Thursday, March 6, 2008

Na..I cant think sense now..I swear!!!

I am in one of those moods..n blizzard thoughts r running in here..So only those who fall into the category of absolute sadists/blatant sentimentalists/outa-mind nuts/someone in deep luv wit me(???!) need to stay,rest can rest-in-peace(I mean it..I can be quite peevish!!blah!)
I am having a bad time here..Besides getting too-much bored n mind s plagued with so many philosophical n O-ma-life-s-shit kinda thoughts..Damn! how much I am trying to block it..but it still brims up n there I go all upset n whimpering..I know I was not the one for this since a long time..but then I was so blinded by some whims n fancies..n here I am..neck-deep..drowning.. talking about this thing that I am doing here..The other day I had a meeting wit Mr: B(belly or boring or bizarre..or ya..whatever u wanna take it..).n he gave a long motivating talk by d end of which I was half-asleep..It was something about career n improvement n all that..But dammit..wat d hell r we doing here(yup..i don care anymore..No peace signs accepted..)I am outa work since a week n I am getting seriously pissed-off..( has got no connections wit recession..puh-lease..every other one who see me(including ma dad) these days shoots this question with a sort of quizzical-yet-deep-beneath-godknowswhat kinda smug look..Its just like we don’t have good projects in hand now.There are n number of people who are on bench here.(Luckily I was not on bench for long..I got in soon ..but now..I am workless..project over!!!)
Now that’s an interesting phenomena..You can easily spot the dramatic life-cycle of a bench-er(err..leme go here..)..In the beginning you can see them all smiling n humming n enjoying as if in first-love..Can spot them easily in cafeteria..sitting in groups with sandwiches or i-pods or crossword puzzles.. If you ask them they’l easily give u an envy-me look and will animatedly talk about a happy bench life n blah di blah..But let weeks pass n aww..the merry faces changes its mode n slowly frusty-talks will come into picture which will later on move on to heavy company-praises(ha ha..)..n finally there will be one phase when it’l b like gime work or I’l die( not there yet..:p)Then one fine morning the pot-bellied PM (jeezz…Pls don read ma blog n If u accidently did so sorry..I dint mean it..I was just adding masala to d picture..u got it so sweet..J)comes n announces that you r put into one f that prestigious projects..n suddenly u feel u r on the top of d nine..n ya..u own the whole damn world!!!!Then..U slog ..u slog hard..U slog harder..U see how office luks like at afternoons..U see how office luks like at nights..U gets slowly mad..U are frustrated..n Bingo!!!your life-cycle is complete…U r back to your prior-state-of-mind..(Aint it coooool.?Now thank me!!)

So back to ma mind..I have this age-old feeling creeping to my mind now that I shouldn’t have been here infront of this 17” stupid screen writing this idiotic blog n eying the other n number of windows about testing jargons opened parallely..I feel stupid..I feel like getting inside some time machine n setting the time to some 2002 and stepping down on those long methane-smelling-corridors..finding me all happy n innocent in my blue-white check salwar-kameez uniform ..reading MT n Erich segal n Agatha Christie..I would rather go n nudge me(d other me ofcourse..) n would advice to think straight n go for ma heart..But alas..(this stupid technocrats never found one..)Then I would hav now been in some other world wearing stiff-cotton saree n spectacles with big round frame n a mass of buks close to ma bosom..

I know..enuf s enuf..So hey..hi.. back from ma Utopian world..I know I have been too hard n I have nearly got tat last drop f blood ..But na..Am not sorry..cos..yeah..I warned you well before..whoooooooshh..Aint I feeling lil chinned-up..After all being like this have given me so many exquisite gifts in life..bounties..n I truly cherish them(mmmuahh....)

Thanks for the endurance n hey anyone out there with crashed dreamland??
Tell it out 2 me..I’l b your best pal..J

PS:-I vented it out y'day n Omigosh!!!..just some minutes back I had this meeting where I was told that I am allocated into this prestigious project..:O..Am I a foreseer ..think I am one..(ya..u bet u should gime some reverence from now..he he..)So..guys..Wish me to complete ma life-cycle(:D:D) well n gud..
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Anonymous said...

Great one..sounded little frustrated.Al the best and keep writing..

Anonymous said...

Please add some more vegetable dishes :0

Jey Jey said...

Please add some more vegetable dishes :)

manojmurali said...

hello First i will try once 2 materialize ur dish once!!!

then only can comment!!!!!!! :):):)

manoj said...

next week i will comment!!!
:) :)
first i will make it , then only!!!

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