Thursday, July 10, 2008

My "Special" Fish Fry

Each time I make a post,I vouch that I'll come back soon and 'll be regular here..But I usually fails in my vouch..Something or the other distracts me out of this space.After my last post ..I feel like its been long since I made another one...I have number of recipe-photos in hand..So just now made a rush through it and decided to post a rather easy-to-post one..A Fish Fry would be cool na..Yup..I know what you are thinking right now..that even the next-door-joe can make and post one..right..??

True..but this is my "Special Fish Fry"..with my bit of ingredient modifications n stuff..Amma was bit hesitant about it when I told her about it on my last leave at home..But then it came out really scrumptious on Veeloori( a small type of yummy fish that we get in Kerala)..n Amma was happy..Fish s not something that we can get so-often here in Pune..We bought fish only some 2 times in these 4-5 months..So its always a "droolable" item..:D..n Its said in our place that If someone can prepare a good Sambar n Fish curry then he/she can be acclaimed as a good cook..I made fish curry once..but I don have a good photo of have to do it with this recipe for now..n This is dedicated for the great-fish lover(fish curry..thou..:D) and my all-time inspiration n motivation for cooking..(n rest of everything in ma life..:-)..)

Ingredients(Use the masala's accng to your taste n hot-tolerance-level)

1 Kg Fish (Can be of any type..I used large pamfret type)
1 Cup Onion thinly sliced
2 Tbspoon Chilli Powder
1/2 Tbspoon Turmeric Powder
1 Tbspoon Pepper Powder
1 teaspoon Garam Masala(not often added in fish marination,but it surely adds to taste)
2 Tbspoon Ginger-garlic paste
1-1.5 Tbspoon Corn Flour
2 Tbspoon Lemon juice


Clean the cut fish pieces well and lightly toss with lime juice to remove smell,if any.
Marinate pieces with chilli,turmeric,pepper powders n Garam masala,Ginger-garlic paste,lime juice and salt.
Sprinkle Corn Flour liberally and mix well(this adds crispiness n taste to fish n also reduces sticking to pan).
Keep it refrigerated for an hour, if possible.

Pour oil in a pan and Saute onion till it changes colour slightly(Don saute too much).Remove and keep aside.
Pour oil again and add the Fish pieces one by one without crowding the pan.Turn the pieces till both sides turn a golden brown.then add the sauted Onions on top and again fry it,mixing the onions with the fish n marinated gravy.Fry till you like your fish to be fried.

Note: Take care about the heat level,else onions will be charred.You can also add some curry leaves while sauting the onions.It will add to taste n flavor.Unfortunately I could'nt get any of those at that time.

This tastes heaven, especially getting a bite of those gravy-mixed onions with those hot-fried-crisp-fish makes u go oomphh..Do try and lemme know how you liked it.. StumbleUpon

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Seena said...

Hi Varsha,
Glad to meet a new mallu blogger again.. :)
all your published recipes look good, hope you will post more in future, good luck!

Varsha said...

Thanx Seena..for ur kind words..Hope to see u here again..:)

Vipins Gopinadhan said...

Wow..Ammu kool.A good dedication to the community of "Fish Lovers".. Well, I don't like learning recipes these days (hope you know why)..Btw, great work again in spite of all the office cores..Hats off to you gal !! Keep gng...

Varsha said...

Thanx for your time n sweet words dear..:)

Anonymous said...

that cools delicious.... thanks for stopping by my blog and keep visiting... i will post new recipes very soon...

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