Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An Adieu,Love into life n..in the Land of Rain..

Music of rain is sometimes mysterious..It ,sometimes tickle giving goosebumps all over,sometimes nudge invitingly to come,peep n put hands out of that window to feel it,fill the lungs wholesomely with the smell of that wet earth,sometimes push deep inside the warmth of that blanket,sometimes drive crazy bringing back that long lost old memories,sometimes bring a blushing smile while sipping hot nescafe,as if it were when in first love...endless list..haa...Did I go lil' dramatic..pardon..All is the fault of this place,land of Rain ,I'd like to call it..Seattle..It rains almost all the time here..n sometimes during drizzling ,sun peeps out n says you a hello..It is falls here now n still it rains..rain is like an omnipotent factor here all through the year,they says..
Ok..now..I was not evading from the matter..nor was I trying to bring a change to my usual style ,where I start self-reproachfully .(:P..:()I know this is a blog n I admit my mistake of neglecting this whole area for a long long time..This time also Sig's post about "how to be regular in blogging" gave me the essential nudge to think about my space.But I do have strong reasons this time.I was passing through a bunch of most important events in ma life these 2 months,n it was nearly impossible for me to come n peep in here..
I resigned my 1 year old job in Syntel n bid Adieu to Pune n my sweetie pie Anju on Aug 1st..yup..It was kind of hard..to say goodbye to Syntel ,where I experienced the joy of my first salary..things I learned..all those people from all over India,with whom I had all sorts of good n bad experiences..Even though Pune gave me some of the hardest times of ma life,the place had one helluva role in shaping me up as a better,independent,adjusting individual.I started cooking and the cooking part of ma blog in Pune..n all those pranks me n Anju did in our room,our cooking trials and triumphs n fights 'fcourse..:P..our city trips to City Centers and Shopper's stop and the inevitable guilty feeling after seeing the whole day's bill..:D..goes on n on..Couldn't resist sobbing on the last day, thinking about the image of a gal who stood wide-eyed on the rain-drenched pavement,awed by the huge buildings of Syntel.It was all together an emotional experience,but an unavoidable one..
Then It all went fast and the silly, sensitive me suddenly transformed into a responsible(????:D) wife on August 24..I tied the knot with Vipins in front of Lord Guruvayoorappan on that day..:)
Time was flying n within the 15 days we ran around crazy,finished visa interview successfully in the scorching heat of Chennai n flew to Mauritius for our honeymoon on Aug 30..It was an awesome ,romantic experience,n it would take me an entire blog n day to jot down about it..:D
We came back after 5 days ,n off we came here on 10th..It was all in a hurry,n we never knew how time got wings,n we couldn't even go for that much awaited House boat trip..To be frank,we dint even see much of Kerala after marriage..:(

So I think all these attributes to my absence here..:P..but this time also I cant promise myself my regular updates here,as I am gonna get busy in coming days..Work from home plus heaps to study about how to make that work work-out.:P..:(..But I promise to be back soon with some of those exotic Mauritian Cuisines(with colorful pics and their tongue-twisting names..lol:D)..

Till then take care n cya.. StumbleUpon

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Sig said...

Hey Varsha, Congratulations!!! :) Welcome to the dark side, and I don't mean just Seattle ;) Hope you got to enjoy some sunshine over the weeekend!

Lena Rashmin Raj said...

hai varsha....it was nice to go through this blog...im also got married frm guruvayur temple.. :) april 19th 2008...

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