Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mauritius ..the heaven and some 'slurpy' cuisines..

Am happy that I gonna keep the promise I gave to myself..that too,so fast.Alert all..This is gonna be bit looong..:P..ahem..Its one of the most relaxing phases of my life.Despite of some time that I rarely put in for my studies-for-work,am almost on a bed of roses now.late wake-ups,enjoying tv and dvd's,cooking for him, happy married life goes thus..
K..No digressions..Shooting straight on apple,We landed on Seaoosagar Ramgoolam International Airport on September 1st morning at 8 30.We were hell tired after long flight trips and roaming's.Cochin,Chennai,Bombay and finally Mauritius.4 airports in a week.I actually got "flight-sick".On the way to our Le-Tropical hotel,I was straining hard to keep ma eyes open to the never-ending beauty,that has not left alone,even road-sides of Mauritius.“You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius” ..Not me,Mark Twain said these..n u know,He never goes wrong.Mauritius indeed IS a heaven.On the way we could see endless,lush sprawling sugarcane fields,and some other minor vegetations,Climate was cool and a happy breeze was always passing by.

Even the airport is so marvelous.We saw some Americans shooting some show ,outside the airport.We reached Le-Tropical hotel after some 45 mins of drive.About the hotel,Small but a 'bombshell' it is,mind blowing,I'd say..It is situated at the side end of a beautiful,narrow road,which was adorned by fall-leaves.Beyond the hotel,at the end of the road,was the exquisite,dream-come-true crystal-clear sea,like the eyes of a baby.It appeared greenish blue for us at first.but the next day when we tripped to L'ile Aux Cerfs island,we got it that the sea has no steady color.It varies from shades of blue to crystal green.We were at total awe as to how it happens.You see pale blue down there once,n after few seconds,bingo..!!! It's deep dark blue,n then its crystal green.Whateva..the water is sooo clear that you can even see the rocks,20 ft deep down there..

Ok..So we reached hotel fully excited and was greeted with their cool signature drink,some fruit cocktail.The hotel was awesome with a central pool and cafeteria on its side extending to a vast area.On the other side,it faces the sea.Our cottage was on 1st floor,and we had specially booked for an Ocean-view room.The balcony opened to the million-dollar-worth view of vast green-blue sea,frothing on rocks and palm trees,and the long beach-bridge.After a refreshing bath,we went for lunch,which was a simple one,with 2 main courses of original Mauritian recipe.A Grilled-Lamb chops and Prawns-with-chicken dish..We got rice,salad n pickle as sides.Didn't I tell you...Mauritius as a whole,n especially food there ,is very costly,mebe 'cos of the continuous flow of tourists to this place.At hotel,they wont give you free water and a bottle of water costs almost 200 Indian rupees,which is 3 times the rate outside.So back to food,we had a hearty lunch,and took rest for the rest of the day..

For the foodie part of ma blog,am a gonna present here with some cuisines,that we had for the buffet,late that night.It was a five-course candle-light dinner,with table strewn by rose petals and they had some natives singing and playing guitar for each table.Absolutely romantic..!!.The service and food was great,tho I would like to give some dishes an "excellent" mark.Excuse me for the not-so-good pics,as we were too hungry to give way to patience...:P

It all started with a Pumpkin Vindaloo with Shallot be honest,I dint like much of this dish.I was never a salad lover,but my sweet heart being one,polished it off soon.

Then we had Chicken Soup with Julienne Vegetables.The soup was great,and though I usually avoid soups,this one was worth that try.vegetables were tender and the whole thing was spicy and yummy..As we slowly had the soup,enjoying the beauty of sea,moonlight n bit-chilling breeze,the singers came and sang some soft romantic numbers for us..

Third course was my favourite.We got White Tuna Millefeuille with Tartare Sauce.It was an awesome,excellent dish and I couldn't get enough of it.I almost forgot ma manners,scrapping even the bit of sauce left on the plate,and he nudged me back to place..:p.Someone said true..good things always comes in small dish had ,I guess,a thin roasted brinjal piece sandwiched between two Tuna lumps and sauced liberally.Oh..I'm still

Next came Roasted TenderLoin Soft Potato with Rose Pepper Sauce.This dish was also awesome,with succulent beef pices and spongy potatoes .He skipped it as it is beef,but I had a huge portion of it..

For Desserts,we had so many things,but couldn't taste all of 'em,as we were already full.But,Thank Lord,We dint miss the Banana Tart with Peanut Meringue and Fresh Papaya Coulis,which turned out to be superb.Soft and mellow it melted into our tongues.There were some other burfi-like delicacies too,but our over-stuffed tummies refused to accept anything more.

The day ended as we walked hand-in-hand through the beach enjoying those precious bounties,that God reserved especially for Mauritius.It was bit chilling outside and and the moonlit sky made everything seem like a dream..

Next day we went to botanical garden of Mauritius,and went to Port Louis Market.The garden was amazingly greenish n cool and we had a great time.We had some nice shopping of authentic Mauritian showpieces from Port Louis,but not much,as rates there were unreasonably high.Then we went to British-made fort,which is the highest point in Mauritius,from were you can see the whole city.We had a roam through the Harbor area also that day.It was a real busy day.

Next day marked to be one of the best days of our life.We went to L'ile Aux Cerfs and on the way,we had our unforgettable Under-Sea walk.A speed boat took us to a small ship parked in the sea,and a person made us wore a helmet and a heavy belt and helped us down through a ladder,some 10 feet down into the sea.There were another couple other than us and 2 Mauritian natives fully dressed in swimwear and all to ensure our safety down there.We roamed underwater for some 30 mins,feeding and touching the fishes,and awing at the numerous wonders of under-sea..It was altogether an awesome,once-in-a-lifetime experience...

Later we went to see the water falls and roamed around the island and beach for the rest of the day.
On October 4th,our last day in Mauritius,we went for a luxurious,soothing experience in Beau Rivage Spa.No wonder,It was given a 5 star.Our whole body was rejuvenated and we were more than happy..
We left Mauritius that day evening at 3'O clock,with our heart fully of happy memories,but we had this slight regret in our hearts that we couldn't get enough of Mauritius.3 days is too less for anyone to enjoy a heaven like Mauritius.But our tight schedules force us to shorten our honeymoon.hmm..lets see..mebe we'll plan our looong after-retirement trip to this dream land..Cant wait to succumb to the endless beauty and purity.. .:)

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Nice one..

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devi , its nice to see u nd vips together ..nd its more interest tht u r still keeeping updating on ur blog ..keep posting

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nice snaps varsha...

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