Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Time for a hummmm..la la la..

I was going to put down about some soft notes that touched ma heart-strings recently..ya..It IS surely a wonderful song!!!What else can make me go sooooo mushy n mellow n smiling n nodding n humming n...al the time..(apart from love!! ;-))

So..I happened to hear this song for the 1st time from ma anjooooo’s (nope..am not an O lover. She luvs it this way) lappie..I was like all woke up suddenly..with ma ears pricked up..N believe me ..I even got goosebumps..Atif s a magician..I believe so..He is simply amazing.Who else can make such an impact with an ordinary song..with usually-repeated monotonous lovey-dovey wordings..When I heard it for the 1st time I tried to pull back myself from felling into the love well telling myself that the tune sounds familiar(But..have to agree that it’s a good one..I have this habit of over-scrutinizing and finding faults..he he..).But it couldn’t stop me..So the credit goes to one n only Atif Aslam..His voice just melts into your ears..by d way the so-much-told song is “Pehli nazar mein..” from the movie RACE.I still remember …the 1st song of Atif which I heard was “Doorie..”..I copied it into my brand new W810i and heard it a few times..But soon I got bored of it..n deleted it when I loaded my new fav’s.But now I feel that I should get it back again..he he..
They say that music has this medicinal power to heal mind n body..Its soo true..This song really bucks me up when am in one of those low moods.(ya..anjoooz..depression..:D)..n guess what?I made anjoooz n liza crazy about this song..There s not a day since I got this..which has passed without me n anju listening to it..
Another song is “oru venal puzhayil..” from the movie Pranayakalam..I have my own special reasons to indulge in it..(la la la..:-*)I fell in luv with this song long back in June(along with something(shud say "one" instead..(well..u cant beleieve me here!!!)else..)..The movie n song went unnoticed in Kerala..But I always have this knack to search n find good melodies that go without getting into those hit charts..Like..”oru noorasakal..” of Ennittum..The song is sung by a new-comer..one Ranjith..But his sound..tune..n wordings of the song blended so marvelously that it really makes a mark in your heart..I was so enthusiastic to see the movie after hearing the song..n me n anju saw it after long painstaking efforts of pausing-buffering in her lappie..It was morning 3 Am when we finally slept(I should say “I” instead..dumbo was in sound sleep during the climax :D)..The movie was disappointing n melodramatic towards the end..But I liked it..I was all upset n crying(Gosh!! when will I grow up..I stil remember how my dad offered me hanky when mine got all wet during Nandanam climax..u don believe it?even I cant..:D)..oops!!digressions!!So leme come bak..Even though the movie made me cry..the song made me go oomph..n aaahh..

So..People...Mob..Crowd..Melody lovers..Don miss these ones..if u are one among those who love 2 sit-forever with eyes closed.. melting into that soft tune..n humming n smiling..like me..then download n enjoy..I bet you’ll thank me….

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see you are back to blogging. Well, you've got a powerful language and good sense of humor. I enjoyed a lot to go through the "Time for a hummmmm...". Keep the good work!!.

1000 cheers !!

Anonymous said...

Hello Ammu,

Kool blog!!...even the song too.. I happened to hear the pranayakalam song through one of my friends last year, and to tell u the truth, that was a wonderful song...But the movie is not that much good..

So ammu..keep on blogging..waiting for the next...

Varsha said...

Danks a lot both anony's..for d time u tuk to go thru ma blog n 'fcourse to comment it..(even if u did it anonymously.:D)
keep reading..cya..:)

Sakshi said...

hey pehli nazar is my fave too and even i agree its just bcoz of that soothing voice of Atif otherwise it would be as horrible as its original one..i used to weep buckets when atif sang bin tere ek lamha bhi dushwaare hai...tu jo mili ek din mujhe...main kahi hogaya laapata...lol it was a period when my sweetheart was in US and I was left behind in delhi. I used to listen to the song so much that Saman learnt the whole song and even now its one of his fave and he keeps singing...Baby I love u....

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