Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wanna apparate soon n trip in rain....

Well..i dint vanish all-of-a-sudden or so..It was just that I was running busy all these time..had sessions almost everyday(told u about ma new project rite..)..I used to get some free time amidst..But then I was not quite in a "that" mood..I am this kind of person who needs a lil push from inside to put down things which ,otherwise I like to keep tight-shut in ma mind,n once if I do,I want myself to be extremely satisfied n happy about it..Well..K..It was enough f a meh-ish elocution.. :D

Its HOT here..Hot means real piping..sweltering hot..All the time I am fussing n whining about this climate here in Pune..I used to luv Pune some months back..It was cool(should say time..too hard also..)..But the change was so drastic n sudden..I found it so difficult to cope-up with and had a high temperature n throbbing head n weak body n all..Here the peak temperature sometims touches 38 deg..Can u believe it?I thought that chennai is the hottest place in the whole planet..But now I think Pune s noway better..May be humidity also makes it worse in Chennai.Major part of d day .am in office room,in AC..So 9:30-5:30 s d best part f d day...After that ,once I get out,I feel those hot winds hitting ma face n ma body starts burning,n ufff..I go mad..n the dust here s also horrible..Alltogether this place s---- now!!!!I don feel like stepping out at all..Most troublesome thing s tat I cant go for shopping at all..Aint it sad..Now we have made it a point to wear those terrorist-kinda cloth-masks every time we step out ,which s so popular among pune gals..(still remember how me n anju laughed like hell at each-other when we wore it for d first time..:D)Well..It has got many advantages..Apart from protecting u from sun n dust..It protects u from people who knows u n whom you'd like to see for d last time in d world(:D),especially in troublesome situations like when u r with your BF or so..:D(No use here

But gladly am gonna apparate on 9th..whooooooooshh..wud be a nice change I think..(have to wait n see d degree f niceness though..lolzz..)..Heard there s some heavy down-pour happening over there...Man..I seriously miss rains..I absolutely,wholesomely & passionately LUV 'em.I always used to wonder whether they put ma name..knowing this fact that one day this peevish gal s gonna be a mad rain-luver..How I wish to see n feel a rain here..(yup..ting s I saw in ma igoogle weather-forecast that there s a chance f a drizzle on sunday..if it do..Il b d happiest f all..n sure Il put it down here..)It was in last november that I felt rain for d last time..back in kerala..n I'm impatiently waiting for one..Once in a while I check d rain video in ma mob which I captured in my balcony in november..n I pester ma friends in kerala for rain pics n they mercifully send me some when they get..biigggg danks to 'em..If i start bla-blahing about rain..Itl b like drooling..yeah..seriously..:D..i can go on n on n on..n then blogger might kick me

So that was a lil vent-out about d devastating climate here..I bet Sultry days sounds n luks romantic only on a Shobha De book cover.In real life it really gets on your nerve...But am glad now that the whole week went really fast n there s a long,lazy weekend awaiting those usual working-woman chores lying heaps in ma room corner..:p..But still I luv weekends as much as I hate sunday evenings & monday mornings!!!

I must blog about ma weekends later..cos it might go long..n I know u r in no mood to go on..

So pals..Cheers n blast your weekend..


On 24/3(Am on EXTREME Monday Blues..slumbering..but na..For rain..even d last piece f ma soul...lolzz) - Heyloooons people..yep..It rained ..but not on Sunday..on Friday itself..lolz..I told na..mebe I DO am a foreseer..wateva..It was AWESOME!!!Towards friday afternoon..som 5:30-6:00 became crimson ..Cold wind started hitting earth.. then it got bit bit dark n sky started grunting n groaning n slowly thundering accompanied by d sweet symphony of rain made its way to here.It was soooo cool..Exuberant.. I should say..All chilling after a hot day.Everything on earth was happy it getting a new elixir of life..Everyone was outa house touching n feeling rain..I went out n had raindrops fall on ma skin..Oh my God..Felt like am flying..It was the sweetest n most romantic evening I had since last 10 months..Chilling rainy winds kissing me goosebumps..Romantic melody of rain n thunder..Wet nature reminding a blushing virgin... Sweet smell of earth...Alltogether I was in HEAVEN..Love you Mother nature n 'fcourse u..God..For these precious bounties..

PS: Hope n pray that It happens on every evening here... (Its nowhere near to rains in ma Kerala..where there are fields n lagoons..n coconut trees..n endless entities of nature's beauty....Mallus can get bit nostalgic here wit ma 2nd post "Mazhapattu"..yup..mebe its lil tough to make it out..I couldnt find it so impressive wit malayalam font..mebe I'm messing up things n someone can help me out here pls.:-) )But still....Rain s always beautiful..:-)


7 Luv'ly people shared their views..:

Vipins said...

Hmm...Ammu, so its hot there.. So not much shopping.. :) Btw, nattil pokumbol othiri Mazha nanayu...Veendum oru Mazhappattu poratte engottu... blog more... Keep your smiles :)

Anju said...

nice one atlast its raining heavily here in pune...god may hv heard ur prayers...!!!nw evn i started loving these rains...coz of u only...!!!!

Varsha said...

@vipinsetta...I wnt compromise wit ma shopping donuts for la la..:p

@anjooz...thnx a lot ma luv..:)

Anonymous said...

great descriptions..
who knows one day this girl may become a Rowling or not...:-)

Sudhindra said...


very nice blog.....really nice and your wording is reallly superb...

hey I suggest you ,that better can write a mini novel......

i really enjoyed while reading your blog

Varsha said...

Thanx anony n Sudhi..:)

arun said...

tip tip barsath pani..
hi hi lovely description dear
wordings flowing out just like a rain he he ...great devi..keep writing

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