozen crab legs from Fred Meyers.Did I tell you that Crabs are damn costly here. But the craving overtook the guilty feeling and we brought the big pack home.We used it in 2 times,pretty lavishly.On first time,I was pretty apprehensive as to how to prepare it,I mean method.Because ma mom used to cook it "pacha arachu",that means after steaming the pieces with some ginger-garlic n curry leaves,She'll add the fresh coconut paste to it.That was indeed really tasty.But kutts prefer it really spicy and hot.So I made it in a different way.The crab legs had slits on it ,to take flesh easily from it.But I really love to suck the gravy from the leg piece,but he finds it difficult to wrestle with the pieces.He's a peace lover,u know..:D:D
So I took flesh from most of the legs n put some legs directly like that.So this is the recipe..


Crab 1 pd(It meant some 4-5 big legs for me)
Onion 1 cup sliced
Tomato 1 medium sized ,sliced
Coconut grated 1/2 cup
Giner paste 1+1 Tsp
Garlic paste 1+1 Tsp
Chilli Powder 2 Tbspoon
Coriander powder 2 Tbspoon
Turmeric powder 1 Tspoon
Pepper powder 1.5 Tbspoon
Masala powder (powder made with 2 cloves,2 cardamom,1 inch cinnamon stick and 3 star anise(star anise is a real "taste maker")
1 + 1 tspoon
Button onion sliced 4-5 in no:
Dry red chillies 2-3
Curry Leaves A lot of 'em..:d

Take a deep bottom pan,n add crab flesh/pieces(I had both) into it with very lil' water(crab gives out water),salt,turmeric powder,ginger paste,garlic paste(It better if u could use grated ginger,garlic for this step) and lot of curry leaves.Close it and let it cook.

While it gets cooked take a pan,Pour oil and add lot of curry leaves and smear it at the bottom really well.Let the fragrance come out nicely.Now add the dry red chillies,onions and g-g paste,lil' salt and saute really nicely.

Once the onions turn pink add the tomato pieces and saute well.Add 1 Tspoon masala powder and saute till a nice fragrance comes.Now its time to add the chilli and coriander powder.Saute nicely and add half of the pepper powder and saute.(Crabs cause cholestrol,so you gotta add lot of pepper powder to balance it)

After some time,when the powders gets really coated well on the the Onion-tomato base,You can add the crabs with the little water left in the cooking pan(Crabs should be cooked until there is little water left in the pan,that water is really tasty with all the juice in it).Saute really well till the crab gets really mixed in.

Now,if u r using the flesh there is a good chance that the flesh breaks when u saute it.That really depends on the robustness/freshness of the crab.If its fresh it wont break much,n dont worry even if it breaks that gravy with all onions n tomatoes mixed with it will taste heaven.I like it that way,so I sauted it well.So at this point,ur crab is blended well with all the gravy .Now add the rest of the pepper powder and 1 tsp masala powder.Adjust salt.

In another pan,add little oil and curry leaves.Now add button onions,Saute and after sometime add grated coconut.Fry till it turns a bit more than golden brown.I dint saute the coconut much and hence you cant find the dark brown shade in ma curry.The coconut can be added after sauting the onions also,that is an option.But take ma word,it tastes awesome if u add it like I said,after sauting it into a bit dark brown shade.(I did like that the next time I made this dish.)Add this into the crab roast.Mix well under high flame for 1 more minute.

The delicious Crab Coconut roast ,with a yellow-brown-dark brown colour is ready to serve..
Happy sunday buddies..:)

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veena said...

First time to ur blog ..Nice work ..Keep it up

Happy cook said...

Are you listening to this cry from a fellow mallu for getting hold of these delicious crab curry.
Looks so yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Sagari said...

carb roast looks delecious varsha

Sig said...

oh that does look yummy Varsha... I haven't had Kerala style crab curry in a while...

Happy cook said...

Varsha you don't have to wait for the round up, i am posting them while i recieve the entris so everybody can start getting ideas for gifs for their loved ones.
You just have to click to where i have put the link

Anju said...

dii tis s really awesome...mouth-watering...nt only d dishes posted here...wish i cd hv these 2 taste once more...

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