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Chinese Chicken Fried rice..


Chinese Fried rice

Thanksgiving shopping was really dull as we couldn't find any nice deals this year.But still I managed to take home some clothing's,my fav bunny slippers and spa scrubs and cosmetics and some cute little plates and cups and ..:D.But jokes apart,here in Seattle we couldn't find any  good deals at all,and sadly Walmart is not close by.Kutts was lamenting about how nice Boston was and how enthusiastic people there were,who never bothered about snow and used to be in queue from midnight of Black Friday.It drizzled the whole day and was chilling outside..

We got back home early ,on contrary to our previous plans and switched on TV to follow Mumbai news.It was indeed a real shocking terror wave that hit our country and y'day we were praying hard for the fighting commando's .Now news is that "Operation Cyclone" is over,and is considered to be a success.But still the lives of hundreds of people , brave ATS officers and the Malayali NSG Major are priceless.Salute to you and you'll live in our hearts forever.Dunno what is happening to our country and how such flaws come in our defense and Intelligence systems.Twenty people, entered such a big country,brought all these ammunition's,stayed here for so long..all unnoticed and then finally took lives of these much people...!!!!Its really a shame to all of us n our system  and I guess now the dream of a happy,peaceful India will remain as a dream only..:(

Ok..Life should go on and back to our subject,I made this Fried rice for the Thanksgiving dinner. Its real Fried rice recipe,the same taste that you die for in those Chinese restaurants,even better than that.I got it from a Chinese chef ,who happened to be my aunt's neighbor.The healthy part is ,this recipe don't ask for Agino moto(MSG),which is good for tongue ,but not for body.I made it for the second time yesterday and I guess the first time was better,as I had fresh spring onions and other veggies with me.I don't need any side dish to finish this ..and best part Kutts loves it as well..:)


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PS:One thing about Fried rice is that ,you can't tell exactly when and how much sauces you have to add.You keep on adding ingredients into the wok and stirring and ,in between you can taste and add more stuff if you like.So that's the way it goes..

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Basmati Rice – 1.5 cup
Chicken ,thinly sliced– 1/2 lbs(almost 2 –2.5 cups)
Veggies Chopped finely(beans ,carrot,peas(optional)) -2 cup
Egg - 2 nos:
Onion chopped - 1/4 cup
Fresh Ginger-Garlic Paste or minced- 2 tbsp
Spring Onions -1/4 cup(chopped)
Celery chopped - a lil more than 1/4 cup(This is our substitute for Aginomoto which adds that real Chinese taste.So pop in as much as you can)
Soy Sauce – 4 tsp + 1 Tbsp

Chilli Sauce – 4-5 tsp

Pepper Powder - 1.5Tbsp

For Garnishing:

Cilantro Leaves
Spring Onions
Chilli Oil - 2 Tbsp*

First you can keep the rice for cooking .Add double amount of water,Salt and 1 Tbsp of Soy sauce.After the water is boiled ,you have to reduce the heat and let the rice cook.Grain-separable level is what you need.

Meanwhile,take a Chinese wok or a deep bottomed pan ,which allows for easy saute and stir,because once you add all the ingredients,it's gonna be a big heap.Pour oil.Add g-g paste and after the raw smell goes,add onions and saute.After a minute add all the veggies in and saute well with some salt and 2 tsp Soy sauce+ 2tsp chilli sauce.(Don't add too much salt at any stage,because Soy sauce is salty).

After few minutes add the beaten eggs and half of the pepper powder .Saute well and mix all the veggies with the eggs.

Now add the Celery and Spring Onions and saute well.

Close n let the veggies cook for a minute.

After a minute add the small cubes/thin slices of chicken(make it as small as you like.No need to pre-cook the chicken as it'll get cooked within the wok with all other ingredients and this'll add to taste with all the juice that it exudes).Add rest of pepper powder ,1 tsp Soy sauce and 1 tspoon chilli sauce.Sauté nicely n mix everything.Add little water,if chicken is a hard one or else its fine.Close with a lid and let the chicken cook.At the max 10 minutes will be required as the pieces are really small.

Once everything is cooked well,add the cooked rice into it.Add lil by lil n keep mixing with a spork or 2 spatula’s.Stir well so that the rice is well coated with everything.You can taste at this point and add little more of pepper powder n a tsp each of sauces.(I usually sprinkle bit more of sauces on top of the rice and stir well.).Continue stirring in medium heat for few minutes.
Now sprinkle the chilli oil all over the Fried rice and saute one final time(To prepare chilli oil- Heat on high, some oil in a pan .When the oil is really hot pour it over 2-3 dried red chillies .Keep it for some 15 minutes.Now press and mash the chillies with a spoon and discard the solid stuff.You get a dull red-brown coloured Chilli oil)

Garnish with Cilantro leaves and spring Onion.

Yummy Fried rice is ready to serve..:)

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I am sending this also to Srivalli's RiceMela.

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Happy cook said...

I love fried rice like these and this looks really delicious

Asha said...

Fried rice looks great..

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow looks gr8.

notyet100 said...

new here ,..liked ur blog,...will eb back soon,...

Tina said...

Hi Varsha, I would like to pass on 'A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award' to you and your blog. Please accept it from and keep up the good work...!!


Tina said...

Hi Varsha,

I would like to pass on 'A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award' to you and your blog. Please accept it at and pass it on to anyone of your choice.


Sagari said...

fried rice looks delecioussss varsha

Srivalli said...

That looks good varsha...and nice header!..:)

Roopa said...

Varsha, one question, when i try to cook rice with just 2 cups of water (i know thats what they even tell at at the back of the rice packet), however, my rice doesnt get cooked well, I still could taste the raw-bit of rice in each grain, any tips on that? Is this the texture that is normal in fried rice or am doing something different?

Subhie Arun said...

wow thats looks grt yar...congarts reg ur recipe selected by sanjeev..tats really gud news..keep rocking...

Roopa said...

Thanks for the reply Varsha, will try the way you told and let you know how it turns out ok :) tc.

Sree... said...

Hello Varsha,

I love Chinese fried rice and 1 am searching for this i got it.will definitely try it one day.very tempting pic.nice work.

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