Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Poem by me..


As I sit here,snuggled..

In the warmth of solitude..

Somberness engulfing me..

I am here waiting for you..

Waiting to seek solace in you..

* * * * * *

Beyond these ochre walls..

Beyond these dense greenaries..

I know a place..

Where tulips bloom ...

Their soft cheeks gets blushed..

By the kiss of early morning dews..

That is a dear..

When my window panes all white..

Will wait sonorously with my sighs.

yearning and..

* * * * * *

The lanes are clear..

Trees are drenched..

rain like a raphsody..

Pouring on me..into me..

Violets with drooping heads..

Honeysuckles shivering in the chilling breeze..

Ripples in the silent puddle..

Amidst this tumultous wailing of clouds..

I am here standing on this icy cold pavement.

My foot as naked as a cherrycheek..

MY eyes as full as this tender tulip in my hand..

My body as frail as its soft green stem..

I can see you over there..

Far across..

Or is it a will-o-the-wisp???

No..i know..its you only..

Not my delusion..

Its you coming to take my tulip..

coming to take my hands..

* * * * * *

I am here..

Waiting to seek my solace in you...


5 Luv'ly people shared their views..:

Vipins said...

Good poem Ammu. A bit of "Keats" touch(some noise less noise ..kind of ..)..Write more..All the best.

arun said...

Devootty , nice lines..ezhuthuka..
become one engg cum poetess ...all the best.

Jayshankar said...

Priya Devu,

Our padu vaikiyaanu njan ithu kandathu .. ente thirakkukal (marriage)aavam karanam .. atho nee ennodu parayan vittu poyatho ..

Kavitha vaayichu ketto (ichire kaduppameriya vakkukal use cheythittundu .. hmm ) (ente vivarakkuravaakam angine thonniye .. heheh)

Kavithakal kurachu koode lalithamaayirunnal nallathu ..

oru cherya Advice : etha thirakkukalkkullilum ninte kazhivukale marakkathirikkuka .. ezhuthuvan samayam kandethuka .. oru pakshe bhaaviyil ormikkan omanikkan ithum oru koottavum ..


Varsha said...

danks a lot 2 all 3 f u..:)
I'l surely try 2 find time .:)

sangeeta said...

hey you are a fabulous poetess...........keep it up..
though i cudn't unstand your mallu???

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