Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nadan Kerala Style Hot n Sour Fish curry..!!!(Nadan Meen Curry)

Hey all..Am back..with,again, a fish dish.(Thought last time that I'd give my musing side of the blog a bit push before I post any recipes further..but this whole experience of fish making was so tempting..So here I am..)Yup..A "droolable" fish curry..Last week , I got this unusual craving to have some "Nadan" Fish curry..n I cant explain how difficult it is to get some fish here.But we decided to take the pain get the fish.It was seriously one hell of a bad experience..So I'd rather cut it..n Lets move on with the recipe.This was my first time,making fish curry n I was bit anxious as to how it'll turn out.I dont have the authentic clay pot("manchatti") also.I really wanted to excel in fish-curry making than any other dish..(n I am so soo happy(:wide grin:)hat it turned out to be superb..A real Hot n sour Kerala Fish curry..Easy to prepare..Easier to devour..:D..and this curry and post is solely for one fish-curry lover, for whom I took all these pains.:)


4-5 pieces of any fish(I used a fleshy one..dunno the name thou)
1/2 Cup Sliced Onions
5-6 pieces of neatly sliced Button Onions
1 Tomato Cut into 4
2 Green chillies sliced
4-5 Garlic flakes pasted
2 Tspoon Ginger Paste
RedChilli Powder -2 Tspoon
Coriander Powder -2 Tspoon
Turmeric Powder - 1 Tspoon
Eastern Fish masala(optional) - 1 Tspoon
Cocum(kudampuli) - 4-5 pieces( I used more,cos here...It's quality is not that good.Use according to quality )
A sprig of Curry Leaves
Oil and Salt as needed


Heat Oil in Clay pot or Kadai and add first the ginger paste followed by the garlic paste.Saute well till a nice fragrance fills the place.Add the sliced Onions,green chillies and bit of curry leaves.Saute well.Meanwhile make a paste of red chilli,coriander, and turmeric powder with some water and pour it into the kadai.You can add eastern masala also,even though I dint find anything special in it.Saute well and add tomatoes , and put the cocums.Close the lid and let the mixture boil.Once it gets boiled well and bubbles appear,Lower heat and slide in the fish pieces and cover it with gravy.Close the lid and let the fish cook.Once the fish becomes soft,Heat some oil in another kadai,Saute sliced button onions and curry leaves well and pour it into the fish curry.(You can always add some coconut milk on top of curry,If it has gone too hot..)
Kerala Fish curry is ready for you to indulge in..!!!

Its quite easy to prepare and tastes heaven the next day..Try it and lemme know how u liked..:)
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Vipins Gopinadhan said...

Thank you so much Ammu for all the hard work for trying out this fish curry. Looks awesome. Anyway, I'll rate it sometime Septemeber :)

Shreya said...

hi, this is awesome..:-) Love the fry recipe too..

Sig said...

oh yummy fish curry Varsha... so now this is a real food blog, huh? :)

Varsha said...

Vipinsetta..waiting for your rating..:)..:D

Thanx Shreya for dropping by..Hope to see u here around more..

Sig..Thanx for your sweet words..After all..Its u who ,in a way,pushed me into this fud blog business..:)

Elise said...

Interesting to know.

Lena Rashmin Raj said...

so nick name is Ammu!!! :)
fish curry s superb....i just loved that thick gravy..

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