Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Latest passion..a Chef ME.!!!!!.:D

I know..It has been quite sometime since I landed here..I can see the decreasings stats graph..:sob:..not a prob..once I get into track,which I am not sure when I’l be able to, I am sure that I’l see some nice up’s there.Yup..the vacation was was all raining as I dreamed and I had a sure great time with ma b’day ,vishu n all..

I was not purposely ignoring this blog,but I had tones of work to do..n luckily today am bit free since rest f the testing part can be done only after som training sessions from client..oops..jargons..tink so?nope..Its d simplest way in which I can put it.lolzz..

So life s going fine n busy atleast from 9 30 –5 30 or sometimes a couple f hours more..After that,,ya..that’s way too long n depressing even for a blogspot to handle..:big grin: ..So lets together shoot it ..

So Today I dunno what I am supposed to put down here..Its just some random musings..or ..lemme tell about something which s now-a-days getting a big portion of my time n attention.I should say it has motivated me lot n its almost running in ma mind every now n then.confused??? not a guy..see ..i said “It”.ok..fullstop to suspense..It’s a blog..More surprisingly a cooking-based-blog.:D.I guess this is the second time I am musing about a blog here.This one, I absolutely loved n infact I have become a huge fan of her.Sig sreedhar is her name.Indeed a Malayali who has put loads of authentic kerala mouth-watering recepies also...Her post about the recent kerala visit she made ..left me n many others just dumbstruck..We made a strong resolution to make such a trip soon.She is settled in Seattle now.n boy..what an amazing cook she is n it’s pure delight to go through her blog.She has maintained it neatly with ordered section and the icing of the cake is that she put pics of the dishes she made,along with the recepies.Isnt it’l be drooling all over.. ..This is the Url which wil be on my 2nd mozilla tab when I am free..1st being my personalized igoogle page..:D)..I simply love to gaze at her recepies n more than that,at those exuberant pics.i was not quite sure with my culinary skills till recent times..Cos I haven’t ever tried laying my hands on that field..Max of what I used to at home was to prepare egg omlette ,which is indeed my cup of tea,n I have done n still do numerous experiments on it.yup..I have made rasam also once..So that was it..But now that it became a necessity to cook,I slowly started getting into kitchen n bingo! I discovered that ,cooking was that hidden passion burning inside me since God-knows-when.Sig’s "Live To Eat" reignited that hidden ,unforgotten n unattended(???) spark.

Now am a “critically acclaimed” cook among my friend’s circle n someone is so’d rather say ..drooled) by the pic of “Mambazha Pulissery”(For non-keralites..It’s a great dish made out of mashed ripe mangoes n coconut milk (I substituted curd instead)with a tadka of mustard n redchillies)in her blog,I made it y’day..n wow..It was yummy..The main hurdle that hampers me from advancing in my culinary voyage(:D:D)is the unavailability of coconut powder/milk here..So I am forced to limit my experiments only to non-coconut items.I am sooo sad..We malayalis cant do without cocont n its oil.hmm..still I have not left hope..I am on road of constant improvement.Lol..

So guys n gals who are living away from home n fighting to cope up wit disgusting cuisines or who are living with partner,where the stage is always all set for experimentation(Cooking together can be very romantic..u knw..(no..I am not into it yet...:D)), n most importantly who have that zeal for cooking..don’t miss this site.I bet ul end up thanking me ..ofcourse after Sig only..J

PS:Supposed to be random musing turned into a sole-one-topic post goes to Sig again..:)

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Sig said...

Hi Varsha, I am truly speechless... :) Thank you for the kind words! You have a great space here, I read some of your previous posts, love the humour and writing style.. Keep it up!


Varsha said...

Wow!! cant tel u how happy I am to see ur comment Sig..thanks a lot n u really deserve these..:)..tis was a ruf to edit it a bit..cmng soon..:)

sangeeta said...

read i few of your older posts n liked it......while waiting for your new introduced to your humor n bubblesome nature n your writing skills are even better than your cooking...D
and i discovered a new foodie blog today.......n i am off to sig now.......yeah will be back here.

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